Happy Endings

If you have adopted an animal from HULA we would love to hear from you. Please send photos and a brief update via email to: hula.reception@nawt.org.uk

Thank you to all of our adopters!

CAPPI (formerly Cappuccino) and MERI (Americano)

Adopted March 2016

Cappuccino and Americano were born at HULA and rehomed to their new family in March. Their new owners have sent in these beautiful photos and tell us that "Cappi and Meri have settled in really well. They love to chase each other and Binky round the garden. They are not keen on cuddles but love a good head rub."

Photo of Cappuccino and Americano the rabbits Photo of Cappuccino and Americano the rabbits
Photo of Cappuccino and Americano the rabbits

Photo of Ben the cat

BENJI (formerly Ben)

Adopted March 2015

Just an update on Benji, who came in with Tim some time ago.

He's been with us a year now and is perfectly settled into our house! His tummy is so much better now, he's certainly grown in size!

He's an absolute cutey and is absolutely part of the family!

Photo of Ben the cat Photo of Ben the cat


Adopted January 2016

Ahhh... Mr Harvey Cuddles is settling in well. From stray to much loved family member! Just the way it should be.

Here he is "helping" is Mum at her desk whilst she worked!

Photo of Mr Harvey Cuddles the cat


Adopted December2003

We were the lucky people to adopt Arnie all those years ago. We had actually visited HULA that day to adopt a cat, perhaps an older one that needed a quiet home. Instead we found ourselves sitting in front of a young Springer Spaniels pen. It was love at first sight and we've never looked back.

Photo of Arnie the dog Photo of Arnie the dog

Photo of Arnie the dog
Arnie will be 13 in a few weeks time and is still going strong - as you can see from the photos he loves his walks and is always with us where ever we go in the UK whether we're camping, at the seaside, the countryside or staying in a dog friendly hotel. That's him running around like a puppy in a hotel garden in December!

Although Arnie no longer trots alongside our pedal bikes we discovered a couple of years ago that he loves swimming in the sea - despite having only a passing interest in paddling in lakes and rivers he seems to be quite happy attempting to cross the English Channel unassisted!

Photo of Arnie the dog Photo of Arnie the dog Photo of Arnie the dog

Arnie is our perfect companion, never misbehaved or been a worry, and loved by everyone wherever he goes - long may our travels together continue!

Who'd have thought our trip to HULA that day would end up like this?

We could never thank you enough of course.

Andy and Nicky


Adopted November 2010

Photo of Shirley the dog
Just thought we would make contact and update you on our lovely dog that we adopted from you. Her name is Shirley and she is a black and white crossbreed Terrier that we adopted in November 2010.

She is still happy and well and we adore and love her to bits. She is just over 5 now and goes wherever we go - she is completely part of our family. We walk her all over the place and she comes on holiday with us and gets lots of cuddles hugs, toys and plays! She even comes up to bed with us - she is so much a part of us that the three of us (me, my partner and Shirley) are all inseparable!

She is wonderful in every way, a real character and wherever we go she is loved and gets lots of fuss from everyone!

Shirley was named by the girls at HULA and we kept her name because it seems to suit her so much!

Photo of Shirley the dog

Anyway, I just thought it would be nice to let you know that all is fine, Shirley is keeping well and happy - and that makes us happy too!

Keep up all the good work that you do and thank you again for bringing Shirley into our lives...

Best Wishes,


RICHARD PARKER (formerly Peter)

Adopted September 2015

This fancy gent is Richard Parker... known as Peter at HULA. He was adopted in Sept last year, and has been spending his time sitting on chests, laps, heads, shoulders and any other human cushion he can find since then!

Photo of Peter the cat Photo of Peter the cat


Adopted January 2016

These two really seem made for each other! Apple from HULA and Flower from Mersea Island... who knew it would be love at first sniff! All together now... Ahhhhhhh......

Photo of Apple the rabbit


Adopted November 2015

Pumpkin and Tiddlywinks arrived separately as stray kittens. Tiddlywinks immediate fell for Pumpkin and wouldn't leave his side so it was decided to find a home for them together and the rest as they say is history...... Look at them now, living the feline dream :)

Photo of Pumpkin and Tiddlywinks Photo of Pumpkin and Tiddlywinks Photo of Pumpkin in the snow

REGGIE (formerly Feebs)

Adopted August 2015

Reggie has settled in well as you can see. He has laid claim to the sofa and my bed and only moves for his food and cuddles from his human slave!

I wouldn't be without him!

Photo of Reggie


Adopted March 2014

Lovely Lolly cat, complete with smart, spotty bowtie :)

Thank you HULA for allowing her into our lives.

Photo of Lolly


Adopted August 2014

Hi All

This is Casey brother of Smudge who we sadly lost last year to a horrid and incurable virus. We adopted them in August 2014.

As you can see Casey is just beautiful and a total furball of affection. He loves his food and laptime and purrs like a motorbike particularly at 5am whilst we are asleep and has enough knowledge of the human anatomy to locate a full bladder to lie on! A trip to the loo from the humans might get him an early breakfast you see!

He still has the carrot toys he came with and carries them around and sleeps with them tucked in under his chin.

Photo of Casey


Adopted April 2015

Hi All

Hi Hula, just a couple of pics of the boys. They have been here 10 months this month, can't believe it! Such beautiful pusscats I'm so lucky to have them and I think they enjoy living here too. xx

Photo of Errol and Flynn Photo of Errol and Flynn

Photo of Errol and Flynn Photo of Errol and Flynn


Adopted January 2016


Just a little update to let you know Phoebe, who we adopted a few weeks ago, has settled in really well. She is so chilled out and loves relaxing on the sofa or on our laps and getting lots of attention!

We are over the moon to have adopted such a sweet cat.

Photo of Phoebe Photo of Phoebe


Adopted January 2015

We just wanted to send you an update on Bruno who we adopted a year ago!

As you can see from the photos he is one of the family and has made himself very much at home. Bruno loves his play times and shows us daily he is a big kitten at heart. We think he is amazing and thank you for letting us give him his forever home.

Photo of Bruno Photo of Bruno
Photo of Bruno Photo of Bruno

Photo of Frank the cat

BENJI (formerly Frank Farley)

Adopted August 2015

We've heard from Frank who went to live in his wonderful new home recently. As the pictures show he has very quickly got his paws under the table and made himself at home.

Photo of Benji formerly Frank the cat

Photo of Benji formerly Frank the cat Photo of Benji formerly Frank the cat

Photo of Benji formerly Frank the cat Photo of Benji formerly Frank the cat

Thank you Roz for sending these fab photos and making Benji one very happy little cat.


Photo of Chuck the dog

Adopted April 2012


I thought I would send you an update on Chuck.

Photo of Chuck the dog
He is now 5 yrs old and still can act like a big puppy sometimes. Over the last few years he has brought a lot of fun and laugher into our lives. He has got himself into trouble a few times. He is a chewer of toys and left him in hospital 3 times. He now just has Kong toys and Nylabones, he does not seem to eat these.

He has made a doggy friend called Dozer who he went on holiday with for the 1st time this year and we had no grumpy behaviour. I would not have thought it was going to be possible with him 3 years ago.

Wherever he goes he gets attention and he loves a good fuss. He also loves his bed, I think if he had his way he would sleep in his bed all day. He went on a ferry for the 1st time this year and he loved being on it. He has been to so many places and loves exploring he is a proper doggy tourist. Hope you enjoy the photo’s over the last year. Regards, Jenny, Adam and Chuck.

Photo of Chuck the dog Photo of Chuck the dog


Photo of Archie the cat

Adopted May 2015

We've had a lovely update from Archie cat.

He was a popular fellow here at HULA and particularly cute due to his very original hair cut! Archie was very matted on arrival and so most of the fur on his body was closely shaved leaving him with a fluffy pom pom on the end of his tail, a fluffy head and little fluffy boots.

We were delighted to receive these pictures of him settling into his new home. His fur seems to be growing back nicely and he even still has his pom pom tail.

Photo of Archie the cat


Photo of Paddy the dog

Adopted November 2012

Hello everyone at Hula!

We are the lucky people that were allowed to adopt Paddy nearly three years ago.

As he approaches his 11th birthday we'd like to re-assure you that he is fit and well and happy - as are we.

We now live on the beautiful Isle of Wight, in a house on the coastal path, yards from steps down to the local beach which is dog friendly all year long. When we first brought Paddy home from you he wasn't interested in toys - throw a ball for him and he'd look at you as though to say why did you do that? However, our lovely neighbours bought him a rubber, chewy frisbee and since then he has made people laugh wherever we go because he proudly carries his frisbee in his mouth and over his face! Sometimes he will allow us to throw it for him...........but not very often! So far we have lost three frisbees to the sea, thanks to my rubbish throwing, not Paddy's retrieving skills (no wonder he's reluctant to let me throw it). We now have a stock of them.

We've met so many people since we moved here just because of Paddy trotting along with a flourescent ring over his face, making everyone smile!

Photo of Paddy the dog Photo of Paddy the dog

I'd just like to beg people not to dismiss the older dogs in rescue centres. We don't know what the first 8 years were like for Paddy, but we do know we have had a wonderful three years together so far and are looking forward to many more. I do hope those three years have gone some way to overcoming whatever befell him before we found each other.

Thank you HULA, you are a wonderful rescue centre. Keep up the good work.

SIDNEY (formerly Jeffrey)

Photo of Sidney the dog

Adopted 2012

Since we adopted Jeffrey now known as Sidney in 2012, he has been amazing.

Lots of rosettes for best staffie smiles..... He is a legend on our doggy dates. I love walking him before work, he loves my neighbour coming in and playing after school and we have more play dates when I get in from work.

I'm sure you will agree Sidney is happy with these arrangements.....

xxxx thank you hula xx


Photo of Angel the cat

Adopted January 2015

I thought I'd send through an update on Angel as it's been three months since she came to her forever home with us.

She has settled in so well, adores spending time outdoors, and when she comes in for the evening claims one of the sofas as hers and hers alone for stretching out and sleeping on.

You'll see from the pictures that she's getting on really well with her new big brother, Spud, and our new cat tree has finally changed from being a big, ugly corner ornament to a cat play station!

Photo of Angel the cat Photo of Angel the cat

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Photo of Benji the cat

BENJI (formerly Ben)

Adopted March 2015

Hi All,

Just a quick update on Benji (was Ben) after almost a full week in his forever home!

Photo of Benji the cat
He has settled in very quickly and now spends most of his day lounging around the house looking very comfortable indeed! Our resident cat Smudge is being very lady-like and is making him work for her affections, it's certainly not love at first sight!

Photo of Benji the cat
He still has a delicate tummy which makes feeding the pair of them challenging to say the least, as he will eat absolutely anything and everything, particularly her food!

Tony & Phillippa

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Photo of Trevor the cat

TREVOR (formerly Emperor Felix)

Adopted September 2014

Hi everyone at Hula,

Just wanted to drop you all a line to share some photos of our Trevor. As you can see, his beautiful fluffy coat has grown back an absolute treat now.

He's a very playful chap and does have mad half hours with his toys, but his very favourite thing is sleeping....a lot!

He has settled in fantastically and we all adore him so much.

Photo of Trevor the cat Photo of Trevor the cat

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Photo of Miley the dog

Adopted October 2010

I adopted my gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Miley from you in October 2010. She instantly fitted in with the family and is best friends with our Springer Spaniel Leo.

We almost lost her in August 2012, she came down with Haemolytic Anaemia over night. She had the best medical treatment and she pulled through. She was on a very high dose of steroid tablets which caused her to put weight on, this then caused her to have hip dysplasia.

July 2013 we were told she would only have a year at most to live. I was devastated! We decided we wanted to give her quality rather than quantity. She absolutely loves long walks and going swimming. So we gave her this.

I'm pleased to say, we still have her now and she is fighting fit! She will be on tablets for life and does need monitoring, but she's very happy and a huge part of the family. It has been a long and worrying couple of years with her, but every single day has been worth it.

I want to thank Hula for giving us the opportunity to have her.

Photo of Miley the dog Photo of Miley the dog

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Photo of Ginny & Ron the cats

Adopted October 2014

My how they've grown!!

You may remember the Hogwarts kittens... 3 ginger ones and 3 tabby ones we had here over the summer last year... Well here's an update from 2 of them!

"Ginny & Ron's parents here. We just wanted to let you know that we are all doing absolutely fine. Ginny and Ron are enjoying life in their new home, constantly playing, getting into mischief and keeping us on our toes!"

Photo of Ginny & Ron the cats Photo of Ginny & Ron the cats

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Photo of Biscuit the dog

Adopted August 2014

Hi all at Hula,

Biscuit has settled in really well and is very attached to Samson. He enjoys his walks and loves to go for a run over the fields but not too keen on being out in the rain.

Photo of Biscuit the dog
He loves being cuddled up on the sofa with us and is interested in everything we do. He loves to play but not very keen on sharing his toys.

We still have a few things to work on but we will get there.


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GEOFF (formerly McCoy)

Photo of McCoy the cat

Adopted October 2014

Here is the little kitten that is McCoy (currently known as Geoff but still think that will change!)

He settled in with the current resident kitty Sylvester just fine (although he likes to annoy him greatly :)

Spot him in the tree!

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Adopted May 2014

Photo of Socks the cat
Hi Hula

We just wanted to send you and your Facebook followers a quick update on Socks as he spends his 1st Xmas with us.

He has completed our family and we can't imagine not having him now he is such a lovely, cat who has us all wrapped around his little finger!

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for all your teams dedication and hard work.

Best wishes

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Photo of Marshall the dog



My wife and I thought you might appreciate an update on Marshall, who I rescued from you in September 2012.

Photo of Marshall the dog
There's never a dull day without this beautiful, loving and lively dog.

Despite his looming old age he is still convinced he is a puppy. Playing ball and chasing squirrels are two of his favourite past times, as well as stealing food from the kitchen worktops. When he's not busy being naughty he's also a fan of cuddles on the sofa.

Photo of Marshall the dog
In September 2013 we nearly lost him as a result of a problem with his gut, that required emergency surgery. But thanks to the amazing staff at Willow Vets and lots of love and rest our boy pulled through.

Thank you again for connecting me with my best friend and completing our little family :)

Gem, Hannah and Marshall

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PIE & BRIAN (formerly Steve)

Adopted October 2014


Just thought I’d give you an update on Pie and Brian, the cat formally known as Steve.

It has taken a while for them to settle.

Unfortunately Pie accidently met one of our other cats, Purbeck, on her first evening with us. Shy Pie arched her back, fluffed her tail and hissed – a lot!!! Purbeck just stood and looked at her. When Pie eventually backed down Purbeck left the room – quickly followed by Pie, who found herself in a strange room, panicked and climbed up into the chimney! My husband spent 2 hours in a darkened dining room waiting for her to emerge. When she did, he tried to pick her up (having blocked off the fireplace first) and ended up looking like he had tried to slit his wrists with scratches and bites all over his hand and arm! Eventually caught by the scruff she was carried at arms length back to living room. Not a good start!

The next day we saw very little of either kitten as they hid in a corner behind the sofa but, when we weren’t there, they seemed intent on climbing onto all high surfaces and trying to knock any ornament off (much has now been rescued and removed). At this point I thought we had made a big mistake!

However a week on and we have 2 kittens that play together, sleep in the open (not in the lovely igloo we bought for them!) and Brian has the loudest purr when I’m anywhere near him. Brian is pretty good at being stroked and I can pick him up – briefly – without being scratched. Pie is starting to let us stroke her.

They are now allowed into the hall, stairs and landing and have sniffed our other cat, Whitby – neither seems keen to make further acquaintance but no fur has flown.

I’m really pleased we took both kittens. They play so much together although we do have to make sure Pie gets enough to eat as Brian is something of a pig and can growl at her when she tries to get her share.

We’re looking forward to the day when they can have access to the whole house but that won’t be until they can go out as we can’t lock our cat flap.

Here is a photo is them watching Strictly Come Dancing – they like the TV!

Photo of Pie and Brian the cats

Best wishes

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Photo of Sooty the cat
Hi from Sooty!

I moved into my new home with Janice about 9 months ago and am now getting ready for my first Christmas here.

Today I helped Janice in her office and she took this picture of me snuggling down in her desk. I purr very loudly as I walk all over the computer keyboard and try to send an email!

I love it here and am getting on really well.

Lots of love

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Photo of Bella and Gus the dogs
Hi everyone at Hula, glad to say Bella and Gus have settled in well but not without their issues.

Bella has settled in to be the most perfect lazy house dog while Gus is the exact opposite always wanting to be outside.

This year we took them away for a general walking holiday with us and managed to walk their little legs off by walking them up to 10 miles a day. Both of them although very different have become a very big part of our life.

Photo of Bella and Gus the dogs
Gus has had a fair few of his rotten teeth removed but for an old dog he is so alert and active while Bella spends most of her time sleeping.

We can’t believe it is about a couple of years since we first got Bella and over a year since we picked up scruffy Gus.

Thanks for all your help with the adoption process.

Steve & Lesley

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Photo of Nutmeg the Guinea Pig

Adopted November 2014

Just sending you a photo of Nutmeg. He has settled in very well with Jellybean and they are enjoying each others company.

We did have them separated with increasing contact time together for the first couple of weeks but since yesterday, they are now permanently together.

Photo of Nutmeg the Guinea Pig
They are very relaxed together but are still preferring to sleep in their own hutches even though they are quite happy to visit each other's houses. Think they are just taking things slowly!

We are very happy to have Nutmeg and Jellybean is very impressed with her new mate. It is amazing how similar they both look and we have to check closely to tell them apart.

I think we can safely say that Nutmeg is pleased with his new home.

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TURNIP (formerly Cinnamon)

Adopted October 2014

Hello Hula!

A while back I adopted a Guinea Pig called Cinnamon.

He has been renamed Turnip...I'm not really sure why! He does his rumbling purring noise a lot and likes exploring and hanging around with Rue behind the curtains :)

Photo of Turnip the Guinea Pig Photo of Turnip the Guinea Pig
Photo of Turnip the Guinea Pig Photo of Turnip the Guinea Pig
Photo of Turnip the Guinea Pig

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Photo of Elvis cat


Adopted February 2013

Hello I'm Elvis. I moved in to my forever home almost 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier.

I'm a really affectionate cat who loves lots of cuddles and fuss - so much so that I wake Mum and Dad up every morning at 5 am by jumping on the bed for a cuddle. They don't mind though as I'm so cute.

Photo of Elvis cat
I enjoy being indoors and my favourite spot is sat on the window sill keeping a look out. I have lots of toys but my favourite thing to play with is string!

I'm so glad to have found my forever home, thanks to everyone who looked after me at Hula before hand and here are some pictures of me in my new home.

Love Elvis x

Photo of Elvis cat Photo of Elvis cat
Photo of Elvis cat Photo of Elvis cat

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ZIGGY (formerly Peter Piper)

Adopted October 2014

Hi there. Here are some pics of Ziggy Aka Peter Piper. As you can see he has settled in well!

He loves chasing everything, including feet, and is particularly partial to climbing in and out of paper bags. Our boys adore him and our other cats tolerate him!

Thankyou so much, he is fab.

Photo of Peter Piper now Ziggy cat Photo of Peter Piper now Ziggy cat

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Photo of Hermione cat

Adopted November 2014


Just a little note to let you know Hermione is doing really well. She has been "helping" me put in a cat flap today (running off with the tape measure) and has taken to standing on your chest when you're laying in bed and purring in your face when she wants you to get up and get her breakfast.

She still lets you know when she's had enough fuss but no one has lost a limb yet!

Photo of Hermione cat Photo of Hermione cat

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BRODY (formerly Sandy)

Adopted March 2014

Photo of Brody the dog
Brody has changed a great deal since we first brought him home. He has become more confident with each passing month.

It took a month for him to settle properly and six weeks to rid him of the stone/rock fetish he had. He still sometimes picks one up but will now put it down when told.

He loves going out and really enjoys being let off lead! His recall is excellent and he never goes far. Brody will constantly check that you are still there especially when you take him somewhere new.

We took him training right from the beginning and although he always looked ready to go home we stuck with it. (It gave me the confidence to handle him). He occasionally stops at our local and where he is absolutely adored.

Brody is a fair weather dog and hates to get wet. However the local groomers take care of his needs and spoil him rotten.

We recently had a weekend away at the seaside with him. We all enjoyed it but he was happy to get home, running in and out of the house, up the garden and back. Brody’s ball obsession has worked out to our advantage and keeps him focused on us. He never approaches other dogs or people when we are out but that doesn’t stop dogs coming over to him so the ball takes his mind totally off them. He does have one doggy friend (a female French Bulldog) they get on well after a shaky start.

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JESS (formerly Freya)

Adopted March 2012

Dear Hula,

Photo of Freya the dog
Just a quick pic from Jess (formally Freya). She is looking a bit put out as even though it had her name on the bottle, she was not allowed to drink it.

Jess is coming into her own as she gets older. She has put all of her training to good use and has started a career as a master criminal. For a while we thought we had a poltergeist as a number of food stuffs were mysteriously going missing.

It turned out we have a dog that loves all things savory... especially scotch eggs... and sausages... and bananas... and corn flakes... ham sandwiches... the list goes on...

All the best John, Linsey and Jess.

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Photo of Toby the guinea pig

Adopted April 2014

Thought I would send a few more pics over of Toby, he's now living with his new girlfriend Khloe, they are very cute together!!!

He's a podgy little piggie, loves his food!!! And is always first to the pile of veg.

He recently came with me to do a talk to a group of Rainbows, and was a very good boy. They all loved him.

We are still so pleased we decided to adopt him from Hula, he's one of the best guinea pigs we have ever owned.

Photo of Toby the guinea pig

Message from HULA (January 2015)

We are so very sad to report the passing of Toby. His owners sent us some more beautiful photos of Toby which we wanted to share. As you'll see below he was such a handsome boy who also and some special canine friends. He had a very happy life in his new home and he will be sorely missed by his family.

Photo of Toby the Guinea Pig Photo of Toby the Guinea Pig Photo of Toby the Guinea Pig

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Photo of Cupcake and Bakewell the kittens

Adopted August 2014

Hello, we are Cupcake and Bakewell. We are brother (Bakewell – black and white) and sister (Cupcake - Tortie) and were part of the Cake family that came to HULA in May 2014.

Our new family adopted us and took us home on 1st August 2014. Despite spending the first five hours hiding under the sofa we have settled in well and are busy training our new family in their respective duties – they are learning fast but could still do better. The house is full of exciting places to explore. Bakewell is the more adventurous while Cupcake takes time to consider things first. We are informally known as Squeaks and Toilet-Head. Cupcake was the first to talk (a series of squeaks) while Bakewell is known for his one and only headlong dive into a toilet.

Photo of Bakewell the kitten
We are growing fast and can no longer fit under the sofa. We are too young to go out yet but spend hours looking out on our garden through the patio window. Soon it will be our playground.

We both have favourite toys. Cupcake takes her fluffy mouse up to bed and enjoys sharing the squeaking sound that it makes with her family at 3am.

Bakewell enjoys hiding his rattling mouse in people’s slippers and then hunting it out.

Photo of Cupcake the kitten
We enjoy being at home together and spend a lot of time either rough-housing or grooming each other. We like living here and hope that our Mum (Muffin) and our brother (Mr Kipling) and sister (Madeira) like their new homes as much as we do.

Big happy purrs from Cupcake and Bakewell.

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Adopted August 2014

Photo of Smudge and Casey the cats
Hi Hula

Smudge and Casey are just adorable and have settled in beautifully. They have their spats but are inseparable and a total joy to both of us.

They love their food, the garden and their beds and Smudge grabs all the toys and Casey grabs all the food.

Between them they have lost a kilo each and Casey in particular is looking very trim. Smudge went for a haircut and a brush up and came back looking very handsome from the groomers.

We are delighted and right now Casey is asleep in the greenhouse and Smudge is looking hopefully at the fridge...............his usual place

Thank you
Tony and Fiona

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Photo of Jasper the dog

JASPER (formerly Blaze)

Adopted April 2014

We just love a happy ending... and 'stray to happily rehomed' just makes our day!

Some of you will remember the lovely Blaze, now named Jasper. Here he is getting on very well in his new home... and clearly learning how to perfect the "I-was-just-a-poor-stray-please-don't-make-me-get-out-of-bed" eyes brilliantly!

Photo of Jasper the dog

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Photo of Annie the rabbit

DAISY (formerly Annie)

Adopted September 2014

We re-homed Daisy (was Annie) from you recently.

I thought you would like to know she has settled really well. She is pictured here with her new friend.

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Adopted February 2000

Dear Hula

I was born at Hula in October 1999 and was known as Cody. I am a Lab x Belgium Shep.

Someone adopted me but decided they did not want me after all, so my Mummy stepped in and I went to live with my Mummy in February 2000 and her 2 year old Collie Boris and was now called Chloe. We moved from MK in 2008 to come and live in Northumberland. Sadly Boris had to leave us for the big park in the sky in 2010 so I was on my own for a while.

Photo of Chloe and Jess the dogs
In August 2012 Mummy and Daddy went to a nearby rescue and I met Jess a 6 month old Collie and I instantly took her under my paw as my new baby sister who I love very much. I did have a bit of a stroke in November of that year but with lots of love and patients I got better quite quickly.

I will be 15 this October but I still enjoy my walks and running after Jess although it isn't that easy at my age. I have attached a photo of Jess and I a few weeks ago snuggled up on the couch and one of me on the beach a couple of months ago.

Love Chloe xx

Photo of Chloe the dog

*** UPDATE June 2015 ***

It is with great sadness to report that Chloe's owners have had to say goodbye to their beloved Chloe. She would have celebrated her 16th birthday this Autumn but age overcame her. Below is a beautiful photo taken recently of Chloe with her companions Jess and Laddie.

Photo of Chloe the dog with companions Jess and Laddie

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ARI (formerly Jules)

Adopted December 2014

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you will remember Ari (formerly Jules), who we took home on 23 December and who has already given us six months of love, cuddles, playfulness, hilarity and fun!

Photo of Ari the cat
Ari made herself at home the moment she arrived – within 45 minutes, she had covered the house from top to bottom and retrieved a packet of Dreamies from 6 feet up, on top of the fridge-freezer in the kitchen! She likes to pop up there and watch the proceedings, yelling occasional guidance without risk of being tripped over … although it is also fun to creep in and flop over behind the unsuspecting cook, followed by the inevitable trip, gushing apologies, cuddles and, of course, Dreamies!

The Christmas tree lasted 4 days before we gave up and put it away – it came down at all sorts of angles attached to a small black cat … and the space left behind gave a wonderful vantage point from which to take on the curtains … great view from up there apparently!

At quiet times, Ari hops into your lap and goes into cuteness overload – wriggling until she is completely upside down, front feet tucked up meerkat style, tail and back legs akimbo for a tummy rub. Where most cats turn into a bear-trap, she goes floppy and rattles the windows purring!

Photo of Ari the cat
Having spent her formative years as a housecat, Ari has taken her first tentative steps outside … doorstep, inside, second step, inside, wheelie bin, inside, wot’s this green stuff, I think I’ll call it grass … as is her nature, nerves didn’t last long and on her third venture she dashed over and stuck one on a neighbouring small black cat who had dared set foot on her patch!

A few weeks back she gave us a fright – as clouds gathered and rain threatened, we called but she didn’t appear though a faint meowing could be heard and, when tracked, led 12 feet up a tree in the front garden … Ari has discovered the joys of tree-climbing! Just as fears were forming that we might need a ladder, the heavens opened and she skidded through the front door followed by a smattering of hailstones … well, that’s one way to get a small black cat out of a tree!

Suffice to say she is an adorable addition to the household, full of love, cuddles and fun. One of the most talkative cats in existence – particularly at quarter to four in the morning (“pfffft gerroff”, splutter, blink …!!) – and from the snuggles, purring and cuddles this morning seems quite happy to keep us, thank you!

Jude & Pete

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Adopted April 2014

We love hearing about how our rehomed animals are getting on. Here's Wriggle and Boycie (Boycie being the ex-HULA cat, pictured on the left) who seem to be getting on very well. And don't they look good together!

Photo of Boycie the cat

Boycie had sadly lost his sister Marlene recently and Wriggle's buddie had also recently passed away, so we are very pleased that these two gorgeous cats have found each other.

He looks like he's very happy in his new home.

*** UPDATE ***

You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy you've got a friend in me....

Well Boycie and Wriggle seem like they're past the rough road and have certainly found their nice warm bed! These two found each other after they both lost their mates and look how happy they are now! Boycie has been in his new home with Wriggle for just over a month now, and has just started to have supervised visits outside. Wriggle will never be able to replace Boycie's Marlene, and we're sure Boycie cannot replace Wriggle's mate Fidget either, however, we believe these two deserve happiness and a 2nd chance at love!

Photo of Boycie the cat Photo of Boycie the cat

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Photo of Arthur the dog

Adopted April 2014

Well here he is, totally spoilt but being a naughty boy at times. Likes to get up at 5.30 in the morning!

Photo of Arthur the dog

He has also chewed through his new harness and lead and many of the toys he has.

Hope he settles soon, I'm getting worn out just watching him :)

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Photo of Hendrix the dog
Photo of Hendrix the dog
Hendrix has now been with us for just over four months, and has settled in really well, too well in some cases, he has taken over our spare bedroom as his own, he says he prefers to sleep on a big bed!!!

He loves playing with his toys, and adores tickle time!!

This weekend we took Hendrix with us to Hunstanton, in Norfolk, where we are lucky enough to have use of a family property.

This is the first time Hendrix has been
Photo of Hendrix the dog
to the beach, and he loved it. The large stretches of open sand were the perfect freedom boost for him. He tore up and down until he was completely tired out. He was
Photo of Hendrix the dog
extremely well behaved in the beach front restaurant, sitting nicely whilst we had our dinner, and being royally spoilt by the waiters who kept bringing him tit bits. Even guests at other tables had to come over and have a stroke; Hendrix was delighted as always to be the centre of attention and lapped up all the fuss!

We have plans to go back next month again with him, and hopefully will be able to go for a paddle.

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Photo of Doris the cat


Hello everyone at HULA,

I can hardly believe it, but in a months time it will be a year since we first met Doris, so I thought I'd let you know how she's getting on.

Photo of Doris the cat
She is a constant source of entertainment, managing to be both completely stupid and devilishly clever at the same time. All of those plans we had as first time cat owners (we would only let her out at certain times of day, she wouldn't be allowed to sleep in the bedroom, that sort of thing) went straight out the window pretty sharpish.

She has a cat flap, it's always unlocked. She sleeps on the bed - day and night - often managing to push both of us right to the edges. Closed doors are not allowed in Doris' house. If she wants to get through one, she'll sit and shout her head off until you give in (she's a very shouty little cat!). And we do give in, quite a lot! She's definitely in charge around here and we're all quite happy with that!

Photo of Doris the cat
Doris is a hunter, but a very kind one. The first present she brought us was a toad! Pretty impressive, it was about the same size as her head! It was still alive thankfully. We found out where it came from when a neighbour chased her out of his garden and he came to complain a few days later! She certainly knows how to make friends, that cat!

Photo of Doris the cat
After that it was a couple of baby birds. Then a 6am one Sunday morning, a live sparrow was delivered to our bedroom. That day, we went and bought her a collar with a bell on it! Since then it's mainly mice and voles, normally alive, if a little terrified. We have a fun 10 minutes chasing them around the kitchen trying to catch them so we can let them free in the field down the road. So she's a hunter, but not much of a killer. We have a theory that her under-bite (or wonky mouth, as we call it) means her teeth aren't very useful weapons. A relief for the local wildlife!

We knew we would love her as soon as we met her, but this little black cat has well and truly taken over our lives completely, and we can't imagine being without her now.

Holly, Chris and Doris

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Photo of Pendle the cat


Adopted 2014

Pendle has settled in instantly and has definitely made herself at home. She is very happy and is constantly purring.

Pendle has had a few hissy moments but seconds later she's nudging you for a stroke! She loves to jump up for a cuddle and doesn't seem to like you on the phone as she tries to knock it out your hand, its very funny!

Photo of Pendle the cat
She's managed to learn how to open doors and I normally come home to door opened that I know I shut! She has a mad half hour before bed and is hilarious as she's doing aeriel flips!

Photo of Pendle the cat
She had a taste of the outside recently and loved sitting in the sun and running about.

She has made my house a home and always knows when I get up and greets me in the morning and sits on the windowsill for when I get home.

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Photo of Thumper


Adopted November 2013

Hi all, its Thumper here.

Well its been a good few months since I went home. I've been told I've settled in really well and made myself at home, I am very cheeky and love exploring around the house, outside in the garden, having cuddles and occasionally playing with my big sister, yeah shes a dog but mum says that I sometimes think I am a dog or my sis is one of me.

Photo of Thumper
Anyway mum's promised we will get some more photos soon, so I can send another update in a few months,

Love to all Thumps x

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RALF (formerly Jacob)

Adopted February 2014

Hi All, Just to let you know Ralf is completely settled now and doing really well. He's great fun to be with, loves to play with other dogs in the village and makes everyone he meets smile.

One or two issues need sorting i.e. a particular fondness of socks and recall can take a while when he's with his friends but he's going to start school on Tuesday and he's a quick learner.

Photo of Ralf Photo of Ralf
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Photo of Squishy Face and Rodders

SQUISHY FACE (formerly Louie)

Adopted February 2014

So hello everyone I am going to tell you my little story...

Back in October 2013 I was brought into HULA with my brother and 2 sisters. We were in a sorry state as we had severe Cat Flu. Our eyes were sealed shut with gunk and we were very poorly, I was the worst and the smallest.

The staff at HULA did a fab job taking care of me, they didn’t know if we would make it through...well all four of us did :0) I was called Louie back then but Sarah Tester who works at HULA spent so much time with us that we had nicknames, mine was...wait for it... Squishy face (don’t ask) I thought OK that is fine my new home will re name me.

So I found my forever home. Lots of people didn’t want me or my siblings because we were black or black and white, that made us very sad! But we all got reserved by lovely people that didn’t care what colour we were and all finally went home.

Photo of Squishy Face and Trudy Photo of Squishy Face and Kula

Well I love my home. I live with a HUGE dog called Trudy, she is an Irish Wolf something and Kula who is a Patterdale terrier, they love me and also Rodney who came from HULA last year, he is black just like me and I loves him!

Photo of Squishy Face and Kula dog Photo of Squishy Face

Photo of Squishy Face
I purr all the time and love to walk around on mums shoulders. I also love to lick her eyelids at 5am in the morning..WHAT?

I have so many quirks but guess what I was named Denzol, that’s great, however the name Squishy face stuck!!!!! And that is what I know lol. When I was stuck in a tree mum had to call out SQUISHY FACCCCCEEEEE to get me down, the neighbours asked if she was ‘OK’ lol!

Photo of Squishy Face
I am glad I am here and I loves my family so please consider helping a rescue dog/cat or small animal as they really do need you !!

Love Squishy Face xxx

PS I can climb ladders!!!!

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Hello everyone at Hula,

Just wanted to keep you all posted on how well we are doing. Lucy Locket is showing Jake some tricks of cuteness and Jake is keeping Lucy Locket in check. They go for regualr walks together and are now happy with each other visiting their own homes.

Lucy is still keeping Rebekah and Gary busy, loving her runs, chasing the birds, bikes and runners. Always coming back with a BIG smile on her face and tongue hanging out.

Jake loves his walks around the woods and smelling the deer. He has a favorite toy which he can spend hours occupying himself, a treat ball.

Photo of Lucy Locket and Jake Photo of Lucy Locket and Jake
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Sooty's new owner has sent us some photos to show just how quickly she has settled in to her lovely new home.

She is clearly enjoying the home comforts - tv and cosy bed!

Photo of Sooty Photo of Sooty
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Photo of Treacle and Toffee

TREACLE & TOFFEE (formerly Moonlight & Stardust)

Adopted October 2013

Hi, just a quick update on the girls!

They are fine, still inside rather than outside due to the rotten weather, but they have been going out for the day when the sun shines :-)

Hopefully they will be able to move outside in a few weeks for the summer, they have lots of room in both runs but it's just nice for them to be on the grass in the sunshine!

Toffee (right in the pic of them both) is very easy going and calm, Treacle is a madam! They may look alike but they have very different characters, but they are great fun and still very easy to handle (compared to our hares!)

Thanks again for them, I will update with 'outside in the sunshine' photos when we get some!

Joy x

Photo of Treacle and Toffee Photo of Treacle and Toffee

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Photo of Ralf

RALF (formerly Jacob)

Adopted February 2014

Hi All,

Went for a lovely long walk this morning with my new friend Dashiel, I'm off for a quick brush and a lie down now but we're meeting up again later this afternoon to do it all again!

Ralf, XX

Photo of Ralf Photo of Ralf

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Adopted 2014

Photo of Digby
Hi all at Hula, just giving you an update on Digby's progress in his new home!

We are loving Digby's company, he's such a loving and happy dog, really pleased we got him, he's absolutely spoilt rotten by his new mummy and daddy but is such a good dog, and deserves his treats, he's only shredded a few of mummy's clothes! Serves me right for leaving them out for him!

In a good routine now of meal times, toilet times and is perfectly behaved when we have to pop out or at work! He loves watching TV, except the weather lady! Growls at her!

Photo of Digby
Digby's good on walks, sits at the roadsides, and walks on the paths but still can't walk in a straight line, he still zig-zags across, bless him! But he's getting better! He loves a muddy puddle, so we've both invested in wellies! And we go on lots of long walks rain or shine, along the canal, woughton on the green, the woods, he really loves it!

We have had no trouble with Digby around other people, family, friends, he's not aggressive to anyone, even loves the postman! He's very excitable around other dogs and loves to play on the fields with others (even though he's stuck on the lead but we've got an extended lead so he can enjoy a play!), he's also learning to howl now as well so he's very vocal!

He's got a good healthy appetite and drinks like a fish! Digby loves his cuddles, as do we, and loves a good old fuss! (Which he gets LOTS of!)

Digby is such a loved member of the family now, couldn't imagine life without him!

He's our baby and we love him to bits!

Thank you Hula :-)

From Digby's mummy and daddy,
Steph & Daniel x

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Adopted February 2014

Photo of Robin
After 7 months in kennels Robin's day finally arrived!!!

We said a happy and emotional goodbye to Robin and waved him off to his new home where his bed and sofa were waiting for him. It was lovely to see this lad finally find a family to call his own. We were delighted to hear that things are going well, and he's settling in nicely.

Photo of Robin
When he got home, he went for a long walk and had a play in the garden, then he retired to the rug to receive some well-deserved love and fuss! Robin's new sister Heidi says "We love him! Thanks so much for all the help!".

He was as good as gold his first night and didn’t’ make a peep.

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Adopted March 2013

Following our holiday in the Alps skiing we thought we would send you some pictures of Reece and Huggy enjoying themselves.

We were very excited to take Reece to the mountains as he absolutely adores the snow. When we got there our two very placid dogs became crazed snow lunatics with constant chasing games. We wished we could have stayed out there for longer as tearing them away from the snow was not easy.

I hope you are all well and we will be popping in very soon and I'm sure Reece would be very excited to see everyone.

Laura, Mike, Huggy and Reece

Photo of Reece and Huggy

Photo of Reece Photo of Reece

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Adopted September 2013

Hi Oscar here,

Thought I'd send an update on how my Mam and Dad and brothers and sisters are getting on.

Photo of Oscar
It's been almost 5 months since I've been here!!!!

I go training every week (it's really to train Mam and Dad) 'cos I'm trying to get them to teach me how to say hi to other dogs politely.

I have a few games I play. Shark Attack is when Mam's not getting dressed quick enough for my morning walk. This is when I turn my head over with my bum up in the air and run around the bed with my mouth open, sometimes I am lucky and get socks and trousers in my mouth (sometimes with a leg or foot too but I always let go) then I chew chew chew. Mam put me out the bedroom the other day after I chewed her grey cardi!!! So I sat and whined on the stairs :-( Another game is run down the stairs really fast with Dad or Mam in front of me to see who can get down first. Mam says she's sure I've taken a life insurance policy out on her and I'm trying to cash it in (but I'm not sure what that means).

I love my cuddles. Especially when I'm between Mam and Dad or lying on my sisters Sophie or Zoë. (Yes I know I'm too big to sit on their lap but it doesn't stop me trying).

My big brother Jordan sometimes let's me in to his room and if I've ever disappeared I'll be in his room curled up on the bed he got specially for me.

Anyway must go, new games to invent and cuddles to get.....

Lots of love

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Hi Harry here,

Thought I would give you an update on how I'm getting on. I am living with a lovely family who do lots of fun things with me.

Photo of Harry
Every day I get to go to the yard to say hello to the horses, which I like as they tickle my head with their noses (although some of them are a bit grumpy). I have a good run around the fields with my best friends weasel a JRT and Lucy the Greyhound. Lucy is very hard to keep up with but I do try. Mum wont let us play in the fields at the moment she say's it is too wet and we make her car all muddy. Some days dad takes me to work with him which I like as we meet lots of different people. I like going to Sue's the best, as she lets me play in her pond, but I'm not allowed in the swimming pool.

They took me to the sea side for something called a holiday. It was so much fun, we played at the beach running in and out of the water. I have a best friend called Jasmine who gives me lots of cuddles and I get to sleep on the sofa every night. I have a favorite blanket that I like to carry around with me, but when it's in the wash I steal someone's socks to carry instead.

Photo of Harry and Rosie River
Not too long ago Rosie River the guinea pig came to live with us too. She shares a cage with Lulu. They did not get on at first but are now firm friends. Me and Rosie like to nuzzle through the bars of the cage as she is not allowed to come out to play.

I hope everyone at Hula is ok, and all my doggy friends are finding nice new homes.

Will write again soon.

Love harry the Labrador.

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Adopted February 2012

Hi there Hula people,

Photo of Beau
It’s now 2 years since I moved in & went to live with Ian(my new Daddy) in Pavenham.

I’ve been a very lucky girl. My new Daddy has looked after me & taught me to be nice & very friendly to people, though I still get to bark loudly and run around pretending to be a guard dog if anyone comes near the house or garden, I quite enjoy that.

There are also loads of chickens living here, I am nice and friendly with them though some of them don’t seem to like me. I help daddy round them up and put them away at night. There was one big one that was really horrible and vicious so me and daddy had him for dinner. I go for nice walks around the countryside, I’m not allowed to chase the pheasants but I like chasing squirrels & rabbits. I have 1 acre of woodland garden to patrol & play in which is great fun.

Photo of Beau
Daddy works from home so he’s here all the time which is really nice. I like going in the car with him when he goes out & when he goes to watch football at Blackpool I go with him and stay at a house with loads of other dogs to play with for the day. I am pooped after that and sleep all the way home. Sometimes we go into town so that I learn to walk nicely on the lead and meet loads of other people. My favourite place though is the village pub I like going there & Daddy doesn’t take too much persuading. I’m really happy in my new home and Daddy seems to like having me here so much so that he lets me sleep on his bed sometimes which is really cosy. Daddy does tell me off sometimes though especially when I run out of the gate and chase people with dogs and tell them to get away from my house - Daddy doesn’t like me doing that. I know it’s naughty but I don’t seem to be able to help myself. Maybe me and Daddy need some tips.

Photo of Beau
Sometimes Daddy's friend comes to stay with her dog, Charlie. Charlie is funny, he’s small, white and fluffy and dances around on his back legs - we get on great together he’s a Bichon Frise and only 18 months old. On the other hand Daddy's Sister and her husband have a dog called Schauble he’s the same as me but with long hair. When he was a puppy he was great fun but now he is 2 years old " much bigger than me I don’t like him much, he wants to play all the time, so after I’ve played a little I go and sit on my own away from him.

All in all I think choosing Ian as my new Daddy has been the best thing for me.

Best Woofing wishes

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Photo of Millie and Precious the cats

(formerly Pandora and Tiffany)

Adopted December 2013

We were delighted to receive these pictures of Tiffany and Pandora - who are now named Millie and Precious.

Millie and Precious's family told us... "They give us so much pleasure and are so very different. Millie, the darker of the two eats for England and is so vocal and clumsy. Precious is more elegant and less inclined to frolic but more affectionate with the gentlest meow.

It seems they also prefer sleeping anywhere but in the plush cat bed I bought them!"

Photo of Millie and Precious the cats Photo of Millie and Precious the cats

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Photo of Toby


Adopted January 2014

Hello to everyone at Hula,

Toby has settled in really well, loving his freedom outside in our big garden.

Photo of Toby
He is also loving cuddles and snuggles all the time with either me or my mum, he snores like a trooper but when he's awake in the morning he lets us know it haha.

Toby and our other dog Jake are inseparable, they go every where together and love to have their play fights in all sorts of places, which is great for wearing each other out. Also giving each other lots of kisses and falling asleep together.

Photo of Toby
He also loves his walks but he still has a long way to go with lead training, but his call back in the garden is going very well and he follows me around whereever I go while his nose is still fixed to the ground.

He also really enjoyed his first experience at the doggy groomers, he just loves to be pampered!

Thank you for new family member, we love him so much

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BUD (formerly Spud)

Adopted January 2014

Hi all,

Here are some pics of Bud who is settling in very well.

He is such a good boy and we love him to bits.

Photo of Spud Photo of Spud

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Adopted November 2013

Hendrix (with a little help from his new Mum) has taken the time to send us a lovely update about his new life.

Please click on the photo of Hendrix to read his story.

Thank you Hendrix for sending us all your news, we are so pleased to see you so happily settled with your new family.

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Photo of Lottie

LOTTIE (formerly Roxy)

Adopted February 2013

Hi to you all at Hula,

Just a note and a few pics to let you know how I'm doing. I love my new life and my new family especially my Mum and Dad. I go to work everyday with my Dad and I know he loves my company. We have lots of visitors to our workshop and I am sure some come just to see me.

Photo of Lottie
I go for lots of long walks and love meeting other dogs in the park. I even went to training classes for a while but I was so well behaved Mum decided I didn't need many lessons!

Photo of Lottie
As you can see from my pics I love to sneak up on Mum and Dads bed when no one is looking but most of all I love to lay on my Mums lap in the evening when we watch telly although they cant hear coz I snore so loudly.

Thank you for looking after me so well and finding me a new home.

Love Lottie xx

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Photo of Snugz

Prof. Snuggelton aka Snugz
(formerly Snickers)

Adopted January 2014

Hello to all at Hula,

Thought we would send you some pictures of Snugz (Professor Snuggelton).

Photo of Snugz
He has become very bold. He's been looking out the windows, pushing us off the sofa and taking over our beds. He truly rules the roost, but is also so sweet and gentle.

Photo of Snugz
He loves to watch tv with us and be made a fuss of. He's exploring more of the house, and loves his own bedroom with his own double bed and teddies. He is often found snuggled up to Ted. His next adventure will be exploring the garden on his new harness (Still trying to get used to that first). He's already eyeing up a few birds from the window.

Warmest regards,
Terri, Ronnie and Snugz

[It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Professor Snuggleton. He was a very loved member of the family and will be sorely missed.]

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