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Photo of Katherine Maling receiving donation from Willow Vets

Willow Vets

This week we have been over to Willow Veterinary Centre at Newport Pagnell to collect a fantastic donation of food and other goodies given by clients and the practice over the festive period. Little Roxy came with us to thank the staff in person and we all received a lovely warm welcome.

Thank you so much to all the staff and clients for their generosity.

The Icknield Veterniary Group also very kindly arranged a special Christmas Collection on behalf of HULA. A big thank you from all the animals at HULA to everyone involved in arranging this special treat and for your continued support of the work here at HULA.

HULA Hot Tips for the Cold Snap

Down to the Nitty Gritty
Photo of Wilson the dog
Take care to clean your dog’s feet carefully after a walk. Rock salt and grit can be damaging to your dog’s pads and can cause trouble if ingested when your dog licks their paws. Rock Salt can cause dehydration and in cases where a dog ingests a large amount it can cause liver problems. Washing feet with warm water when you return and drying them off will reduce risks. Keep an eye on your feline friends as well and consider brushing their feet off with the palm of your hand when they return home (good luck if you attempt to wash and dry Tiddles!)

Be Anti the Anti-freeze
Photo of dog holding up his paw
Anti freeze can be a real danger to pets. It contains an ingredient that makes it taste sweet and this can cause pets to deliberately ingest it. Signs to look out for including vomiting, salivating, lethargy, drinking more than usual and refusing food. If you spot any of these signs you must contact your vet as soon as possible. When using anti-freeze products yourself try to buy brands that are advertised as ‘Pet Safe’. If you keep these products at home ensure that they are well out of reach of any family pets.

Keep Trim
A difficult thought after the Christmas excess but we are talking about the hair in between your dogs toes not your waistline! Keeping the hair trim can stop snow and grit balls forming under your dog's feet which can cause discomfort. Take care when trimming as this hair can be very sensitive and ticklish. Consider making a really positive experience for your dog and giving lots of praise and yummy treats when they are still and cooperate.

Think of your small animals
Photo of bunny
Care needs to be taken in cold weather with our smaller friends who may be living outdoors such as rabbits and guinea pigs. They are very vulnerable to the cold and can suffer from hypothermia. Wherever possible they should be brought indoors in to the home, garage or a shelter such as a shed. You should always provide extra bedding in winter. You will need to check their water regularly as bottles and dishes can freeze quickly.

Ice Ice Baby
Take extra care out on your walks if you are in the vicinity of water such as ponds or lakes, especially if they are places your dog would usually enjoy a little splash around. The last thing you want is Fido heading down to the water (come on, we know some dogs who would swim no matter the temperature) and falling through the ice. If you are at all unsure or your recall is not 100% keep your furry friend on the lead or choose walks away from water.

Photo of cat in snow
Getting in a bit of a flap
Remember to check your cat flap regularly as they can become frozen shut. This could mean Tiddles being locked outside for long periods or indoors and crossing their legs.

Pond Care
Ensure that you break the ice periodically on your pond but try to remember to do this carefully as a sudden smash can lead to shock and panic for the fish.

Photo of MK College students

Christmas Treats

December 2012

We would like to say a huge thank you to the students and staff of Milton Keynes College Foundation and Community Learning Department.

The students visited HULA for a tour and some hands on helping as part of their Animal Care course in November. During their visit they asked if there were any items we were in need of and set about collecting them in the run up to Christmas.

We had a fantastic delivery from them last week and it was wonderful to see all the students back at HULA.

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Photo of Xmas treats from Pets at Home
HULA would also like to say a huge thank you to Pets at Home for their fantastic donation of enrichment items for our animals.

Pets at Home kindly offered us the chance to browse their website and create a shopping list of the things we needed most. We have ordered activity toys for the dogs that food can be added to to make them work harder for their meal and give some mental stimulation. Each cat pen has a lovely new portable scratch post, the long term rabbits all have fantastic enrichment toys made from coconuts which they are loving.

Thank you so much to Pets at Home for their support. Why not have a browse of their website at Pets at Home

Photo of Xmas treats from Mucky Pups
...and a special thank you to our friends at Mucky Pups and their wonderful customers for our Christmas donation.

We cannot thank you all enough, we are absolutely delighted.

Festive Do's & Don'ts for your dog

Photo of dog in Christmas hat
The festive season can be an awkward time for many dog owners but this can sometimes be tougher if you are just settling a new companion in to your home. It is a busy time of year when we often have friends and family over to visit, especially those from further afield who may not be familiar to the dog. It can also be a time when we are out of the house for longer periods as we go to visit other people.

Please read the HULA do's and don'ts for the festive season

Thank you to everyone for their support at our...

Photo collage of December 2012 Open Day

Photo of Luke the dog

Hello from Luke & Purdie

Luke and Purdie were two of HULA's special long term dogs who both found wonderful new homes a couple of years ago.

Photo of Purdie the dog
Please read the lovely updates from these fabulous dogs by visiting the Happy Endings page.

It's fantastic to know you are both having such happy lives.

Photo of cheque presentation

The great bake off challenge

We would like to say a big thank you to Angela Frost and her colleagues at T Systems in Milton Keynes.

Angela organised a fun Bake-Off challenge for her workmates. Lots of yummy creations were made at home and then entered into a bake-off competition in aid of ourselves here at HULA. The judging was blind with the bakers name placed in a sealed envelope, with a description of the cake on the front and placed under their cake only to be opened when the top three had been decided. Marks out of 5 were given on Presentation, Taste and Creativity, Texture/Cooked and Overall Appeal.

Photo of winning cake in competition
First place was the stunning carrot cake. Once judging was complete slices of cake then went on sale priced at £1.

The grand total raised was a fantastic £389.94 as T Systems kindly agreed to match whatever Angela raised.

Photo of desinger dog jumper made by volunteer

...and for the Winter Collection

Huge thanks to Chris McKeon for the exceptionally stylish and not forgetting warm and cosy winter wardrobe as modelled here by Mr Seamus.

Being a staffy he's partial to a jumper when the temperature dips. Keep your eyes peeled for some more snappy designs on their way from Chris.

Donation of toys and treats from Boots Milton Keyenes

Thank you to Boots

We would like to say a huge thank you to the manager of the Crown Walk branch of Boots in Milton Keynes.

After raising money in store from colleagues we were contacted to see what our dogs and cats were most in need of. Imagine our delight when two big bags of toys were brought to the Winter Warmer Open Day yesterday. Inside was a big haul of high quality goodies such as treat balls to offer our cats some mental stimulation and tough Nylabone chews for the dogs to get their teeth around.
Logo for Boots

Thank you so much for thinking of us.

Photo of Kaiser the ex HULA dog

A special message from a special dog

We are very lucky to play a part in the lives of the lovely dogs, cats and small animals that come into our care.

On the 25th of November 2010 a very special and handsome lad left our care after staying with us for three and a half years. He came as a stray abandoned on the streets of South Wales and had an incredible journey with us. He left us as a kennel club bronze and silver good citizen after arriving scared of everyone and everything.

We are delighted that he is now happy, much loved & adored in his new home and has a family wonderful family who care for him dearly.

We are also delighted that our special lad has sent us a two year anniversary message......

"It is two years today since I had a lovely big party and said goodbye to all my friends at Hula, where I had been for 3.5 years.

I was sad to go and leave then all behind, especially my very very special friend Karina who had spent so many hours working with me to become a nice young man and behave my best when potential adopters came to visit.

I was a bit apprehensive when I left but Karina told me it would be ok so I knew it would be. The first night was strange in a new house with a new place to sleep but I needn't have worried because next day I was taken a nice walk and had lots of lovely toys and treats brought for me and I knew Karina had not let me down I was going to be ok.

The last two years have flown by and I've done so much, I go to school every week to learn my manners, in the summer I do agility, I chase balls until I am exhausted, I've done charity walks, photo shoots and if you have ever read by blog you will also know I have been a thief and stolen some very nice things to eat that I really shouldn't have done. Best of all I still go back and visit Hula to see old friends and make new ones and best of all I get to see Karina and I jump up and down and make a funny squeaking noise because I will never ever forget her kindness.

I have just updated my blog with all my news which you can read here and look out for me in the Hula calendar......I am Mr April!"

Thank you Kaiser boy for touching our lives, making us smile and for being you - you will never be forgotten at HULA

Photo Heather W, Laura, Jill and Jake

Thank you to the Ampthill Festival

Peter and Jill from the Ampthill Festival Committee came to visit us today along with their lovely Jake who is an ex Hula guest. Everyone at HULA would like to say a huge thank you as the visit was to present us with a cheque for £800.00 which is the money that they very kindly raised for us at the recent Dog Show held at Ampthill Park.

It was a lovely day and we are so very grateful for their wonderful help and support.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

Collage of HULA rabbits
New figures from the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF), the biggest UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of pet rabbits, show that the number of unwanted rabbits has nearly doubled in recent years.

The last meaningful survey conducted by the charity estimated the number of rabbits given up to rescue shelters at around 35,000. The organisation has recently conducted another survey, and was shocked to find the figure now standing at well over 67,000. "What is really worrying," said Richard Saunders, RWAF Veterinary Expert Advisor, "is that this number only reflects the cases where the rabbits have made it into rescue. We can't possibly quantify how many more are dumped in the wild and left to fend for themselves, which leads to almost certain death, by the way. Then there are those who, when the novelty has worn off, are simply neglected and left often in a hutch with no access to exercise space and almost no attention except for a handful of food now and again."

The charity also points out that countless unwanted pet rabbits are sold for next to nothing through classified ads both in newspapers and online as well as at livestock auctions. It is understood that many of these are bought as meat. In the survey, almost all the rescues said that the problem is getting worse, with more and more people wanting to rehome their pet rabbits. Many said they are only able to take in around 10% of the requests they receive, with most having waiting lists of 2-6 months. Many owners will not wait that long, and take their own steps to dispose of the animal.

The answer? Well the charity's message is simple on this one. Rabbits are not the cheap and easy children's pet that they are often mistaken as being. They are as big a commitment as a cat or dog, and people should think long and hard, and do their research before taking them on. And even longer and harder before they decide to breed 'just one litter' from their pets, all of which will then need to find homes. If you can't commit to providing rabbits with the space, companionship, vet care and proper diet for ten years or more, then rabbits are not for you.

For more information on caring for rabbits please go to

Photo of Walnut Pet Supplies donation

Simply Delicious!

We would like to say a big thank you to Walnut Pet Supplies, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes for their very kind donation of food and treats.

HULA is an independent charity and gifts such as these from local businesses make a big impact in helping us to stretch our funds that little bit further.

It's Official!

November 2012

Photo of Seamus
Seamus arrived a rather portly but cheeky little man in Feb 2011 - he has been much loved and made us smile, he stayed with us for 20 months, though for some of that time he has been in Foster Care.

Seamus has now been formally adopted, but will be a regular return to visitor to HULA and will be much loved and cherished for all his cheeky ways by his Mum.

Seamus was long overlooked in kennels but is making up for that by stealing food, having his own sofa and generally brightening up the life of his Mum.

Good luck Seamus xx

You can still stay in touch with Seamus via his very own Facebook page....just click on the FB logo here.

Photo of Midnight the cat

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Did you know that nationally black cats spend longer in rescue than any other colour cat?

We are very pleased that so many wonderful people in our local area disagree! Click the link below to see a selection of the fabulous black cats from HULA who have found loving new families. HULA black cats

Wilson's special pamper

We would like to say a huge thank you to Wendy and Tanya at Brittanya For Mucky Pups for looking after Wilson the cocker spaniel on Wednesday the 10th and giving him a wash and brush up. The kind ladies took time out of their own day to dedicate the salon to Wilson and he was well and truly pampered. He had a bath, was trimmed to perfection, sampled their famous blueberry facial and came home smelling of baby powder doggy cologne.

Photo of Wilson the dog having pamper
Wilson is a 7 year old cocker spaniel who has been with us for a while and is still searching for his perfect new home. He has a few issues which mean that finding the right owner is a little harder and anything we can do to help him along the way is a bonus. Wendy and Tanya’s help to make him look his best has been fantastic. Wilson was a very good boy for them (although they did say he was a bit of a fidget!). He certainly knew where the gravy bones were kept by the end of his time there!

Thank you once again from everyone at HULA and a big thank you and sloppy kiss from Wilson himself for the team at Brittanya for Mucky Pups, Victoria Road, Fenny Stratford.

Photo of Wilson the dog

A day in the life of HULA

In addition to the many daily routine tasks required in looking after the wide variety of animals at HULA there are always plenty of other activities going on.

Read all about a Day in the Life of HULA.

Photos of Halloween pets
Link to Bridget Davey Photography

A few guests, past and present, had some Halloween fun with our very talented photographer.

Thank you as always Bridget - fantastic photos again!

Sasha goes home

Sasha the dog

Sasha the dog
Sasha came in to our care grossly overweight tipping the scales at more than 58 kilograms. She had been very much loved by her previous owner, loved a little too much.

Sasha found life in kennels tough due to her size and the worry of entering a new environment. She was lucky enough to find two foster homes who cared for her until she lost enough weight to try kennels again. We would like to say a huge thank you to Lynne and Liz for giving her space on their settees.

Once some weight was off and she came back to HULA Sasha was our office dog and spent her days in reception with Heather and Sue (who were soon well trained in where to store and eat their lunches having lost a few to her!). The weight came off steadily and the more she lost the more her personality bloomed. She is a sweet, loving, gentle dog with a sunny disposition. She was rarely to be found without a big smile on her face.

Sasha the dog
Our photographer Bridget Davies always found her to be a willing model and took some beautiful pictures of her during her time here. It was these pictures that were spotted by her new owners on our webpage and it was love at first sight. All the meetings with her went well and the big day arrived for her departure.

We waved Sasha off to her new home, tears were shed but they were happy tears as we were all so proud to have met her, loved her and wave her off to a new home.

Good luck lovely girl, the office is very quiet without you.

Photo of Wilson the dog

Doggie Day Trips

October 2012

Wilson the Cocker Spaniel has been out and about again this week. This time he had a lovely trip to Woburn Sands with Animal Welfare Assistant Laura. He enjoyed a stroll through the woods followed by a wander through the town. He met many people and had a great time.

He is still looking for his extra special home and hopes to meet a new family very soon.
Photo of HULA staff and dogs on a daytrip to Newport Pagnell

Last week Wilson and Ruby our GSD x Akita together with Sarah (Animal Welfare Assistant), Imogen (Volunteer) and Kat Maling (Animal Welfare Team Leader) took themselves off to the nearby town of Newport Pagnell to socialise the dogs.

They really enjoyed their trip and had a wander in the fields before heading into town to try and catch the eyes of potential adopters! Both dogs were very well behaved and fun was had by all.

Ampthill Festival logo

Ampthill Dog Show

October 2012

A very big thank you to the wonderful organisers and supporters of the Ampthill Dog Show held on 7th October. It was a great afternoon and fantastic to see so many dogs (and their owners) enjoying the autumn sunshine!

Photo of two dogs

Summer's End Fete
& Fun Dog Show

September 2012

Thank you to everyone for helping to make our 2012 Summer's End Fete and Dog show held on 16th September such a wonderful success!

Many photos of the day are available to view and purchase via Bridget Davey Photography

Photo of Dee Brooker

Heather says thank you (meow)

September 2012

Everyone at HULA would like to say a sincere thank you to volunteer Dee Brooker who read our website blog about Heather the Cat, who was brought to us and was in quite a sorry state.

Photo of Heather
Dee was touched by heather's plight and gave us a very generous donations towards Heather's care.


To find out more about our very special Heather please read her diary.

Weblink to

Thank you to Burns

Photo of Burns pet food donation
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Burns Pet Food for the extremely generous donation of high quality wet and dry dog food.

Everyone at HULA is so grateful for this wonderful donation and all our kennel guests are excited and looking forward to dinner :)

Thank you to Argos

HULA were absolutely delighted to welcome Ian Hanson and his colleagues from Argos Head Office in Central Milton Keynes. Argos very kindly allow staff to work a day for a charity of their choice.

We were thrilled to be picked and during the day the hard working team, planted hanging baskets and flower displays, painted, weeded and worked really hard to help us tidy up our public areas.

Photo of Argos employees on team charity day at HULA
We are so grateful for this magnificent help as we would never have been able to achieve so much in a day.


If you work for a company that offer employees the opportunity to volunteer and you would like to help HULA please do get in touch.

Pets at Home grant funding

July 2012

HULA are delighted to announce that Sharon Howell, Store Manager from the Aylesbury branch of Pets at Home visited us last week to present us with a cheque for an amazing £25,000.

We recently applied to the Pets at Home Charitable trust for a grant in order to build outside runs attached to our kennel block. We were absolutely delighted when Sharon and her regional manager Linda together with Pets at Home Charities Manager Amy Wilson came to visit us after our application and subsequently awarded us this absolutely amazing grant.
Photo of Pets at Home staff Aylesbury store

Our dreams really have come true and the outside runs will make our guests more comfortable and allow them access to outside space.


Photo of Small Animal House

A helping hand from the Open University

HULA were delighted to welcome a charity work group from the Open University recently. Lucy Watson and her colleagues from the Curriculum Management/Monitoring Office gave up their time to come and help us spruce up our small animal house and make it much for welcoming and enriching for the small animals in our care.

We all had a wonderful day and the team worked so hard, our small animals and everyone at HULA are delighted with the results and are so grateful to the team for choosing HULA for their charity day.

Weblink to

Thank you to Burns

August 2012

As many of you know we were very lucky to be selected as a charity partner with Burns pet foods over the last 12 months. During this time Burns have supplied us with a large quantity of food and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

Photo of Jazz the GSD
Some animals who arrive at HULA are discovered to have medical conditions. It is wonderfully reassuring to know that we can turn to Burns to provide a high quality diet for those in need of extra nutrition due to illness or maybe in poor condition and simply need a nutritional boost. Occasionally we receive the odd pooch who is carrying a few extra pounds (many of us know that feeling!) and the Burns weight control food has proved to be a real winner in helping to fight the flab!

So THANK YOU Burns - we are extremely grateful and truly honoured that you have agreed to extend our partnership.

Special Fundraising

July & August 2012

This summer some of our fantastic supporters have been out and about doing daring challenges to raise much needed funds for HULA.

Freshfit Gym logo
In July seventy members of the FreshFit Gym in Milton Keynes took on the brave challenge of running in the Spartan Race in Cambridge.

You can still sponsor the Freshfit team via their JustGiving page - every £1 really does count.

Claire Dennaford-Smith even jumped out of a plane for HULA!

Weblink to
There is still time to contribute to Claire's fundraising target - she really deserves it after that brave feat. All you need to do is click on the Virgin Money Giving logo.

Thank you to the Fresh Fit team and Claire from all the animals

Photo of Pets at Home staff Aylesbury store

Dreams really do come true...

July 2012

HULA recent applied to the Pets at Home Charitable Foundation for a grant to help realise its long term dream of building outside runs attached to the existing kennel block.

We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded an amazing £25,000 grant to make this long held dream a reality. This grant will enable us to provide huge improvement to our existing kennels and allow our dogs to have access to permanent outside runs.

HULA would like to say a huge thank you to Sharon Howell & Amy Wilson and everyone at Pets at Home for their generosity in awarding us this fantastic grant which will bring huge benefits to HULA and the animals in our care.

Dogs Abandoned

June 2012

We are extremely disappointed that in the last five weeks two dogs have been left tied to our gates, both were found scared, nervous and clearly traumatised by being abandoned with no food, water, shelter from the elements or even a note of their name.

As much as we appreciate that people face difficult decisions in life, abandoning an animal is illegal and irresponsible. At HULA we endeavour to be non-judgemental and assist owners. However, we can never condone simply abandoning an animal with no information or history.

We like to think we are a nation of animal lovers and thankfully the majority of animals are much loved and cared for. Sadly, for all manner of reasons there are occasions when people have to give up their pet due to illness, bereavement or change of circumstances. When this happens, rescues up and down the country try where possible to assist.

It should be noted that most rescues are charities who work tirelessly to raise funds and care for animals who, through no fault of their own, find themselves homeless. There is no government funded body to which you simply take animals when they are no longer required.

Most rescues have long waiting lists and are constantly juggling and trying to balance resources, rescue spaces and meet the demands of the public. At HULA, we currently have a waiting list of 37 dogs and 42 cats whose owners can no longer keep them and are patiently waiting for a rescue space with us.

Our cattery is full and when we advised a caller of this last weekend she helpfully suggested we kill one of the cats in our care to make room for the one she ‘’no longer wanted’’. The week before somebody threatened to tie an animal to the side of the road if we would not take it there and then – despite the fact we have a long waiting list.

As with most responsible rescues we offer lifetime commitment to any animal adopted from HULA and an ex HULA animal is always prioritised.

Photo of cat and message about microchipping awareness

Microchipping Awareness

June 2012

June is National Microchipping Month and here at HULA we see the benefits of microchipping over and over again when we are able to reunite lost pets with their owners.

Twiglet is a 6 year old tabby female and she was rehomed by HULA in 2011, unfortunately after just 4 days she managed to slip out of the house of her new owner, panicked and ran away. 8 months later after much heartbreak and searching her owner received a call to say Twiglet had been taken to a local vets as a stray and her microchip had been scanned. Twiglet was soon home safe, unfortunately while she had been missing her owner had adopted another cat and they did not settle in with each other so with great sadness she was returned to HULA for rehoming. It may seem like a sad ending to the tale, however, Twiglet is safe and happy and is on the brink of finding a forever home when she is picked by a new owner.

There are thousands of tales like Twiglet's of animals lost and stolen and reunited with their owners at a later date. If your pet is not microchipped why not give us a call and make an appointment for one to be implanted here at HULA. Our staff are fully trained and we ask just £15 for the chip and will organise the registration paperwork for you.
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banner of union jack flags banner of union jack flags

The animals at HULA celebrated the recent Royal Jubiliee with their very own photo shoot

June 2012

To see more of the wonderful Jubilee photos please visit Bridget Davey Photography

Thank you Bridget for this very special gallery!

....the HULA shop in Woburn Sands also had a Jubilee makeover with a very special window display created by our shop team.

In memory of Arnie

April 2012

Photo of Arnie the cat
Arnie came to Hula in March, he was a lively chap but we could tell he wasn't quite right. A scan sadly showed a liver tumour which had grown very large in a short space of time. Sadly there was nothing we could do for Arnie medically but we were certainly going to spoil him for the rest of his days!

Arnie was a cheeky chappie, he would always tell you he had not been fed, even though we knew he had!! But still we pretended that he was right and allowed him as much food as he wanted, and he wanted a lot!! He would spend sunny afternoons in the outside area and sun himself allowing his followers to groom and stroke him as much as they wanted. He loved being the centre of attention and chatted away the whole time you were with him.

Arnie lost his battle on the 26/04/2012. He deteriorated very quickly and the difficult decision was taken to help him fall to sleep peacefully and gracefully. This was a very sad day indeed, but he did have a few tins of tuna and lots of biscuits to take to rainbow bridge.

I am sure Arnie loved his time here at Hula as much as we loved him. He is dearly missed and I am glad we all had the pleasure of meeting him, even if it was only for a short time.

Lots of love and purrs to our friend Mr Arnie.

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Photo of presentation by Crown Paints

HULA Benefits from Crown Paints Charity

Crown Paints raises money every year for good causes with events, where many of the 1,300 employees get involved, including nominating where the money should go. The ‘Crown Decorator Centre’ Store Manageress (Northampton), Christina Frost put forward the “Animal Rescue Foundation”, which supports local animal rescue shelters up and down the country. One of the local charities it supports is HULA who was awarded £3,000 of the money raised last year. Christina, was proud to be able to present the cheque to Paul Houlden, the founder of Animal Rescue, when they both visited HULA to see where the monies will be spent.

HULA are thrilled to receive this donation which will be put to very good use. It will be used to improve our outside dog runs and isolation kennels which are desperately in need of some TLC and are vital for housing poorly or contagious dogs.

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Photo of Domino's Pizza office team volunteering at HULA

A special facelift by Domino's

Domino's Pizza have been wonderful supporters of HULA and previously did a fantastic "make over" of our Reception area. They have once again come to our rescue when a group of head office employees created a new intake area for animals.

Further information and photos of the finished room

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Photo of cheque being presented by Pets at Home store manager

A bumper present from Pets at Home

Everyone at HULA wishes to say a huge thank you to the Pets at Home store in Aylesbury. Over the Christmas period they held a fund raising initiative and also donated some wonderful gifts from the store.

Pictured here is Store Manager, Sharon, presenting the donation to HULA's Operations Director, Karina Collins and one of the Trustees, Lynne Davies.

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