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Louis had a word with his new owners who have very kindly let us know how he is getting on and how much he loves his new life

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Louis has now been at his new home with us for just over a year now, and let us tell you……what a year! When we first decided we wanted a dog, HULA was at the top of our list for places to visit. Having been to HULA open days and Christmas Fetes for many years it seemed like the right place to go.

Photo of Louis the dog

On our visit to HULA the Kennels were totally full, not a single empty kennel. In one of these Kennels was Louis! Louis was a shy looking Staffordshire bull terrier who came up to the door and plonked his butt right up against it! He wanted his back stroking! Whilst stroking him (yes we know you were not allowed to put your fingers through the cage, we were being rebellious), he turned his head at you and gave you the biggest puppy dog eyes ever. As soon as we would walk away he would bark, this was heartbreaking. We looked at all the other dogs and we really wanted to take one home, but who? We wanted to rescue a dog that had been there a while that would also fit in with our lifestyle, Louis was one of these dogs.

Photo of Louis the dog

With Louis on our mind we went and spoke to Karina, my oh my did she have a story to tell about Louis!

Louis was in a road traffic accident, shattered his pelvis and could not walk, they didn’t think he would make it. He had been with HULA since February (we were in August) and they really looked after him, nurtured him and got him on his feet again. This was the dog we wanted to rescue.

After filling in our forms we went to visit Louis, took him for walks and played in the big pen with him, he already felt part of the family. Louis was a bit mouthy and jumpy, but we didn’t mind, we were planning on taking him to training classes.

Finally we got to take Louis to his new home with us. As with all Staffies they are very energetic and Louis loves walks and running around the living room table. He likes to chase his tail in very small spaces, normally bashing his head!

Louis started to be mouthier and decided he liked to bark in your face, grab hold of your feet and basically rule the house. It was time to take some action! We called Lynne Davies from the BBC TV show “Dog Borstal” She came and showed us how to discipline Louis and make him stop doing the naughty things he did. WOW…..what an improvement. Louis is now the “tea boy” and knows the rules of the house, he had changed for the better. He is still his crazy self, running down stairs bashing his head into the door, and chasing his tail. His favourite pastime is chewing a big old bone!

Photo of Louis the dog

Louis loves being centre of attention and when we have parties at home he is always in the thick of it joining in and giving everyone lots of hugs and kisses, although we think he is just trying to get a beer out of it! He loves his bed in the living room, and tries to sneak up on the sofa if you fall asleep on it. He loves to give high fives! He likes meeting other dogs in the park to say hello, and gets lots of attention from people too, skateboarders are the best, they go fast! He is truly an amazing and unique dog, who we love to bits, and without the help of HULA would not be a strong, loving and nutty dog that steals sandwiches (yes that is your fault Karina)!

Photo of Louis the dog

Louis gets to go back to HULA quite a lot (not to go in the kennels)! He loves coming to the open days and seeing all his old chums, especially Karina. He has also been in a few of the dog shows HULA holds and has even won a few rosettes! So if you are ever at a HULA open day and you see a mad dog with an even mad owner, that will be us, come say hi!

Photo of Louis the dog

Louis, David & Kayla xx

Photo of Louis the dog

Louis also has a Facebook where he talks about whats going on in his life and is always looking for new friends!

Click on the Facebook logo to see Louis' page and search within Facebook for Louis Stevenson-Rowe Weblink to Louis on Facebook

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