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A huge HULA thank you to Support Adoption for Pets

Support Adoption for pets logo
Support Adoption for Pets is a registered charity based in the North West & they are the charitable division of Pets at Home. Support Adoption for Pets were set up nearly ten years ago and over the years the team have worked tirelessly to support re-homing charities throughout the UK and what a huge difference they have made.

Support Adoption for Pets exists to help give abandoned and homeless small animals a second chance at happiness. They partner with nearly four hundred charities and HULA is very lucky and grateful to be one of them. Support Adoption for Pets are the UK's number one grant giving animal charity and every year they work with Pets at Home and encourage support for rescue centres just like HULA and they really do make a huge difference.

We would like to encourage you all to find our more about Support Adoption for Pets and to join their Facebook and Twitter pages to support them and keep up to date with all the wonderful work that they do.

Here are the links to find out more about this fantastic charity.

During December 2015, Support Adoption worked so hard and organised the Santa Paws Appeal with a target to provide over ONE MILLION meals to provide meals to homeless and abandoned Animals. This target was exceeded and over one and a half million meals were donated.

Receiving cheque from Support Adoption and Pets at Home
Donations were made to the Santa Paws Appeal via fundraising initiatives in Pets at Home Stores up and down the country and by Pets at Home Customers generously donating in store and on line to Support Adoption.

As a Support Adoption partner we were delighted to be given the opportunity to take part and visit our local Pets at Home stores. We are always made so very welcome in store and it's lovely to see the hard work of the store colleagues and generosity of their customers. However, none of this could be achieved without Support Adoption For Pets who organise and plan these events as well as running very important Grant Award and Damaged Stock Schemes which HULA and other rescues are incredibly lucky to benefit from.

Pauline Warren a long standing fund raiser and dog walker for HULA says "Janet (another HULA volunteer) and I went to the Milton Keynes store on Saturday 19th December, the staff had organised a beautiful display, with homemade cakes and dog biscuits, and bric-a-brac to sell. They gave us a lovely welcome and were really enthusiastic about the fund raising. The members of the public were really friendly and generous and of course we got to pet the dogs who visited the store".

HULA were delighted to welcome Sharon Howell from Pets at Home Aylesbury and Kerrie Beckett from Pets At Home Milton Keynes recently and the ladies had a look around and took a very keen interest in our work and the animals in our care. Sharon and Kerrie were representing Support Adoption for Pets and we were astounded to learn that during the Santa Paws Appeal support adoption had raised an absolutely staggering £6,337.02 for HULA.

We really can't say thank you enough and this huge donation will be put towards a project of plumbing upgrades to the HULA site and towards our ever increasing veterinary bills, therefore helping dogs like our gorgeous Bruce.

Photo of Bruce the staffie dog
Bruce is a lovable friendly chap with a sad and troubling past. He's been in rescue undergoing training and care for a very long time now, but once upon a time, Bruce was living in a backyard all alone not being given the care or attention all dogs need and deserve. Sadly, this has resulted in Bruce needing lots of training to help with behavioural issues he struggles with but at HULA we're doing the best we can for him and ensuring he gets lots of love and time whilst we search for his perfect home.

In addition, Bruce suffers from skin conditions, which may be allergy related. We are still in the long process of working with our vets to work out the best care plan we could give Bruce to ensure he is kept pain free and comfortable. So far, Bruce's vet visits in relation to his skin complaint have amounted to 27 vet visits. He's tried medicated baths and 9 different medications. He's had various skin scrapes and allergy tests. His bedding has been washed in carefully controlled conditions and now, Bruce is on a specific food to combat potential allergies to potato, wheat, barley and grains. HULA orders his food in from Pets at Home stores and this is currently costing £38.99 for a 12kg bag. We are of course more than happy to continue to care for Bruce and are dedicated to providing him everything he needs, however, as a small independent charity, the pot of money gets stretched quite far!

We would never deny Bruce - or any animal - the care or treatment they need if we're able to provide it, but donations like this one from the recent Santapaws appeal from Support Adoption for Pets means that we can continue our work for Bruce... and all the other animals in our care.

Everyone at HULA would like to extend their sincere thanks to Amy, Laura, Lynn, Jess and Justine at Support Adoption for Pets, and Sharon and Kerrie and their store colleagues at Pets at Home Aylesbury and Milton Keynes and of course the very generous and caring Pets at Home customers and supporters of Support Adoption for Pets.

We sincerely thank them all for their hard work, enthusiasm and generosity to HULA and to other charities up and down the country who like us are so lucky to be supported by Support Adoption for Pets. We are absolutely thrilled and very proud to be a partner and very grateful for this fantastic donation and the huge impact that this amazing donation will make to the animals in our care.

Limited spaces

Photo of Harvey Cuddles the cat
It often surprises people that we have waiting lists... not of people looking to adopt, but of animals needing our spaces. Recently our waiting lists have been closed, simply due to us needing to 'catch up'. On recent count 46 cats have places on our waiting list plus an additional 15 stray cats are on there needing our help too. We do understand it can be frustrating and difficult when looking for a space for your cat, however, we want to make it clear we really do try and help as many of these cats as possible. With just 9 pens however, our spaces are limited.

We also try and be fair when prioritising 'urgent cases', difficult, as I'm sure you can imagine, as most people are in 'urgent' situations otherwise they wouldn't be calling us in the first place!

We do obviously try and help stray cats as soon as we can, particularly this time of year, but if you find a stray cat, what should you do? Well firstly, on several occasions a stray cat is brought into us (sometimes after being on our waiting list for several weeks being fed by a kind neighbour) and is actually microchipped to an owner a few doors / a couple of streets away! Cats are very clever... "two dinners? Yes please, I'll act like a poor hungry cat who hasn't been fed for days for an extra plate of tuna! (Let me just clean the jelly off my face from my Whiskas pouch I've just had at home first....)."

So, step one. Please take it to your local vets to get it checked for a microchip. Most vets will do this free of charge. No chip? This still doesn't mean it's not owned. Try popping a paper collar around the cat which reads "Is this your cat? Please call me on 07.....". Then, should little moggy pop to his real home for his first meal of the day his owner can let you know he is owned... loved... and probably just a bit cheeky.

Please do these two steps before providing food for the cat if you can, as some cats may be thin due to medical conditions, or allergic to certain foods. A thin cat may not be an indication it's a stray!

Picture of a lost cat poster
No chip, no luck with the paper collar? Pop up posters asking if anyone recognizes the cat and use local village facebook pages too.

It's always worth calling as many rescue centres as possible to pop your cat onto as many waiting lists as you can to increase their chances of finding a space as soon as possible.

Have a look at a great website for more details on what to do if you've found a cat

Lost or straying dog?

Would you know what to do if you found a lost or straying dog? Would you know who to call?

Have a read through this leafelt, and consider programming the numbers into your cellphone, you never know when they could be useful!
Leaflet from Dog Lost organisation HULA is unable to take in found or straying dogs, and would always advise anyone in this situation to call their local dog warden. There are legal requirements and protocols that must be adhered to in situations like this.

Thank you!

We were very grateful to have had a work party from Lantmännen Unibake recently.

They got stuck in doing a variety of different jobs that would have taken our little team a long time, so we're so very grateful!

It was great to meet you all - thank you for coming and working so hard.

Photo of staff from Lantmannen Unibake

Photo of a Pets at Home VIP points logo
Photo of cat trees purchased with the Pets at Home VIP points

We would like to say thank you to all the customers of the Pets at Home stores in Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Bletchley for kindly choosing HULA as their nominated charity allowing us to receive points that get turned into pounds!

If you would like to sign up for the VIP points scheme there is further information via the Pets at Home website.

We were able to buy 9 brand new cat scratching post that we just were not able to afford without your help, so thank you.

Thank You

On behalf of all the staff and volunteers at HULA we would just like to say a very big thank you to everyone who sent donations to us over the Christmas period. We are always grateful for the donations we receive but for you all to think of us over Christmas when it is a busy time for everyone made it extra special.

Your lovely donations ensured that all our animals including our farm animals had a nice Christmas. It is always the time of year when we would love to see our animals get re-homed in time for Christmas but unfortunately this is not always the case and many of the animals remain at HULA to be cared for until they find their forever homes.

Our work is always on going here at HULA. All our staff and volunteers worked hard over Christmas (including Christmas day) to ensure that all our residents here are loved are cared for.

Thank you once again and we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We hope that 2016 is a hopeful and happy one for all our supporters. We hope to see you soon.

Christmas presents received December 2015

A message from HULA’s Trustees

We are pleased to say that our latest newsletter is now available, a pdf copy of the latest HULA NEWS can be found at the end of our website Events page. There are some really great articles for you to enjoy.

Photo of cover page of Winter 2015 newsletter
With so many terrible stories in the media about increasing levels of animal cruelty and neglect, it’s remarkable and reassuring to know that there are also many people in the world like you who will do all they can to help protect our companion animal friends in need of care and love. Our stories of Seth and Kia and the compassion shown to them while in HULA’s care and now in happy homes, really do warm our hearts especially at this time of the year.

Please note the calendar of events for 2016 and we encourage you to start popping those dates into your brand new 2016 diary while they are fresh in your mind. Perhaps after lunch on Christmas day would be opportune, especially if you won’t want to watch the “Great Escape" for the 30th year in succession!

Are you aware of HULA’s sponsorship schemes? If you take pleasure from seeing our resident farm animals on your visits, you might like to become a sponsor. Of course if your preference is for smaller and cuddlier friends, you could sponsor a bed. That would be a very generous way to help get one of our guests off to a comfortable start in a new life wouldn’t it? Details of sponsorships are on our website kennel, cattery, small animals and residents pages or you can ask for a form from our office.

If you would like to make a donation to HULA you may do so by visiting our Just giving page or you might like to consider donating via this year’s Christmas appeal. All donations are hugely appreciated and enable us to continue the vital work that we do - thank you.

We would like to sign off with two things –

First, a really sincere THANK YOU to everyone who supports HULA in any way, whether by volunteering, donating items, money, food, or simply by speaking well of HULA to everyone you know.

Second, our Best Wishes to you and yours for the festive season and of course, for the years to come.

Robin How
On behalf of HULA’s Trustees

Heronshaw School Logo
We would just like to say a big thank you to the staff and pupils at Heronshaw School in Milton Keynes for raising a total of £830.14 through their sponsored PE event.

All the staff and volunteers here are so pleased that you chose HULA to be your charity of the year and thank you for all your hard work and support which raised such a fantastic amount.

Pets at Home groom room Logo
We would like to say thank you to Pets at Home Groom Room in Milton Keynes for kindly grooming Louie and Prince for us free of charge!

The salon kindly booked out the morning to our HULA doggies and gave them a trim, bath and pamper. As you can see from the photos they look great!

What a difference!

Prince dog having been pampered Prince dog having been pampered
Prince dog having been pampered Louie dog having been pampered

Thank you to the team and Pets at Home!

Foremans Logo
So when you think of an animal rescue and what you can do to help the first thought most of us have have is food, bedding, treats and toys. These things all help and yes of course we need them but sometimes there are items you perhaps don't think about donating, a large portakabin for example!

At the start of the year we met Graeme Holden and Emma Andrews from Foremans Relocatable Building Systems Limited to discuss what they could perhaps do to help us here at the centre as they had kindly chosen to support HULA this year. They have been raising money for us with a tuck shop and Christmas raffle which is amazing and just the support we need.

Delivery of our new Portakabin
But it didn't end there not only have we received new storage boxes for the site and netting to use for around the centre where needed but guess what.... we have a multipurpose portakabin too! This is just the icing on the cake! Storage is a real issue here and of course being a farm we get the odd small wild furry problem, so with lots of donated food and lots of mouths to feed this was a dream come true, somewhere dry, large and vermin free to store all the food that we currently have onsite.

So we would like to say a huge thank you to all at Foremans for supporting us here at HULA, but also a massive thank you to T.J. Robins Limited for delivering the portakabin to us free of charge, we cannot express how much we appreciate the support from both of these companies, all our Christmases have come at once, thank you so much, we will get some more pictures of when we have it all kitted out with shelves and food so watch this space!

Delivery of our new Portakabin

Ampthill Festival Logo
Everyone at HULA would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to the Ampthill Festival Committee. The hardworking team arrange lots of events and once again this year they held a Fun Dog Show in the beautiful surroundings of Ampthill Park.

Presentation of cheque from the Ampthill Festival committee
The event was a resounding success and there were lots of entrants making it very difficult for judge Lynne Davies to pick winners in each category.

The committee very kindly asked HULA to attend the event and our hard working outside events team gave up their time to represent HULA for which we thank them.

Jill and Peter Rose who are members of the Ampthill Festival Committee team visited HULA along with the wonderful Jake who they adopted form HULA a few years ago. As always we were thrilled to welcome Jill, Peter and Jake and so very grateful for the amazing cheque for the £335.00 which they presented to HULA.

Huge HULA thanks to all members of the Ampthill Festival Committee for your very generous donation and for working so hard to put on such a wonderful event.

Fantastic prizes in the HULA Christmas Raffle

Christmas Raffle Ticket prizes

Pets at Home Logo
Not only do the teams and customers of Pets At Home stores hold fundraising events throughout the year to support charities like us, but their VIP points scheme also helps us (and other charities like us) by turning the points you add from swiping your VIP card at the Pets at Home tills into monetary vouchers we can spend in store.

These really are a fantastic lifeline for us in many ways. We receive many donations each and every day, from the odd bag of cat treats to larger car fulls of stuff. We are of course, extremely grateful, but the VIP vouchers enable us to choose what we can get in to make sure we can really put the vouchers where we need them to go.

Thanks to you, their customers, we were recently given our latest voucher of a fabulous £455. We were able to get some much needed specialty dog food for a dog with allergies, senior cat food, training leads, kongs, and meal worms for the chickens ducks and turkeys which they LOVED!!!

Thank you everyone who supports us with this scheme. If you're not sure what we're on about, next time you're in Pets at Home, ask them about the benefits of joining the VIP club.

Photo of chickens enjoying treats from Pets at Home

HULA Animals benefit from Hypnotherapy programme

Five ladies have raised money through a sponsored weight loss scheme in aid of HULA.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Robin How, who is a trustee of the charity provided his expertise to run a four session Virtual Gastric Band programme for the ladies. In 5 weeks they had clocked up losses ranging from 15lbs to 3lbs and raised £374 in sponsorship donations from friends and work colleagues. They will continue to lose more weight at a safe rate over the coming weeks.

How do they feel about the method used compared to short term diets that usually pile pounds back on when the diet ends? Here’s what they said: “We don’t tend to think about eating between meals now and it’s good that we don’t need to deny ourselves any food type, so there’s no guilt involved”. Hypnotherapy is used to convince the mind that the stomach has actually had a gastric band fitted to restrict the size of the stomach, creating feelings of being full on smaller amounts of food.

Robin How explains that the technique is designed to make each person conscious of the changes that they can feel when eating as they move from feeling hungry to satisfied. Diets usually provide only temporary weight loss and weight often piles back on when the dieter stops. The virtual Gastric Band method enables a person to adopt a permanent change so that they always remain in control of their weight.

For more information about Robin How Clinical Hypnotherapist, please visit or email

Photo participants in hypnotherapy programme

Whiskas Logo

For the cat and kitten lovers out there

We are very excited to share with you the launch of WHISKAS Kitten Kollege, the first two episodes of the WHISKAS Kitten Kollege story have been uploaded and LIVE on YouTube. 5 further episodes will be released, one a month between now and April.

There are also 10 lecture style videos which have been launched to help kitten owners during the year of kittenhood with another 4 to be launched in the New Year, please take a tour and learn how our student body enjoy a full and varied kittenhood.

Whiskas Kitten Kollege is an esteemed and prestigious institute of feline education where kittens learn all they need to develop into cats. With a broad and wide-ranging curriculum, Kitten Kollege believes in nurturing kittens’ natural curiosity and enriching their minds. We are at the forefront of feline education with our focus on academic, athletic and artistic development.

So if you want to have a look please go on the link below, you may also find the other videos Whiskas have put together interesting too!

Ridgmont Life Drawing

It is with sincere gratitude that we say thank you to the Ridgmont Life Drawing Meetup for the fundraiser they held for HULA recently. They presented us with a fantastic £200 which we're so very grateful for!

Special thanks goes to Paul for organizing it and to our very own Frank and Frances for being such fab models!.

Photo Frank's portrait Photo Frances's portrait

Craft Fayre

Our first ever Craft Fayre took place on 24th October.

Sometimes thank you really does not seem enough but we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our wonderful volunteers who have knitted, sewn, made cards, prepared a tombola and worked so very hard to make this event happen.

As you will see from the pictures the hard working team displayed a wonderful array of items they had made. There were christmas present ideas, hats, scarves, draft excluders, home made preserves and so much more.

Photo craft items for sale Photo craft items for sale

Thank you to everyone involved and everyone who supported this event

Thank you to Andrew Winfrow and The Pedigree Team

Photo of Pedigree logo
Photo of Sky with Whiskas donation from Pedigree

We would like to say a huge thank you to Andrew Winfrow, Charities Manager at Pedigree for very kindly organising a huge donation of Cat and Dog Food to HULA.

Pictured here are Sky and Prince who would also like to extend their thanks on behalf of our current guests.

Photo of Prince with food donation from Pedigree

Thank you Andrew for all of your help and support to HULA it is really appreciated.

Two special lads looking for a New Home

We have two very special dogs in our care at the moment Marvin and Rupert. One of them Marvin is featured on the Poster for our October Open Day (above).

Rupert is a young lad and came to HULA after being passed around and had five homes despite only being eight months old! He really has not had much luck in his short life and here at HULA we are working hard to try and find a new family to take him into their hearts and offer him the security and care that he so deserves. A few words from HULA's Katherine Maling about Dear Rupert:-

Photo of Rupert
"Rupert is a bouncy, happy go lucky lad and it is so sad to see him ignored by adopters because of two facts, his colour and his breeding. Seeing a young pup of 9 months have to grow up in kennels and have his first birthday here is a heart breaker. But we will continue to fight this guy’s plight and here's hoping he will be noticed soon!".

Marvin came to HULA from the Dog Pound, sadly he had served the statutory seven says and he was not claimed. Marvin came so close to being put to sleep but we found a space for him as we could not bear for this lovely senior lad to become yet another nameless statistic put to sleep through no fault of his own. Again, here are a few words from HULA's Katherine Maling about Marvelous Marvin:-

Photo of Marvin
"Sadly to be a staffie appears to make it hard to find a home, to be an older dog seems the same, so add older and a staffie into the mix and you have a poor soul like Marvin who doesn’t seem to get a look in. Marvin loves snuggles and cuddles and really at his age he needs to me in a quiet home reflecting on his younger years, not worrying in about if a home will come along and what he did wrong to deserve finding himself in the Dog Pound!".

The search is now on to find both lads that all important forever home. Sadly, neither Rupert or Marvin have received much interest and it's difficult to understand why but we are looking forward to talking to visitors and letting them know all the wonderful things we have found out about this lovely duo since they have been in our care.

Further information about their idea homes may be found on our Kennel page. If you have any specific questions about either dog please do contact us on 01908 584000 or email us


Photo of Pets at Home logo
Photo of volunteer and hula dog
The wonderful people at Pets at Home kindly support re-homing centres and one of many fabulous initiatives is the Pets at Home VIP Club Card.

Basically, once you have signed up and you have your card you can nominate your chosen Charity. Then each time you shop points are awarded to you chosen charity. Some very kind supporters and volunteers have already signed up and this month we were delighted to receive over £455.00 in points vouchers to spend in-store. We will be able to purchase new collars, leads, training equipment and lots of items that are needed at HULA.

So thank you to Pets at Home and everyone who has nominated HULA we are very grateful. If you do shop at Pets at Home but don't yet have a card then more about the scheme can be found here.

We would be so grateful if you would consider nominating HULA.

Up n Over Agility logo

Everyone at HULA would like to extend a huge thank you to Mickey Woodcock and the members of Up N Over Agility Dog Training Club for their kind donation of £200.00.

It is always lovely to hear of people raising money for the care of the animals at HULA.

We are very grateful for your on-going support. Thank you

Bridget Davey Photography logo

Did you visit the HULA Fun Dog Show?

If so, perhaps you were snapped by our fantastic photographer Bridget Davey.

All the photos from the day can be seen on Bridget's website. They are also available to purchase with proceeds donated to HULA.

Thank you once again Bridget for your endless support for HULA's animals.

Photo from Sept 15 dog show

A huge thank you to ICAEW

Our September Fete was a wonderful success and we were so grateful to all of our Supporters for joining us making it such a lovely afternoon.

Team of ICAEW volunteers
Although the Fete just lasted just a few hours, there is so much to do before and after the event to ensure that the event runs smoothly. ICAEW who have offices in Central Milton Keynes & London, kindly allow their employees to pick a Charity, then spend a day volunteering. HULA Animal Rescue were delighted to be chosen this year and two magnificent teams helped us prepare and clear up after our Fete.

On Friday 11th September, one team worked tirelessly and helped put up our marquees and gazebo’s and prepared our site for our Fete. Then on Monday 14th September, and braving the rain, the second team kindly helped us with the great clear up and took down the marquees.

It was extremely hard work for both teams but they always had a cheery smile and were so keen and helpful. We really couldn’t have managed to do it without them!

Thank you to ICAEW for your kindness, support and hard work we are all so grateful!

If you work for an organisation and would like to spend a Charity Day at HULA then please do get in contact via email -

Photo of Pets at Home logo
A huge HULA thank you to Pets at Home Colleagues from Bletchley & Aylesbury.

We would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of everyone at HULA Animal Rescue for the very generous donations of Animal Food kindly given to us by Pets at Home, Aylesbury & Bletchley.

Everyone at HULA Animal Rescue really appreciates your kindness and support.

Thank you to our September dog show sponsors

We'd like to say a massive thank you to all the sponsors of our recent dog show. All the money kindly sponsored by these lovely people helped HULA raise even more money to look after the animals in our care.

September dog show sponsors

Photo of MK FM radio logo
Photo of MK vet group logo

Thank you also to MKFM for the superb compering of the dog show and Sarah from MK Vets who did a brilliant job of judging the many dogs who entered.

Ride High Visit

It's with massive heartfelt gratitude that we say thank you to a group of students from Ride High who recently visited us for a tour.

Not only did they look around, but they've been working hard on Behaviour Enrichment tools for us to give the animals in our care. This is a vital part of the welfare of animals in captivity and so we're so grateful for their help, time and efforts to help the HULA animals - and we had lots of fun with them too!

Photo of students from Ride High

Ampthill Dog Show

We are delighted to say that once again the wonderful Ampthill Festival Committee are hosting a Fun Dog show in the beautiful surroundings of Ampthill Park.

This fabulous event is taking place on Sunday 27th September and starts at 12:30. There is no exact postcode for Ampthill Park, but MK45 2HX will take you to a point about 700m East of the car park entrance. Grid Ref: TL 024382.

There will be 12 Fun Dog classes which are being judged by Lynne Davies (see poster below)

Everyone at HULA would like to say a sincere thanks to the committee for once again supporting HULA.

Ampthill dog show poster

Photo of Blue the dog

Have you adopted from us?

If the wonderful Bridget Davey took your pets picture whilst with us, you can now purchase these photos as high quality prints and 50% of the sales will come to us!

Photo of Blue the dog
Please visit the AdoptandShop page of Bridget's website.

Bridget will be adding some more of the older photos over the next couple of weeks, so do keep checking back.

Don't worry if this doesn't include you, if you book a shoot now Bridget will kindly donate £5 from each shoot towards HULA.

A fond farewell to Irene and Ralph

Photo of Ralph and Irene Hunt
Irene and Ralph Hunt started volunteering at HULA many many years ago and during this time they tirelessly worked to support HULA in so many ways, thus becoming highly valued & much loved members of the HULA Team.

Ever present at HULA Open days and whatever the weather on Monday and Thursday mornings at HULA to help sort donated items and to keep things spick and span in our Bazaar.

Photo of Ralph and Irene Hunt, staff and volunteers
Last Thursday, we said a very fond farewell as Irene and Ralph are leaving the area to move closer to their family. They will be sorely missed by everyone at HULA and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to this lovely couple who tirelessly volunteered and supported us for so many years.

We were told the hardworking duo wanted ‘no fuss’ on their last day. However, we simply could not let them go without acknowledging their immense contribution over the years. Irene and Ralph are pictured here after a little farewell party that was held in their honour.

"Happy Retirement Irene and Ralph we will all miss you and are so grateful for your hard work and dedication over many years."

A new look for Hula’s reception area

Photo of refurbishment of reception
If you have visited HULA over the last couple of weeks you might of noticed that we are having some work undertaken in our reception area.

This is all thanks to a wonderful donation of new office furniture and fittings from a local company named SCP Concrete Sealing who are re-locating.

They kindly contacted us to see if we could put any of their existing furniture to good use. Our answer was a resounding YES! We have been hard at work installing the new items and our reception area is starting to look absolutely lovely.

We have nearly completed the work and would like to express our sincere thanks to SCP Concrete Sealing for their kindness and generosity and our thanks to you all for bearing with us whilst the work is undertaken.

Thank you to Pets at Home Groom Room

Logo for Waggin n Walkin

Photo of Jayne from Waggin n Walkin

It's with massive thanks to Jayne from Waggin & Walkin for raising us an awesome £90 from her stall at the MK Big Doggie Do back in June.

We're so grateful that she thought of us and put in such a big effort. She had some fabulous raffle prizes so well done to you if you were a lucky winner!

To find out more about Jayne and Waggin and Walkin, have a look at her Waggin & Walkin website.

Thank you Jayne - we're so very grateful.

Photo of HULA dog with collar purchased with VIP points
Photo of Pets at Home logo
It is with sincere gratitude to the staff and customers of Pets At Home stores that we have been able to purchase £442 worth of items for the wonderful animals in our care - all thanks to the voucher we were recently given as a result of the Pets At Home VIP Points scheme.

Photo of HULA cat Nigel with food purchased with VIP points

If you've got a VIP card and have chosen HULA as your charity of choice then do please know we are receiving the points - and putting them to good use!!

Today we've collected some much appreciated items including cat food, cat litter, kongs, and some fab training collars. Nigel here was very excited about the cat food!

Support Adoption for Pets

Photo of HULA rabbit with a Make Me Smile cut out

In their own words Support Adoption for Pets is “an animal charity with a single, passionate aim.

We exist to help give abandoned and homeless pets a second chance of happiness. Every year, thousands of pets end up homeless through no fault of their own. Thanks to the tireless work of animal rescue and re-homing centres across the UK, many of these animals are given a new life in the loving home they deserve. Most animal rescue charities are completely reliant on donations and public support to continue their vital work. It is our mission, with your generous help, to provide a financial lifeline and help secure the future of rehoming centres and vulnerable pets in need.”

Wow, that sounds pretty good doesn’t it?! Well those are the words on their website… but is it just that? Is it all just words?! No!! As many of you will know HULA is completely reliant on donations and public support and therefore to be one of the many charities that is supported by this fantastic charity provides us with a vital lifeline to keep helping the animals in our care.

So how do they raise this money? By working with the staffing teams and customers across the country of Pets At Home stores is how. So far Support Adoption for Pets have raised £646,391.00 for charities nationwide, but without the tireless efforts and dedication to fundraising from Pets at Home staff this figure would be a lot less.

How do we know? Because we’ve seen first-hand just how hard the staff at our local Pets at Home stores work! Thanks to the teams at Milton Keynes and Aylesbury and Support Adoption for Pet's recent ‪#‎makemesmile campaign, HULA have just been presented with a cheque for £3,742.35! Sharon Howell (Aylesbury manager) and Kerrie Beckett (Milton Keynes manager) came over to present us with this incredible amount and we cannot express our thanks enough. But we’ll try anyway...

On behalf of HULA Animal Rescue, we’d like to say a massive thank you to Pets at Home stores nationwide and Support Adoption for Pets for helping little ol’ charities like us. And of course particular heartfelt gratitude to our friends in Aylesbury and Milton Keynes, you really do go above and beyond. So next time you pop into PAH in Aylesbury and MK, please give them a pat on the back for us… they deserve it!

To find out more about Support Adoption for Pets, please visit their website here: Support Adoption for Pets

Photo of HULA staff Sue and Phil with cheque from Pets at Home Photo of HULA staff with cheque from Pets at Home

*** update ***

Shortly after receiving the news from Aylesbury and Milton Keynes we then heard from the store colleagues at Pets At Home in Bletchley. They had also been fundraising hard for us and we have been presented with a cheque for £885.93!

Thank you to all Pets at Home staff and their wonderful customers

Photo of HULA staff with cheque from Pets at Home

Thank you to Homebase for volunteering june 2015

Cisaro Concert

On the 7th of June some kind and very talented people came together in a beautiful venue for an evening of incredible music to raise money for HULA, and boy we were grateful that they did!

Many of our staff, volunteers and trustees were in the audience and had a wonderful evening. We cannot thank those involved enough.

The retiring collecting raised us £312.11 and the tombola raised a terrific £67. Not forgetting all the wonderful donations of pet food donated as an entrance "fee".

Thank you very much to everyone involved and everyone who attended, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Photo of musicians from Cisaro concert


Photo of kittnens
Thank you to 9yr old Jade Redford.

On 22nd June Jade raised us an incredible £225 by doing a sponsored silence! She lasted 11 hours – which meant getting through school, guitar lessons and brownies all without saying a word!

Well done Jade and a huge thank you for raising money for HULA.

Templefield Lower School

Photo of post-it note saying thank you
With massive thanks to Mrs Wright and the youngsters at Templefield Lower school who recently raised £36.62 for HULA in one of their classes as an end of topic project.

If you didn’t already guess it, the topic was “animals” and the children learnt about adoption and care of animals and ‘rehomed’ some toy animals to raise money.

What a great project and thank you everyone for taking part and raising funds for HULA.

Thank you Karen & Delia

Photo of post-it note saying thank you
Karen Baker and her lovely sister Delia have raised us £209 by holding a tombola and charity stall at their local village fete in Oxhey near Watford.

By all accounts Delia is very creative and her lovely hampers and decorated baskets were a big success!

Thank you so much for raising funds on our behalf!

A helping hand from Vauxhall

We would like to say a big thank you to Vauxhall, MK and their staff for volunteering here at the Centre for the day and achieving many jobs we just don't seem to have the time to do!

The guys did a fabulous job of clearing our dutch barn and also helping with some other odd jobs. The best part though I am sure was grooming the ponies, pigs and goats for us!

Thank you everyone for all your hard work

Photo of Vauxhall Team volunteering

Pizza & Quiz

Pizza and a quiz, we can't think of anything better and it seems we aren't the only ones!

Sian Lewis along with Pat and Neil recently organised a Pizza and Quiz night to raise funds for HULA, well a whopping £547 was raised which is just amazing!

We would also like to say a thank you to Jean from Bletchley who did the teas and coffees and also Stephanie and Kay who sold the raffle tickets on the night.

Sian dropped in to HULA with the raised funds and met George who has recently had an operation costing around £600, so you can see the money will go to good use!

Photo of pizza and quiz evening Photo of George the dog

Thank you notice to Pets at Home

HULA Heroes

Photo of dog in superhero costume dog
We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Charlotte, Jessica, Laura and Nicole for raising a whopping £350 for HULA by completing an obstacle color run, which looks like such fun!

Charlotte tells us it was pouring with rain but they all had an amazing time.

Thank you so much, we really do appreciate your support

Photo of Colour Run Event

Bolt has something he'd like to say...

Photo of Bolt the dog
"On behalf of all my friends at HULA I'd like to say a massive thank you to all the staff and customers at Pets at Home stores who have chosen HULA to support for your VIP card points.

We recently received a voucher for £442! Hopefully these HULA humans will buy us all something nice. I'm sure they will.

Word on the kennel street is that the items are due to arrive this week. So I'll have a root through the things and let you know what they chose! Thank you!!"


A big thank you to the team at Countrywide at Caldecotte in Milton Keynes for their recent collection and donations to HULA Animal Rescue.

Photo of Countrywide staff with donation

We really appreciate your efforts on our behalf and are very grateful!

Photos dog and cat with words thank you

Thank you Kirsten

Right, this fab lady deserves a big shout out. She dog walks, she cattery cleans, she stall holds, she fundraises and SHE RUNS HALF MARATHONS!

She's like a superwoman and we're so chuffed to have her on our side. Thanks to her recent running efforts, she raised us a whopping £880!

Thank you Kirsten - you're a star!

Special Appeal

A special appeal for Kia, Gorgeous Boxer Cross Female, aged 5 who has been overlooked for too long.

Back in July 2014 Novak Djokovic won the men’s title at Wimbledon & the Football world Cup was taking place....

Meanwhile here at HULA our news was that on July 9th a beautiful dog by the name of Kia arrived in our care. Kia has been a stray and had sadly found herself in a dog pound and faced an uncertain future. The wonderful people at Safe & Sound appealed for a rescue space for Kia and the next minute she was HULA bound. When she arrived she was quite subdued but soon she began to flourish she was very strong on the lead but after lots of training and TLC Kia settled in at HULA.

Photo of Kia the dog

Once she had finished her assessment and went up for adoption we thought she would have lots of enquiries and that Kia would soon be leaving us. Sadly this was not the case and Kia is still here at HULA. She loves her life at HULA and spends time in our quiet rooms and she is a huge help in reception where she fulfils the role of Girl Friday and meeter and greeter. Despite this that forever home has proved to be elusive.

Kia has spent some time away from the centre recently as we wanted to give her a little mini break and here is what her foster mum had to say:-
"Having Kia for the weekend was an absolute pleasure. Kia was such a well behaved house guest and we loved having her"

As much as we have enjoyed the pleasure of Kia’s company for the last 302 days we really would love to see Kia in a loving new home before her first anniversary at HULA arrives.

Here are a few words from the beautiful lady herself:-

Hi everyone, my name is Kia and I’m looking for my forever home.

The team at HULA doesn’t have any background history on me as I was a stray, however they have found me to be a very sweet girl and they know I love human company. I love being out and about but I will need to go to training classes. I do pull a lot on my lead...what can I say, I’m excited to be out, so I’ll need training on this too.

I can be quite bossy around other dogs so would like to be the only dog in the house. The team here is socializing me with other dogs though. There’s nothing I love more than my food, so show me food and I'll show you the love!

My Ideal Home

Please contact us on 01908 584000 if you think Kia could be the girl for you?

Photo of Pedigree Tracks

Ever wondered if you are doing the correct levels of exercise with your dog, what exercise you are actually doing or if his or her feeding regime is correct? Well now you can with the new Pedigree Tracks app.

This app is a fun personalised dog adviser ready and waiting in your pocket, it will give you lots of interesting information relating to your pet.

So go on give it whirl and get downloading...

Newport Pagnell Carnival

Newport Pagnell carnival poster for HULA dog show

The Weathercock Music Festival

Photo of singers at music festival
Thank you to our friends at The Weathercock pub in Woburn Sands for using their Live Music Festival to fundraise for us.

Our team of volunteers collected a fantastic £235!

We know there were many people there who were so very kind and generous - so thank you to everyone involved.

To find out what events they've got going on at the pub have a look here...

The 4 of Us

Photos dog and cat with words thank you
Big Thank You to Justin (and Tracey, Wriggle and Boyce of course!) for your recent donation raised from sales of your beautiful glass items sold through The 4 of Us.

Please have a look at The 4 of Us Facebook page, to see some of wonderful hand crafted and unique items.

Photo of Jenny Youdan

Thank you to Jenny from K9 Elements for coming on site and administering massage therapy to the dogs in our care.

Photos from May 15 fete and dog show

Were you at the recent Fete and Dog show?

Our fabulous photographer Bridget Davey has now published some of the fantastic photos from the Dog Show held on 17th May.

Prints are available to purchase directly from Bridget's website.

Photo of Pedigree logo


As I am sure most of you are aware we have had an enormous amount of support over the years from Pedigree. This has been through their Adoption drives and also their "Feeding brighter futures" campaign where our dogs were fed their new brand called Pedigree Vital for a whole 2 years.

Well the support doesn't end there, look at what came through the post for our HULA doggies to wear for the next few winters! We received 3 HUGE boxes in lots of different sizes to cater for all.

Photo of HULA dog wearing new coat from Pedigree Photo of HULA dog wearing new coat from Pedigree Photo of HULA dog wearing new coat from Pedigree

We are so grateful for this support and cannot thank the team at Pedigree enough for their continued support to HULA. Our dogs are now as "snug as bugs in rugs" on these cold days!

We think you'll agree they look very smart.

Thank you Pedigree UK.

Missing Appeal

photo of Kizzy the dog

Can you help find Kizzy?

Kizzy is believed to have been stolen from her front garden on 9th September. She lived in Totternhoe near Dunstable and her elderly owner is distraught at her loss.

Please can you help us circulate this information as widely as possible?

Please take a look at our Missing Pets website page as there are other lost pets in the local area who really need your help to re-unite them with their owners.

Quiz & Pizza Supper

Graphic of text saying Quiz Night

Saturday 13th June: 7pm at Simpson Village Hall

"Calling all quizzers!"

Fancy a Quiz night in aid of HULA? Suppers must be booked in advance by contacting or tel. 01908 644785

The 4 of Us supporting HULA

Check out these beautiful items made by a HULA supporter...and a HULA adopter!

The lovely cat Boycie went off to live with Justin and Tracey nearly a year ago and Justin is supporting HULA by donating 50p to HULA for every sale of his incredible glass items.

Please do have a look at The 4 of Us Facebook page, to see some of wonderful hand crafted and unique items.

Massive thank you to Justin for thinking of us and supporting us!

Blessed with Beauty

A great big thanks to Blessed With Beauty and their fantastic customers for choosing HULA as the recipient for funds raised from their Easter Raffle!

We have very kindly been donated £103.50, so a massive thank you to all of you who bought a ticket or donated a prize!

Thanks to Lesley from the salon for her ongoing support of HULA.

Click here for their Facebook page.

Bunny Bonanza &
Easter Egggstravaganza

Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters for attending our April Open Day on 12th April.

A special thank you also to:-

Photo of staff
A big thank you also to three eleven-year old girls Marion, Poppy and their friend Millie. They set up a tombola stand at the event to raise money for HULA and we're so grateful!

They organised everything themselves and were very dedicated on the day.

Marion was inspired to help by her two cats Gemma and Tinkerbelle who were adopted from HULA in May 2012. According to Marion's Mum "They are such sweet and cuddly cats and they have brought us lots of happiness ever since they became part of the family. Gemma cannot get enough cuddles and follows Marion like a shadow. Tinkerbelle was quite shy when she arrived but is almost as cuddly as her sister now. They spend a great deal of their time watching the world from the window sill or out in the garden."

Well thanks to them all and we're so happy to hear Gemma and Tinkerbelle landed on their paws!

We hope to see you at our next special event which will be our Anniversary Celebrations and Fun Dog Show on Sunday 17th May.

Thank you

Photo of items made by Susan Poulton
Massive thank you to Susan Poulton for always thinking of HULA and always being so creative and sending us lots of goodies for us to sell to raise money.

The hard work and support from Susan and her brother Willie are so appreciated.

NCP Pet Portraits

Another business supporting HULA is NCP Pet Portraits who be donating 10% for every booking that mentions HULA.

Click here for their Facebook page.

Thank you

Sometimes thank you really does not seem enough. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated team of volunteers who help us out with so many things that are vital to HULA.

Jobs such as animal care, helping us prepare for fetes and open days, helping on our Shop and well quite simply lots of other things that we are hugely grateful for.

So we would like to say thanks to every single person who gives up their time to support HULA and the animals in our care.

Photos of HULA animals by photographer Bridget Davey
It really is magnificent team effort - one such volunteer is the very talented photographer Bridget Davey who gives up her time to come along and take photographs of the animals in our care and a whole lot more time by editing the photographs.

Bridget takes great pride in her work and rightly so and we are so proud that she continues to help us by providing fabulous photography of our guests and in turn helps us to help them find new and loving homes.

So please raise a glass to all our volunteers who work so tirelessly to help HULA.


Institure of Chartered Accountants

A HUGE HULA THANK YOU goes to the all Staff at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in Central Milton Keynes (ICAEW) for the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm when supporting HULA as their chosen Charity for 2014.

Everyone at HULA was delighted when we heard that HULA had been selected to become the charity partner for ICAEW in 2014. It was humbling to be updated with all the fundraising activities that the dedicated staff worked so hard on throughout the year.

Photos of presentation checque from ICAEW
The enthusiastic and caring team came up with a fantastic array of fundraising ideas that included :-
Darren Marshall from ICAEW, said "We had good support for these events which made it fun whilst raising money for a well-deserved and popular charity".

Imagine our surprise when we were invited along to the ICAEW offices in Central Milton Keynes recently, to meet the hardworking fundraisers and extend our personal thanks then be presented with a cheque for the magnificent sum of £5,000!

Words really cannot express how grateful we are and how much we appreciate the amazing efforts and kindness of the staff at ICAEW.


Photos Claire Twigg

Thank you Claire

Masses and masses of support and thanks to Claire Twigg, who successfully completed the London Marathon this year.

We really hope you're recovering well Claire and are so very much in awe of you!!

To help Claire's blisters even more worth it - you can still donate via Claire's JustGiving page.

Makes me smile

The Support Adoption for Pets #‎makesmesmile campaign has just been launched.

HULA is getting involved in Pets at Home Stores over the next month and we'll be selling raffle tickets too.

You can help us raise vital donations for HULA by popping in and buying a raffle ticket from us!

Hound of Happiness

Massive thank you to Hound of Happiness who have just donated us this beautiful Giraffe Draft Excluder (Girrafft Excluder?!) as a raffle prize for our May Fete!

Worth £35, you'd be mad not to pop along and pick yourself up a raffle ticket!!

Thanks Hound of Happiness!!!

More beautiful items can be found on The Hound of Happiness Facebook page

Thank you Ben

Photo of Ben Clarke and HULA team
An enormous thank you to Ben Clarke for his very kind donations.

Ben chose HULA as the charity to receive the donations collected by his Mum's business and even donated his pocket money too!

It was a pleasure to meet him when he came to donate us a fantastic £165!

Thank you to the customers and staff at The Greenhouse Effect and a special thank you to Ben

Pets at Home logo
We know how much you guys spoil those four legged family members, so when you put an extra item in your basket for us it's massively appreciated!
Photo of donations from Pets at Home

Thank you to the Pets at Home Milton Keynes staff and customers for their ongoing support.

We recently collected these lovely donations from the collection bin inside their store.

Superstar Seth

Photo of Seth the dog
There something about a little gentleman called Sir Seth...

Seth found himself homeless and in need of medical treatment just before Christmas.

We offered him a rescue space and a long journey of vet visits and medical treatments followed. All through this Seth wore a huge smile that captured the hearts of many.

Seth is now looking for his new home which we hope will provide him with the comforts that he so loves for his well-earned retirement.

We are absolutely thrilled to say that in order to try and help him find his retirement home Seth was invited to take part in the Paul O'Grady Show (broadcast on Tuesday 5th May @ 5pm on ITV1).

Everyone at HULA is thrilled that our Seth is to have this wonderful opportunity to join Paul O'Grady on this fabulous show.

Our thanks go to Paul O’Grady and the production team for all of their help with making this possible.

Paint for Charity

A Paint for Charity event is being run this Thursday 7th May by Social Paint in Milton Keynes - come along for a great night out with lots of fun and paint!

Paint For Charity at The Slug and Lettuce - Milton Keynes on Thursday, 7 May! Tickets are 2 for £40 online and include a yummy snack!

2-4-1 Drinks and a ton of fun!

Photo of Paint for Charity Event

Bridget & Kia...what a match!

Kia is currently looking for a home and Bridget Davey is a fantastic photographer who very kindly gives up her time to come along and take the most wonderful photographs of the guests in our care.

Photo of photographer Bridget Davey and Kia the dog
Bridget dedicates so much time to helping rescues and giving them the benefit of her superb photographic skills. We are often visited by potential adopters who comment on Bridget's pictures and her work has been responsible for lots of animals finding their new homes.

How lucky are we to have such a wonderful friend as Bridget who braved the icy wind for us recently...well our Kia certainly thinks so....

Why not take a look at Bridget's website and see more of her wonderful work.

So on behalf of Kia and all of her HULA friends... THANK YOU BRIDGET

Crafts, Art & Gift Exhibition

The HULA outstide events team will be at the Creation Exhibition in the Centre:MK from 17th to 19th April.

Please drop by and say hello!

photo of a hand knitted sheep

Hand Knitted for HULA

Handknitted for HULA is the Facebook site created by one of our fantastic dog walking volunteers.

The very talented Frances raised over £1000 in 2014 with her hand knitted items!

photo of hand knitted easter gift
If you are looking for a unique gift please take a look at the fabulous items on sale. Coming up for Easter will be Bunnie Huggies (just £2 including a creme egg).

If you are not on Facebook don't worry - a selection of her work is also on sale in the HULA Reception.

Thank goodness for Micro chips

This little fella made a mad dash from his home and was picked up by two kind gentleman after being spotted taking himself for a walk. All this whilst his worried owner was searching for him!

Photo of microchipped dog happily reunited with his owner
Fortunately, he was picked up by lovely people who brought him to HULA. We are not able to take in strays but we were able to scan to see if he had been chipped.

We were all delighted that he had a chip and most importantly that his contact details were up to date. As this was the case we were able to contact his worried Dad immediately and the two were soon happily reunited.

If this little chap had not been micro chipped, or the details had not of been up to date, then the dog warden would have had to take him away to the local stray kennels and he would of stood much less chance of being reunited.

Please please make sure that your pets are micro chipped. HULA are happy to micro chip your pets for a fee of £15, just call us to make an appointment. Also, if your pet is already chipped why not take a few minutes to check that all of your contact telephone numbers are up to date so we can have more happy reunions like this.

Thank you to Metro Bank

Thank you to DeliCo

Valentine's Day Auction

Join HULA and The Weathercock in Woburn Sands for our live charity auction and band night.

Auction lots up for bidding include: a ‘Karaoke n’ Beer Night’ package, food hampers and ‘Chef Tonight’ where we send our head chef to design and cook a special meal for you.

No cover charge. No tickets. Just come along and join in the fun.

Photo of Weathercock poster for Valentines auction

John O'Groats to Land's End

Photo of cheque presentation from cycling team

Last year some fantastic individuals, Janine and Kevin, along with 2 others cycled from John O'Groats to Land's End in September to raise money for HULA Animal Rescue.

They also raised money throughout this event for another fantastic charity Cry. The total they raised was over two thousand pounds and we're so very grateful... and very impressed with this feat!!!

They presented the cheque to us before Christmas and have just sent us some pics of their trip.

Well done and thank you!

Photo of cheque presentation from cycling team Photo of cheque presentation from cycling team

Photo of Baileys Travel logo

We have received a mountain of donations from Baileys Travel in Leighton Buzzard.

Photo of Baileys Travel donations
We collected a van load of food, treats, bedding and blankets all collected in store in the run up to Christmas.

Baileys Travel staff have organised a HULA collection for many years and we are so very grateful for all of their hard work and to all of their wonderful customers.

Thank you Baileys Travel for giving us a wonderful start to 2015.

New Year's Day Walk

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who heled us out by taking the dogs offsite for a lovely long walk... It may have helped them also blow away the hangovers.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who have helped us throughout the festive season and the year of 2014 - we couldn't do it without you all.

New Year's Day walk

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