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Like most other small charities HULA Animal Rescue relies on donations, fundraising and importantly legacies, to keep operating and moving forwards.

Our mission is - and always will be - to help as many vulnerable animals as we can in their time of need and we have been doing so for over 40 yrs. It is over a year since receiving our last legacy which has resulted in a current period of financial hardship and we are urgently appealing for assistance and financial contributions.

Please do consider donating whatever you can to ensure HULA can continue to care for those who can’t care for themselves. To donate please go to our Just Giving page.

Alternatively, cheques can be made payable to 'HULA Animal Rescue' and sent to HULA, Glebe Farm, Salford Road, Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire, MK178HZ

Please note, our animal food supplies are currently at sufficient levels so donations of this nature are not in demand at present.

Thank you

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HULA Amazon Wish List

Amazon Wish List donation from Rhona White
We would like to thank Rhona White for kindly ordering some items for the animals from our Amazon Wish List.

Click here if you would like to purchase some items for HULA from our wish list.

Staffies... who'd have 'em eh?!

Cara is an ex HULA dog who has gone from strength to strength in her forever home. She's a wonderful ambassador for the staffordshire bull terrier breed and as you can see from her Dad's message below she's not only a registered therapy dog, now she's helping kids read! She puts lots of us humans to shame.

Well done Cara.

"Thought we would keep you up to date with Cara, as well as being a Registered Therapy dog she has started becoming a Read2dog, helping special needs children relax and therefore perform much better with their reading. She is becoming a bit of a local Celebrity and goes to many places to do her work."

Superstar Cara


Pinchmill Lower School logo

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Pinchmill Lower School for choosing HULA as their Spring Charity and raising a wonderful £250 in a few months by holding two cake stalls, selling ice creams and organising a table top sale.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Polam School Children with donation for HULA
We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Polam School in Bedford for raising a wonderful £827.74 for us by organising a number of activities over the last few months.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Barrel Bikers do it again

Photo of Barrel Bikers at April open day

A big thank you to the amazing Barrel Bikers, as they came along to support our open day in April.

Also all of the HULA animals would love to say a big thank you, for the amazing donation from you all.

Looking forward to seeing you all, and your amazing bikes again soon.

Animal Cruelty campaing - photo of dog

Be Their Voice

Did you know that the maximum custodial sentence for even the very worst cases of animal cruelty is just six months?

As animal lovers we would like to encourage HULA friends and supporters to help spread the word about a national campaign launched by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home who are campaigning to raise the maximum sentence to 5 years.

You may think this is not a big issue however:-
To read the full report and find out ways to help please go to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home website

Your support can change the law

Photo of dog in superhero costume

Mark needs your support

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mark Hollands.

Mark is currently training to run the London Marathon in April 2017, and he has chosen HULA as his charty to fundraise for.

If you would like to support Mark in his challenge, then please visit his sponsorship page to donate.

Mark's fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving

Happy Anniversary Denton Drapes!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Denton Drapes for giving us a wonderful cheque of £50.00.

Denton Drapes celebrated their 20th Anniversary, and held a raffle for the first Denton bear they ever made.

Thank you Denton Drapes for thinking of us, and we are truly grateful.

Pets at Home Logo

Pets at Home do it again!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Sharon (Aylesbury) and Kerrie (Milton Keynes) from Pets at Home, for raising an amazing £7004.96, as part of their Santa Paws appeal over the Christmas period.

We are truly grateful, and amazed with everyone’s generosity.

A massive thank you from all the staff and residents at HULA.

Presentation of cheque from Pets at Home for Santa Paws appeal


The Happy Dome has been completed, and was officially opened in November 2016 by Mrs Jules Bockstahler who kindly donated the monies to fund this project in memory of her late father Mr John Wallwork, who was very much an animal lover.

Photo of new Happy Dome being put to good use
Jule's son-in-law Paul Gordon contructed the Dome for us over several months and we wish to say an enormous thanks to Paul for all of his hard work with the build.

The Happy Dome is a fantastic addition to our Centre and will have many uses from chill out room, to training area for our rescue dogs or as a pop up shop just to name a few.

We have already put the Dome to good use with Angela carrying out some training with Honey.

Visit Paul's Facebook page, as he has several bespoke designs from greenhouse/summer rooms to animal housing.

Photo of happy dome build Photo of happy dome build
Photo of happy dome build Photo of happy dome build

Photo of Sharon and Graham of Prime Pet Supplies

Prime Pet Supplies

Thank you very much to Sharon and Graham of Prime Pet Supplies who recently paid a visit to HULA.

Everyone at HULA would like to say thank you to you and your generous customers for raising £110 for HULA via your Christmas raffle.

Handknitted for HULA donation

Hand Knitted for HULA

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Frances Bell for raising £3748 for HULA over the past 3 years by tirelessly knitting items for sale, her Easter and Christmas gifts always go down a treat. All the money Frances has raised has gone to HULA.

Check out more of her beautiful work on the Hand Knitted for HULA facebook page.

In December she decided to spend some of the money raised on items from our wish list, and hasn’t she done well! She bought amongst other things a rubber horse mat, two dog coats, corn, kitten food, cat litter, hay, straw, dog toys, rabbit food, guinea pig food and a tri-folding Nobo display board for event days and off site plus fresh fruit and veg for the animals over Christmas.

Three (and more) cheers for Frances, please keep up the good work!

Photo of Christmas donations

Santa has arrived early

It's official - we have the most wonderful supporters and volunteers!

We are quite simply overwhelmed by your generosity to HULA animals. The gifts keep on coming and our tree is now surrounded by essential items and treats for all the animals.

Thank you everyone!

Special delivery

Thank you to Jennifer and the Barrel bikers for their recent donation of £125!

The club decided not to exchange Christmas cards but put some money in the pot for us.

We very much appreciate your continued support.

Special visit from the Barrel Bikers

Thank you Fat Face!

Fat Face logo
We would like to give a big thank you to the Fat Face Foundation who is once again running their ‘Thanks for Giving’ campaign. This campaign came from a desire to support local charities before Christmas and a percentage of their profits go to these chosen charities’.

The staff in our local Fat Face store in the Centre MK has named HULA as their chosen local charity to support this year. We were also chosen last year and received a fantastic donation from their Black Friday sales. We are so excited that they chose to support us again this year.

The ‘Thanks for Giving’ campaign runs in store from 21st-28th November so if you fancy doing a little clothes shopping or early Christmas shopping, then please pop in to their store. All money raised is divided equally between all the local charities’ named and the more money raised the more HULA will receive.


Pets at Home Bletchley

PAH donation photo
HULA has received a cheque for £553.50 which was raised from a Summer Raffle Fundraiser for Support Adoption for Pets at the Pets at Home, Bletchley store.

This was part of their Keeping Cool Fundraising Drive 2016.

HULA would like to say a huge thank you to all customers and staff who participated.

Air Watch

A huge thank you to staff at Air Watch who took part in a working arty on Thursday 3 November and very kindly painted our fences and wooden seats here at HULA.

As they say, many hands make light work and we are really grateful to all of them for their help.
Phot of working party from Air Watch

Fancy dress winner

Sarah Blackburn from SCA UK holdings
We would like to say a big thank you to Sarah Blackburn from SCA UK Holdings Ltd who took part in a fancy dress competition at work and won!

As the winner, she chose HULA Animal Rescue as her preferred charity, and her company has kindly given a cheque for £125.00. We are very grateful to Sarah and SCA UK Holdings Ltd for supporting us.

Note: Sarah is the White bride on the right :)

Pets at Home VIP Points

Pets at Home VIP Points logo
We would like to say a huge thank you to Pets at Home for supporting animal re-homing centres through a number of initiatives, one of which is the Pets at Home VIP Club Card.

We have recently received a points voucher for £598 which we will be able to spend on a variety of enrichment items, training equipment and many other items from Pets at Home for the animals currently in our care. We will publish photographs of the items when they have been purchased.

If you've got a VIP card and have chosen HULA as your charity of choice then do please know we are receiving the points - and putting them to good use!

If you do shop at Pets at Home but don't yet have a card then more about the scheme can be found here.

We would be so grateful if you would consider nominating HULA.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Please note we will re-open on Thursday 5th January.

Thanks to the dedicated team at HULA all of our animals had a wonderful Christmas with individual stockings and presents and some yummy treats too.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Luna the Beagle and staff member Laura Reeves

Up n Over Agility Dog Training Club logo

Up n Over Agility

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the Up N Over Agility Dog Training Club for donating a wonderful £200 to HULA.

Everyone at HULA is so very grateful for your support.

A home for Barry

Could Barry be the boy for you? Our Barry very sadly gets overlooked and we can’t understand why.

Photo of Barry the staffie
Here at HULA we are incredibly lucky and have some brilliant volunteer dog walkers. Jane is one of our regular volunteers and we are so grateful for her help, she very kindly written a few lovely words about her friend Barry.

"Barry has so many friends here at HULA. He's everyone's favourite. From the minute you see his cheeky little face staring up at you, you will be smitten.

Barry is the 'demonstration' dog we always use when introducing new volunteers to the art of putting a harness on a dog. Does he jump around and bark like some of his doggy friends, ensuring the volunteers don't stand a chance of putting the harness on? Well of course not! Barry stands still, lifts his paws and seems to understand that the sooner the harness is on, the sooner walkies begin.

Photo of Barry the staffie
First stop on our walk - the runs for a game of chase the tennis ball and he even brings it back (but doesn't necessarily give it up!). He's remarkably athletic for his age but also enjoys a steady plod round the field on his lead. It goes without saying that this good boy doesn't pull.

Sometimes we are joined by Queenie the American bulldog who likes to walk up front and Barry is quite happy to follow on behind. If we happen to pass someone he knows - a member of staff or volunteer - or even someone he doesn't know, they are always greeted with a friendly tail wag.

So why is Barry still at HULA? Because he's a Staffie and a little grey around the muzzle. Get to know him though and you'll realise he's a Super Staffie! And did I mention his curly tail - so cute."

Take a look for yourself. You'll be smitten too!

Huge thanks to Pedigree

We would like to say a huge thank you to Pedigree who very kindly donated a huge van load of Chappie dog food to us for which we are very grateful.

Thank you Pedigree from everyone at HULA

Photo of HULA staff member Laura Reeves with donation from Pedigree

Re-use Community Project logo

MK Re-Use Community Project

Thank you to Milton Keynes Re-use Community Project.

We recently put out an appeal for a second hand washing machine and we were delighted to be contacted by Margaret and John from the Milton Keynes Re-use Community Project whose words were music to our ears. Not only could they help us with a washing machine but Margaret, John and their fabulous customers had very kindly organised a brand new washing machine for us!

We popped along to meet them and took delivery of a fabulous new machine which has immediately been put to use in our laundry.

On behalf of everyone at HULA Animal Rescue we would like extend our huge and sincere thanks to everyone at MK Re-use who are based in Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes for their kindness and generosity.

Why not visit their website.


Photo of washing maching being donated by MK Re-Use project

HULA Amazon Wish list – thank yous

Photo of Pixie the dog with presents from a supporter
Wow what a lovely surprise we were so thrilled to recently receive a parcel from Amazon. A very kind and generous person has sent us these lovely items from our Amazon Wish List.

Sadly, the package did not contain any documentation detailing who had kindly sent the items so we very much hope that they see this thank you.

Thank you also to Nasreen and Mia Rockley as they also went shopping for HULA via the Amazon Wish List! Enormous thanks for the Kong, training pads and wood shavings.

On behalf of Pixie and all the animals in our care thank you so very much we are thrilled!

Our amazon wish list can be found here.

Thank you to the staff at HMP Woodhill

Photo of Ged presenting cheque to staff member Sue Willett
Imagine our delight when we were contacted by Ged from HMP Woodhill, MK in August. Jed and his colleagues were organising a cake bake and bowling night in September and HULA were one of four charities that they had chosen to support.

Ged popped along to HULA recently and presented us with a cheque for £278.9! By all accounts they had a lovely evening whilst raising such an amazing amount for their chosen charities of which we were delighted to be one.

Huge HULA Thanks to HMP Woodhill, Milton Keynes for choosing HULA we really appreciate and value your support.

Cranfield Church of England Academy logo

Cranfield Church of England Academy

Thank you to Cranfield Church of England Academy.

Huge HULA thanks to the lovely pupils from Reception Year One and Two at the Cranfield Church of England Academy who very kindly donated a huge amount of cat and dogs food and treats which they had collected during their Harvest Festival.

On behalf of all the HULA Animals thank you for your kindness for thinking of us we are very grateful.

A huge thank you to Pets at Home Aylesbury

Photo of store colleagues from Pets at Home Aylesbury
We would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely colleagues and customers at Pets at Home Aylesbury. We were invited over to collect lots of lovely food and treats for our guests which had been put into their charity collection area.

Thank you again for your kindness which is really appreciated by everyone at HULA.

Thank you Santander!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Santander and their Quality Team who helped to build a new home for our resident geese, Bazza and Wilma.

It rained (of course) and due to essential maintenance taking place we were without electricity for a few hours so we couldn’t even make them a hot drink in the afternoon, but they persevered and we now have two very happy geese.

We are very grateful to Santander for allowing their employees to come along and join the HULA team for the day.

Thank you everyone for your hard work, help and enthusiasm.

Working group from Santander

Thank you!

We have some wonderful volunteers at HULA who help us in a variety of activities from attending to our animal’s needs to raising funds for HULA, especially at our Fete and Dog Show events. Many thanks to each and every one of you for all of your hard work – we really couldn’t continue our work without you.

Our September fete was a great success and our volunteer photographer, Bridget Davey has taken some lovely pictures of the day. Please click on this link to view and if you wish, buy them. The photographs will be available until the end of October 2016.

Our thanks also to Sarah Carter from Milton Keynes Veterinary Group for judging and sponsoring the dog show. The picture shows her presenting the prizes for Best in Show and Reserve prizes.

Photo from the HULA fete

More thank yous

Four cheers for four wonderful local companies and their hardworking employees who helped us prepare for and dismantle all our marquees and gazebos after our recent fete.

Hip, hip, hip, hip hooray to all of them!!

We are so grateful to the groups who helped us and we feel they all deserve a very special mention for all of their hard work in helping to make our Fete such a success.

Staff from Whiteclarke Group and Mazars came to HULA on the Friday before the big day to help erect the marquees and prepare the site. Luckily the weather was good unlike Saturday when the heavens opened! On Monday work groups from TSystems and Barclays visited and helped to take down the marquees and get Hula back to normal daily activities.

We thought you might like to see some of the photographs of the hard working teams that we took during these activities. Everyone at HULA extends a huge thank you to these wonderful people and their employers for allowing them to come and help us.

We really couldn’t have done it without them and it was a pleasure to have them join the HULA team!

Photo of workgroup Photo of workgroup
Photo of workgroup Photo of workgroup

Huge HULA Thanks to Tesco and Pedigree

Photo of Roxy dog and HULA staff member Laura Reeves
Did you know that between 21st September 2016 & 11th October 2016 Pedigree and Tesco will be working together to help support animal rescue homes just like HULA.

Every time you purchase and Pedigree, Whiskas, Dreamies or any Tesco own label pet products from Tesco they will generously make a donation to support rescues homes.

So please can we ask you to get involved and support this amazing offer ?

We would also like to extend our Sincere thanks to Pedigree and Tesco for making HULA part of this initiative and we are very proud to be taking part. For more information please visit

Thank you in advanced for supporting us.

Poster Pedigree and Tesco campaign

Could we ask for your support please?

Easyfundraising logo
We are pleased to say that there are two fantastic ways to donate to HULA without spending a penny!

Do you like to shop on line and would you like to support and raise funds for HULA while you shop? Over 175 lovely HULA Supporters have signed up to Easyfundraising and we are delighted to say that in the last quarter we received £48.20 in donations.

Easyfundraising retailers logo
So whenever you buy anything online you could be raising a free donation for HULA Animal Rescue.

There are nearly 3,000 retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, thetrainline and Sainsbury's, who'll give a free donation to HULA Animal Rescue every time you shop, it doesn't cost you a penny extra. Head to to sign up and collect free donations on your purchases of gifts, groceries, decorations, holidays and even furniture.

If you shop on your mobile or tablet, get the free easyfundraising app and you'll never miss a donation. To get the app please visit the App Store or Google Play and search for 'easyfundraising' or find out more at

Easysearch logo
Perhaps you are one of the millions of people that use an internet search engine every day? Would you consider switching your internet searching to easysearch and raising donations for HULA? Every time you search the web using instead of Google or any other search engine, half a penny is raised for HULA Animal Rescue. Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year just for browsing the internet.

Here’s what some of our lovely supporters who have already signed up are saying about easysearch.

"Easysearch is a great idea and just as good as Google for the results! I’ve recommended it to my friends and I think this site is the best around as it does something for people. Well done!"

"What a fantastic idea! I was using Google anyway but this way I get to raise money for my good cause every time I search…brilliant! I’ve made easysearch my homepage!"

So the next time you need to find something online, please use and raise money for HULA Animal Rescue with every search you make.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

HULA Amazon Wish list

Barry would like to say a huge THANK YOU on behalf of all the HULA Animals to the very lovely person who kindly sent in these fabulous items from our Amazon Wish list.

Sadly there was no documentation with the generous person’s name in the package but we are so grateful.


Barry the dog with gifts from Amazon

Photo canary found in Wavendon

** Found - Yellow Canary **

A yellow canary has been found at Eagle Farm in Wavendon near Milton Keynes.

Please contact us if this is your special friend and we will pass on your details to the finder.

Amazon Wish List

Huge HULA thanks to two HULA supporters Jenny Turner and Brenda Newbury for very kindly sending some lovely items to HULA via our Amazon Wish List.

Photo of gifts from the HULA Amazon Wish list purchased by Jenny Turner Photo of gifts from the HULA Amazon Wish list purchased by Brenda Newbury

Thank you Jenny and Brenda from everyone at HULA

Support Adoption - Summer Fundraising Drive

Support Adoption are celebrating their tenth birthday and in those ten years they have contributed so much to support rescues just like HULA the length and breadth of the country.

Photo fundraising at Pets at Home Bletchley
Support Adoption have joined together with Pets at Home and worked tirelessly to launch a national campaign focused around those pets in rescue that won't get to enjoy a summers walk on a beach with a family, paddle in a local stream, sunbathe on a patio or bunny flop in a garden. This fundraising drive is for those pets that are still dreaming of a family of their own.

We were delighted to be asked along to the Bletchley Pets at Home Store to meet customers and to help sell raffle tickets.

We would like to wish Support Adoption a very Happy Birthday and thank each and every member of the team for the huge difference they make.

For more information about support adoption and the wonderful work they do please click here.

Thank you

A better world for pets logo

Huge HULA thanks to Mars Petcare and the Pedigree and Whiskas teams.

After bad weather has struck many times this year, leaving us with no option but to cancel our Open days which are a vital source of income for HULA, you start to wonder whatever next.

Sadly, a horrific freak storm and further bad weather hit and caused absolute chaos to HULA. Unfortunately, the storm left us with no choice but to emergency evacuate some of our animals, ruined some of our offices and quiet rooms for our dogs and knocked out our IT systems. We actually started to wonder ‘when will anything go right - surely something nice will happen soon’.

Then along comes a telephone call to once again make you smile and leaves you thinking perhaps maybe the worst is over.

Photo Andrew Winfrow from Peditee with HULA staff
Andrew Winfrow, National Charities Manager for Mars Petcare called last week and asked if he could pop by. Yes of course we said as Andrew is an amazing friend to HULA along with the rest of the Pedigree and Whiskas Team.

When Andrew arrived at HULA we were overwhelmed to hear that they had raised an astonishing £1,200.00 for HULA through their program ‘Just 1 Thing’. ‘Just 1 thing’ is part of a Mars ‘Do It Together’ goal and connects all of the fantastic activities and personal efforts that contribute to their role in making A Better World For Pets in the UK.

A significant number of Mars Petcare UK staff get involved and make a difference, by fund Raising, supporting assistance animal charities or completing team events that improve rehoming shelters where every action has a positive impact.

To say we were delighted is an understatement and we really can’t thank Mars Petcare Tesco’s Team enough for this fabulous donation which will go towards this month's vet bills and really helps us no end after being hit by a massive loss of income this year.

Huge HULA thanks to the wonderful Pedigree and Whiskas Team for your kindness and generosity to HULA at such a very difficult time.

Whitbread workgroup

Huge HULA thanks to Wonderful Whitbread.

It really is amazing what can be achieved in just one day with lots of additional helping hands. We were delighted to be contacted by Whitbread earlier this year who asked if we would like some additional helping hands. Whitbread had selected HULA as a charity that they would like to assist for one of their Team Charity Days.

Sixteen Whitbread employees joined the HULA Team on Friday 24th June 2016. We were all so pleased to see them as we had so many jobs to do. All of the team set about the many tasks with such enthusiasm and dedication and we were amazed at how they all pulled together as a team and got though more jobs than we could ever have imagined.

We certainly managed to keep them busy for the whole day & what a list of tasks they worked their way through
Photo of workgroup from Whitbread

Photo of workgroup from Whitbread

As you can imagine having 32 extra hands for one day made a huge difference to HULA. In fact, we would have not completed even one of the tasks without the hard work and support of Whitbread.

Here are a few quotes from some of the wonderful Whitbread Team "It was rewarding"
"A nice thing to have the opportunity to do"
"Satisfying to know we made a difference"
"We really enjoyed the day and are very glad as a team to have achieved everything we did to help make a difference to Hula. Thanks to you and your team for making us so welcome and for giving us an insight to Hula and the great work you do"

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks go to the wonderful Whitbread team for all of their hard work and support to Hula. We truly could not have done it without you!

Photo of workgroup from Whitbread

Jog my dog logo

Just to say an amazing thank you to Mary Bjerregaard from "Jog My Dog" for raising an amazing £411.30 at the Willen Lake Big Doggie Do 2016.

Mary and her team helped raise money for HULA by selling baked goodies and raffle tickets. It was a great turn out especially with the weather on their side. We are so pleased that Mary chose us to donate to.

Thanks again to Mary and your team and also to everyone who purchased a ticket and goodies, what a great people you are!

Thanks to Dan Walder

HULA Animal Rescue would like to say a HUGE thank you to very talented local musician Dan Walder who raised a wonderful £840.22 at his Charity Album Launch on the 7th May in Newport Pagnell.

We are so grateful for all the effort Dan put in to raising so much for us.

Good luck with your new album Dan and thank you for thinking of HULA Animal Rescue. We have all enjoyed listening to your album and we wish you every success.

A message from Millie

Photo of Millie the collie
Millie is looking for her forever home here at HULA however, she also has an important message and has asked us to remind everyone that it is now a legal requirement that every dog is micro chipped.

Millie says that if you have a dog please please check that they are micro chipped. If they are not then make an appointment to do so as soon as possible.

Millie says that if you have micro chipped your dog that’s brilliant. However, next time you have a spare few minutes do check that the telephone contact numbers and address details are correct so you can be reunited should the worse happen.

Bless her Millie does worry about all the poor dogs that get lost and can’t be reunited with their families as they are not chipped or the details are not up to date :(

For more information about our lovely Mille please click here.

Poppy and Bridget

Poppy is such a character and a big favourite at HULA... she has a wonderful ability to make you smile.

Poppy had a visit last week, HULA friend and very talented photographer Bridget Davey, who came along to take photographs of our current guests and she spent some time with Poppy who was as pleased as punch to see her.

Here is the latest photograph of Poppy taken by Bridget.

Photo of Poppy the dog

To see more of Bridget's photos and information on all of our dogs seeking new homes please visit our Kennels page.

Thank you Bridget for making Poppy's day and for once again giving up your time to come along and take photographs for us. As always this is really appreciated by the HULA Team and especially the animals!

Photo of dog show

Fete day photos

Our friend and very talented photographer Bridget Davey was once again on hand to capture some wonderful photographs of our recent fete.

If you would like to view the photos or purchase some of these wonderful shots then please use this link to Bridget's website

Introducing Cranberry

Photo of Cranberry the turkey Photo of Cranberry the turkey
 Breed  Sex  Age
 Black Norfolk Turkey  Male  approx. 1 year
 History and Recommendations
“Hello my name is Cranberry and I am a Black Norfolk turkey. I arrived at HULA after a member of the public found me straying along a busy bypass when they stopped in a layby. They have no idea how I got there, but I was very relieved to be here when Christmas came and went I can assure you!”

As Cranberry is reaching sexual maturity his current living situation is proving quite frustrating for him without any company of his own kind, particularly females. In addition, living with Jimmy, the already established cockerel in our flock proved too difficult for their male egos and they have started to bicker. The Norfolk Black, is a breed of domestic turkey and is generally considered the oldest turkey breed in the UK. Cranberry is a stunning example of the breed.

So if you think you can offer Cranberry the home he needs with turkey company then please get in touch.

My Ideal Home


Adoption Process

Photo of a Viovet logo logo

Very special thanks to VioVet

Everyone at HULA would like to say a huge thank you to VioVet who are based in Luton. The lovely team at VioVet very kindly donated a number of rolls vet bedding to HULA.

Photo Holly the dog trying out the donation of vet bedding
As you can see it will be really appreciated by the animals in our care.. first to try it was Holly who was absolutely delighted!

Thank you VioVet for your kindness and generosity which is really appreciated.

For more information about Viotvet please click here.

For more information about our lovely Holly who is who patiently waiting for her new home at HULA please click see our kennels page.

Photo Fat Face Logo

Thank you Fat Face!

We would just like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Fat Face in the Centre MK who donated a fabulous £889.77.

Fat Face did not participate in the Black Friday event that took place last November; instead they decided to donate the 10% of their profits to a chosen charity and they picked us!

Thank you to all the colleagues that work in the Centre MK store by choosing us you are making such a difference by helping to rehome our dogs, cats and small animals, what great people you are.

Photo of a Pets at Home VIP points logo
Are you a Pet's at Home customer? Please don't forget to sign up to the VIP Card scheme (ask in store for more details), not only do you get lots of lovely benefits for yourself, but you help raise money for charities like HULA too!

We're very grateful that we recently collected items we purchased with our recent voucher totaling just over £400!! This is a massive amount for us and helps us purchase the things we really need.... and often leaves us a little to buy some treats for the animals too.

This time, along with much needed puppy pads, training long lines, frozen dog food and feliway refills, we also got some toys and chewy toys for the small animals in the small animal house.

THANK YOU Pets at Home VIP Charity Scheme

Photo of a goods purchased with points from the VIP scheme Photo of a goods purchased with points from the VIP scheme

Pedigree Tesco partnership logos

Thank you Mars Petcare and Tesco

Imagine this.. You have just had to cancel a series of Open Days that are key to fundraising for HULA as the awful weather has rendered your field unable to park your valued visitors and supporters. You are thinking what you can do, to encourage our wonderful supporters to keep helping HULA.

You then receive a telephone call from Andrew Winfrow, Charities Manager at Pedigree to say that Tesco’s and Mars Petcare are to partner to "raise awareness of Pets in Need" and that this very unique event is taking place from 27th April 2016 to 19th May 2016.

Well as you can imagine we were delighted to hear this but even more delighted & excited to learn that HULA and seven other charities have been selected to benefit from this fabulous initiative.

So we all hope that you will support HULA by getting involved in the Pedigree/Tesco initiative to support rescue homes.

How can you get involved?

Between 27th April 2016 to 19th May 2016 every time you purchase Tesco own label, Pedigree, Whiskas, Sheba or Cesar pet care products at your local Tesco, the wonderful people there will donate 1p to be split between the lucky charities who have been selected.

How fantastic is that? As you know only too well, every penny helps. As you will see from the poster below the aim is to raise a staggering £150,000 to support rescue homes.

Everyone at HULA would like to extend sincere thanks to Pedigree and Tesco for thinking of us and nominating us to be part of their initiative to support rescue homes up and down the country.

Pedigree Tesco partnership poster

Super Support from Santander

Image of Santander bank logo
Hula was founded in 1972 and moved to Glebe Farm in 1977. At that time the site was derelict and had been unused for some years. There wasn’t even a road to drive from the main gate to the centre. With lots of hard work a road was built and over the years repairs have been carried out to try and keep the surface smooth and usable.

Image of Santander employees volunteering at HULA
With the recent bad weather we found that a huge number of new pot holes appeared and it’s been a mammoth task to try and keep them filled and maintain the road to a good standard. In total, we were faced with 68 potholes to fill and fifty bags of tarmac to move. As you can imagine this is a huge task so we appealed for help.

We were absolutely delighted when the Finance team from Santander, who have their headquarters in Milton Keynes; contacted us and said those magical words ‘we would love to help’.

Jarrod from Santander visited the site and saw the extent of the work and then rallied his team. We were delighted to welcome 20 Santander employees who carried out the following jobs on Wednesday March 16th:- Photo of Santander employees volunteering at HULA We are so grateful and extend our sincere thanks to the hardworking employees from Santander who picked HULA for their Community day - without them we really could not have achieved such terrific results. The whole team all wore a smile whilst braving the cold and nothing was too much trouble, it was such a pleasure to have them join the HULA Team for the day.

Here’s what the Santander Team said about joining the HULA Team for the day..

Lisa Sparks – ‘Although it was a cold day, it was good fun and all the staff there were very helpful’

Lisa Trigger –‘It was a really lovely day!! Can we do it again?’ :)

Jarrod Glover – ‘HULA are a fantastic local charity and we welcomed the opportunity to support them with our Discovery Day. The HULA team were fantastic, very supportive and welcoming and this was reflected by the huge effort from the Santander team; working beyond the allotted time and providing personal donations of over £70 to fund additional materials”.

Thank you so much Santander we are extremely grateful for your help and support.

Photo of Santander employees volunteering at HULA

A belated thank you

Photo of HULA's Laura Randall receving Pets at home cheque
During December 2015, Support Adoption worked so hard and organised the Santa Paws Appeal with a target to provide over ONE MILLION meals to provide meals to homeless and abandoned Animals. This target was exceeded and over one and a half million meals were donated.

As a Support Adoption partner we were delighted to be given the opportunity to take part and visit our local Pets at Home stores and this year we were also chosen by the lovely team at Pets at home Bletchley. Because of their hard work with Support Adoption For Pets we were recently awarded a cheque for £950.68.

We really can't say thank you enough!

Barrel Bikers

It's with sincere gratitude that we say a massive thanks to Barrel Bikers who paid us a visit recently and brought us a MOUNTAIN of food, donations, office supplies etc, to help HULA and our animals.

It was very exciting having you all on site and it was great to meet you all!

Photo of Barrel Bikers with donation

Pedigree Tesco partnership logos

Can you help Jacob help HULA?

Photo Jacob the cat
Despite, being partially sighted Jacob is the cattery clown! Always making the staff and volunteers laugh, this friendly well natured cat is always looking for fuss, cuddles and a good time. He loves being in the outdoor run at HULA.

Jacob can’t repay HULA Animal Rescue but would love you to help him, on his behalf. Help us raise £150,000 to support rescue homes throughout the UK by simply shopping at Tesco (instore or online at between 27th April and 17th May. Purchase any Tesco own label Petcare products or any of these brands; Pedigree, Whiskas, Cesar, Sheba or Dreamies and together we will support rescue homes and give that forever loving homes to pets like Jacob.

Have a look here for more information.

Fundraising event Saturday 7th May

To all music fans out there, musician Dan Walder will be performing at The Cannon, Newport pagnell High Street on Saturday 7th May 2016 for a charity album launch.

All the proceeds will be going to HULA. Please see poster below for full details.
Poster for Dan Walder fundraising event

Thank you Dan for thinking of us at HULA.

Special Thanks

We would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely guys from Williams & Blake Limited who have been onsite helping us with lots of jobs and who have worked so hard to help us.

Photo of staff from Williams and Blake Ltd

Thank you guys we are really grateful

Image of Bailey's Travel logo
Massive thank you to the staff and customers of Baileys Travel, in Leighton Buzzard for their hard work in collecting various donations for us including cat food, dog treats, dog food, leads and bedding.

This is an annual initiative set up by the team, and we’re really so very grateful!

Photo of donations from Bailey's Travel

A huge HULA thank you to Support Adoption for Pets

Support Adoption for pets logo
Support Adoption for Pets is a registered charity based in the North West & they are the charitable division of Pets at Home. Support Adoption for Pets were set up nearly ten years ago and over the years the team have worked tirelessly to support re-homing charities throughout the UK and what a huge difference they have made.

Support Adoption for Pets exists to help give abandoned and homeless small animals a second chance at happiness. They partner with nearly four hundred charities and HULA is very lucky and grateful to be one of them. Support Adoption for Pets are the UK's number one grant giving animal charity and every year they work with Pets at Home and encourage support for rescue centres just like HULA and they really do make a huge difference.

We would like to encourage you all to find our more about Support Adoption for Pets and to join their Facebook and Twitter pages to support them and keep up to date with all the wonderful work that they do.

Here are the links to find out more about this fantastic charity.

During December 2015, Support Adoption worked so hard and organised the Santa Paws Appeal with a target to provide over ONE MILLION meals to provide meals to homeless and abandoned Animals. This target was exceeded and over one and a half million meals were donated.

Receiving cheque from Support Adoption and Pets at Home
Donations were made to the Santa Paws Appeal via fundraising initiatives in Pets at Home Stores up and down the country and by Pets at Home Customers generously donating in store and on line to Support Adoption.

As a Support Adoption partner we were delighted to be given the opportunity to take part and visit our local Pets at Home stores. We are always made so very welcome in store and it's lovely to see the hard work of the store colleagues and generosity of their customers. However, none of this could be achieved without Support Adoption For Pets who organise and plan these events as well as running very important Grant Award and Damaged Stock Schemes which HULA and other rescues are incredibly lucky to benefit from.

Pauline Warren a long standing fund raiser and dog walker for HULA says "Janet (another HULA volunteer) and I went to the Milton Keynes store on Saturday 19th December, the staff had organised a beautiful display, with homemade cakes and dog biscuits, and bric-a-brac to sell. They gave us a lovely welcome and were really enthusiastic about the fund raising. The members of the public were really friendly and generous and of course we got to pet the dogs who visited the store".

HULA were delighted to welcome Sharon Howell from Pets at Home Aylesbury and Kerrie Beckett from Pets At Home Milton Keynes recently and the ladies had a look around and took a very keen interest in our work and the animals in our care. Sharon and Kerrie were representing Support Adoption for Pets and we were astounded to learn that during the Santa Paws Appeal support adoption had raised an absolutely staggering £6,337.02 for HULA.

We really can't say thank you enough and this huge donation will be put towards a project of plumbing upgrades to the HULA site and towards our ever increasing veterinary bills, therefore helping dogs like our gorgeous Bruce.

Photo of Bruce the staffie dog
Bruce is a lovable friendly chap with a sad and troubling past. He's been in rescue undergoing training and care for a very long time now, but once upon a time, Bruce was living in a backyard all alone not being given the care or attention all dogs need and deserve. Sadly, this has resulted in Bruce needing lots of training to help with behavioural issues he struggles with but at HULA we're doing the best we can for him and ensuring he gets lots of love and time whilst we search for his perfect home.

In addition, Bruce suffers from skin conditions, which may be allergy related. We are still in the long process of working with our vets to work out the best care plan we could give Bruce to ensure he is kept pain free and comfortable. So far, Bruce's vet visits in relation to his skin complaint have amounted to 27 vet visits. He's tried medicated baths and 9 different medications. He's had various skin scrapes and allergy tests. His bedding has been washed in carefully controlled conditions and now, Bruce is on a specific food to combat potential allergies to potato, wheat, barley and grains. HULA orders his food in from Pets at Home stores and this is currently costing £38.99 for a 12kg bag. We are of course more than happy to continue to care for Bruce and are dedicated to providing him everything he needs, however, as a small independent charity, the pot of money gets stretched quite far!

We would never deny Bruce - or any animal - the care or treatment they need if we're able to provide it, but donations like this one from the recent Santapaws appeal from Support Adoption for Pets means that we can continue our work for Bruce... and all the other animals in our care.

Everyone at HULA would like to extend their sincere thanks to Amy, Laura, Lynn, Jess and Justine at Support Adoption for Pets, and Sharon and Kerrie and their store colleagues at Pets at Home Aylesbury and Milton Keynes and of course the very generous and caring Pets at Home customers and supporters of Support Adoption for Pets.

We sincerely thank them all for their hard work, enthusiasm and generosity to HULA and to other charities up and down the country who like us are so lucky to be supported by Support Adoption for Pets. We are absolutely thrilled and very proud to be a partner and very grateful for this fantastic donation and the huge impact that this amazing donation will make to the animals in our care.

Limited spaces

Photo of Harvey Cuddles the cat
It often surprises people that we have waiting lists... not of people looking to adopt, but of animals needing our spaces. Recently our waiting lists have been closed, simply due to us needing to 'catch up'. On recent count 46 cats have places on our waiting list plus an additional 15 stray cats are on there needing our help too. We do understand it can be frustrating and difficult when looking for a space for your cat, however, we want to make it clear we really do try and help as many of these cats as possible. With just 9 pens however, our spaces are limited.

We also try and be fair when prioritising 'urgent cases', difficult, as I'm sure you can imagine, as most people are in 'urgent' situations otherwise they wouldn't be calling us in the first place!

We do obviously try and help stray cats as soon as we can, particularly this time of year, but if you find a stray cat, what should you do? Well firstly, on several occasions a stray cat is brought into us (sometimes after being on our waiting list for several weeks being fed by a kind neighbour) and is actually microchipped to an owner a few doors / a couple of streets away! Cats are very clever... "two dinners? Yes please, I'll act like a poor hungry cat who hasn't been fed for days for an extra plate of tuna! (Let me just clean the jelly off my face from my Whiskas pouch I've just had at home first....)."

So, step one. Please take it to your local vets to get it checked for a microchip. Most vets will do this free of charge. No chip? This still doesn't mean it's not owned. Try popping a paper collar around the cat which reads "Is this your cat? Please call me on 07.....". Then, should little moggy pop to his real home for his first meal of the day his owner can let you know he is owned... loved... and probably just a bit cheeky.

Please do these two steps before providing food for the cat if you can, as some cats may be thin due to medical conditions, or allergic to certain foods. A thin cat may not be an indication it's a stray!

Picture of a lost cat poster
No chip, no luck with the paper collar? Pop up posters asking if anyone recognizes the cat and use local village facebook pages too.

It's always worth calling as many rescue centres as possible to pop your cat onto as many waiting lists as you can to increase their chances of finding a space as soon as possible.

Have a look at a great website for more details on what to do if you've found a cat

Lost or straying dog?

Would you know what to do if you found a lost or straying dog? Would you know who to call?

Have a read through this leafelt, and consider programming the numbers into your cellphone, you never know when they could be useful!
Leaflet from Dog Lost organisation HULA is unable to take in found or straying dogs, and would always advise anyone in this situation to call their local dog warden. There are legal requirements and protocols that must be adhered to in situations like this.

Thank you!

We were very grateful to have had a work party from Lantmännen Unibake recently.

They got stuck in doing a variety of different jobs that would have taken our little team a long time, so we're so very grateful!

It was great to meet you all - thank you for coming and working so hard.

Photo of staff from Lantmannen Unibake

Photo of a Pets at Home VIP points logo
Photo of cat trees purchased with the Pets at Home VIP points

We would like to say thank you to all the customers of the Pets at Home stores in Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Bletchley for kindly choosing HULA as their nominated charity allowing us to receive points that get turned into pounds!

If you would like to sign up for the VIP points scheme there is further information via the Pets at Home website.

We were able to buy 9 brand new cat scratching post that we just were not able to afford without your help, so thank you.

Is your dog micro chipped?

Did you know that from 6th April 2016 it will become a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped. To help you plan, here are some facts:

Some FAQ’s about the Law

Does this mean that I don’t need a collar and tag for my dog? Is it expensive? Is it just for dogs? How do I get it done?
The purpose of this new regulation is to help reunite lost and found dogs with their owners as quickly as possible. Ultimately many pets that have crossed HULA’s doors could have come from a loving home and could have been reunited thanks to a £10 microchip but sadly, without one it is extremely difficult to ever know.

HULA 14th February Open Day is cancelled

Sadly, the weather has been against us again and the incessant rain has made our field unable to be used for safe parking as it is waterlogged. In addition, various parts of our site are very muddy and boggy so we have taken the decision to CANCEL this Sundays Open Day.

We were looking forward to welcoming you all to our Open Day this Sunday, but with more rain forecast this week it’s a sad fact our parking areas will become more and more unsuitable to safely park all of our lovely visitors and volunteers who were planning to come and support HULA.

Looking forward, we have two events planned in March and we are now keeping everything firmly crossed that the weather will be kind to us. We very much hope that you will be able to come along and support HULA in March. Our centre will remain open this Sunday for general visitors but the Open day activities and access to our Café and Bazaar are cancelled.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that you will understand that we wanted to place your safety first.

Thank you for your understanding
Best wishes from HULA Animal Rescue

A special appeal from HULA

Photo of a phothole
There are lots of local companies that take Corporate Social responsibility very seriously. We are very fortunate in that over the years we have been incredibly lucky to welcome workgroups to HULA who have helped us with a variety of tasks.

Sadly, the recent awful weather has played havoc with the main driveway to HULA. We now have a number of large pot holes that need filling & smoothing over quite soon as access to HULA is becoming quite bumpy.

Can you help ???

Are you and your colleagues planning a corporate work day this year and are you looking for a BIG challenge? If so, we would love to hear from you.

We will need to undertake the work once the bad weather is over possibly in March/April. We promise to make you very welcome and provide teas and coffees and a tour and talk about HULA’s work.

If you think you and your colleagues might be interested in this challenge or if you have any questions relating to the project then please do email us on we would be so pleased to hear from you.

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