Adoption Process

First the hard bit: find one you like!

Photo of cat and many dogs
All of the animals for adoption have a "pen-portrait" either on their pen/cage and also in the main reception. This tells you the breed/type; are they neutered; age and sex. It may also tell you what HULA knows about the animal.

If the animal was given-up for adoption a fairly detailed history should be available. Of course, it will only be as accurate as the information given to us by the previous owners.

Strays’ details are, obviously, more sketchy. Ages will be approximate. Some animals’ neutered/intact status may not be known. Character details can only be based on what we have seen during their stay with us.

Please note:-
REMEMBER: you are not seeing the animal at its best in the noisy, stressful kennel environment, so.....

Talk to a member of staff

A member of staff will be happy to fill in details about the relevant animal. Please do listen! They will be able to let you know more about the animal's history; suitability to be homed with other pets and children.

Don’t let your enthusiasm blind you to truths. A young dog or cat could potentially be with you for 12 to 20 years. If the animal has the potential to be destructive; or run up big vets’ bills; disrupt your lifestyle....are you ready for that? If yes.......

Complete an application form

Photo of dog with pen in its mouth
We need a great deal of information.

Again: be realistic. We’ve all underestimated our alcohol intake for our GP(!); but if your circumstances mean the pet will be alone for hours, say so. We want to match the pet to the most suitable home; so that the animal is not returned due to avoidable circumstances.

Your completed application form will be assessed by a member of staff. Where possible this will be on the same day however occasionally you may need to wait a day or two. Please be patient as this is a very important part of the application process.

Why was my application unsuccessful?

As we’ve said above, we want to match the pet to the most suitable home. This means that that you have the right animal for your circumstances which in turn reduces the possibility of the animal being returned for avoidable reasons.

For example:-

An unsuccessful application in no way suggests that we think you would be a bad pet owner. Just that, in this case, we felt it wouldn’t work. It shouldn’t deter you from applying for a different animal on another occasion or we may even suggest a better suited animal currently awaiting a new home.

If your application is successful...

Arrange introductions

Photo of dog shaking hands
We like to arrange a minimum of 3 introductions.

This allows you and your family/other pets to meet the prospective addition to your household.

You will be able to handle/walk/play with your chosen pet. For dogs you will be able to take them for a walk around the HULA site, play in the outdoor runs or have some quiet bonding time in the caravan. For cats we have a wonderful outdoor secure play area (if it's not too cold) or a quiet room at the back of the cattery where you can spend time playing with your new pet.

You will also have the opportunity to speak with the HULA staff about the animal and address any concerns or questions you may have.

At this point both you and/or HULA can decide if this isn’t likely to be successful and the adoption process will stop. This is far more preferable to the animal being returned at a later date and with all the accompanying stress and upset to both you and the animal.

If introductions go well.....

We will arrange for a volunteer home-checker to come and visit you in your home, this is a simple check to make sure that you are prepared and your house is suitable for your new pet. It is also another opportunity for you to chat through any questions you may have about the adoption process.

Arrange to collect

Photo of kitten in a suitcase Arrange a convenient date. Do you need to pet-proof the house or garden first etc? Arrange to buy bedding or toys. It’s like having a baby! We may need to neuter your chosen animal prior to adoption.

Come and pay the adoption fees/donation - we accept debit cards or cash to make adoption payments. A member of staff will be able to confirm the adoption fees.

Pets come microchipped; vet-checked; vaccinated and insured (for 4 weeks). It’s well worth continuing with an insurance plan. If the animal was neutered while at HULA, an additional £50 is added the adoption donation. HULA also offers a free of charge session at HULA with a local dog-trainer. Your adoption pack will contain details of this and much more useful information.

Enjoy your new family member!!!

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