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Hello I’m Barney, although all my friends call me Barney Boy.

You could say I'm very lucky as I have made a very special friend. I call her Auntie Laura.

Auntie Laura takes me out of my kennel and socialises me. We go off site on walks with her dog, and my friend, called Taz and I come home with her on her dinner breaks to spend some time with her and Taz. It's great.

I have problems with cars because when I see one move I just want to chase them, but Auntie Laura has taught me that if I sit nicely I can watch the car and not chase them.

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Barney's Blog - April

Tuesday 24th April 2012

Photo of Barney the dog
What a great day!!! It started off when Auntie Laura came and took me out of my kennel and we went to find some of my kennel friends who were also outside.

We all headed up to the field to do some one to one training. I was very excited.

The training involved heel work, turning in a controlled manner and re-call. I was a bit confused at first but then realised what I had to do. I really enjoyed it but I got a bit tired after a while and was happy to see my bed when we'd finished the training.

I went in the outside dog runs for a play, that was fun. I wanted to show off how good I was and did a perfect re-call and sit at the end. Just when I thought it could not get any better than that Auntie Laura came and took me to her home for a sleep over. I was so excited to see Taz again that all we did was play. After playing we went for a little walk on the field and then went back home to go to bed.

I found a really comfortable armchair and fell fast asleep till the morning.

Wednesday 25th April 2012

Good morning,

I wake up to this weird noise. Taz told me that it was the alarm to wake up Auntie Laura. I didn’t like it, I just wanted to go back to bed. So I went and had a cuddle with Auntie Laura. But she had to go and spoil it by getting out of bed.

Taz and I got sent out for a toilet, but I didn't like it one bit as it was throwing it down. I watched Taz and he had a toilet quickly and was allowed back in so I did the same. I was so happy to be back in the house, I even got towel dried.

Photo of Barney the dog
I don’t like the rain but it didn’t stop me from enjoying my walk. I went for a walk around the field and did some training too. I also got introduced to Abbie (a kennel friend) but she was too excited for me so I went in the dog runs for a play instead.

At the end of the day I was really hoping to go back to Auntie Laura's house again, but then I heard the kennel doors shut and I thought I would be staying in the kennel for the night. But then I heard foot steps and they were getting louder. It was Anutie Laura and she was coming to take me home again!!!

When I got to her house Taz and I went on the field for a walk. I was put on a long line so I could follow Taz everywhere. I was so happy I got a bit giddy and started to dance around, I then realised how far I could go with the long line.

Photo of Barney the dog
Back at the house we were given a chew, it was really tasty. I finished mine before Taz. When he'd finished I went to go clean up after him as he had made a right mess, think I might need to teach him some food manners!

We went to bed early today, but I didn’t mind at all because I was really tired. I went straight to my favourite armchair and fell fast asleep. Apparently I snored too (but I think Auntie Laura made that up).

Friday 27th April 2012

Photo of Barney the dog
Well I felt like a pampered pooch today.

It was Auntie Laura’s day off today, so for the first time in what I think has been a long time, I had a lie-in. Afterwards I felt so good that I was ready to go and have a fun packed day.

We had some breakfast then me, Taz and Auntie Laura went to go hang around with Auntie Sarah (one of my other good friends who also helps clean out my kennel). Taz and I ended up playing while my Aunties were chatting. Halfway though the chat I heard the dreaded word, Bath!!!   Before I could even bark I was taken upstairs and put in the bath. It wasn’t fair as Taz didn’t have a bath, why me?

I tried to see if luck was on my side and attempted jumping out the bath a couple of times, but it didn’t work, as Auntie Laura was too quick. Worth a try though :)

Afterwards I felt so stupid as my hair was "all over the place". Then she wanted to brush me, I wasn’t having none of it! All I wanted to do was dry myself on the floor. I didn’t want to admit it, but I did feel so much better after the bath....but they don’t need to know that.

After my bath and grooming I was even given dog perfume and then Auntie Laura treated me to a new collar. I felt great. I even think Taz was a bit jealous.

Photo of Barney the dog
Auntie Laura was busy doing the housework and I really wanted to help, but apparently I was getting in the way. I could not understand the hoover as one minute it was chasing me then the next minute it was running away, then when I followed it would chase me again. I just took Taz’s advice and stayed out the way till it stopped. Then I went to help Auntie Laura with the housework again. I got really excited when she picked up my lead; we are going WALKIES!!! I was put in Auntie Laura's car which I love as I know it means we will be going on a lovely long walk and it will be a surprise where we are. This time we ended up at a forest and I was put on my long line so I could wander around but still be in Auntie Laura's control (or was I controlling her?!).

After my long walk we went to go visit all my friends at Hula to show off my clean, shiny coat and everyone said that my fur was nice and soft.

After my big day of adventures I had my tea and when to bed.

Saturday 28th April 2012

Photo of Barney the dog
We had a nice "chilling out" day today.

Well I did also have the fright of my life as when I came out of Auntie Laura's room I saw a cat in the garden. I ran straight back in her room and jumped on her bed. I am not a wuss at all but I really don’t like cats. After a while I slowly poked my head round the door, looked out the window and could not see the cat anymore, whew! That was a close one.

After breakfast I had a bit of a play with my teddy and then had a cuddle with Auntie Laura in bed. It is lovely to just relax from time to time.

We then got ready to go on a walk. We went to the same place we went yesterday but this time we went a different route. It was great because there was so many different smells that I have never smelt before. I met lots of other dogs while I was on the walk too. I had a good time playing with them, running up and down. The sad bit was saying goodbye, but I still had Taz to play with. I thought it was really funny when part of the pathway was really muddy and Auntie Laura didn’t want to go through so instead we climbed down this steep hill. Taz ran straight down it but I couldn’t as I was on a long line. I could have sent Auntie Laura flying, but instead I danced around her barking to keep her moving. It was great fun when she got hold of a tree to hang off then I would try and chew it up. You could say I am paying her back for bathing me!!

Photo of Barney the dog
When we got back home I had a bit of a sleep while Auntie Laura read a book. We ended the day with some training and now I know the commands for sit, left paw, right paw, lie down and I have just learnt to play dead. I am very excited to find out what I will learn next.

I'll write again soon with more news of my life at HULA.

Barney x

ps Auntie Sarah also has some great photos of the fun time I've been having which I hope to show you soon.

Sunday 29th April 2012

Back to work!

Photo of Barney the dog
Sorry everyone for taking so long to blog, very rude of me to keep my fans waiting. After the two days chilling out it was time for Anutie Laura to go back to work. I really didn’t want to get out of bed, but as soon as my food bowl was picked to it was a race between me and Taz to get to the kitchen first!

We went for a quick walk around the field, which was freezing. Really think Anutie Laura should a least buy me a winter coat. One of my friends here at Hula called Auntie Emily came to take me to a place called Wyvale Garden Centre. I enoyed jumping into her van (never been in this one before) and when we got there I was taken into this big place with lots of people. It really scared me so much that I tried hiding behind Auntie Emily's legs. I just wanted to shut my eyes and be back in my bed. Auntie Emily felt sorry for me and took my back to Hula.

I was so releved to be back in my kennel again. All my kennel mates wanted to know where I was so I told them that I went out on a day trip but because I was so good looking they felt sorry for all the other dogs there in case the people would only look at me. You know what? They all fell for it too, it will be our little secret :)

Photo of Barney the dog
Because it is Sunday, we are open to the public. This means we are kept in our kennel while visitors come and have a look at us. It's good though as we are given a kong (a toy filled with treats) and it's the only time we get one, so we all start to like it when it's opening time.

After Auntie Laura had finished work we both headed off home for the night. I was glad to see Taz again and told him what I had been up to on my busy day and all he had to say was he was sleeping for most of it!

After a good hearty meal we all headed to bed and I soon fell fast asleep.

Night night everyone,

Barney x

Monday 30th April 2012

At the end of another month and I’m still here at Hula.

Photo of Barney the dog
While I was headed to Hula in the morning I looked up at Anutie Laura and I just thought to myself, I wonder what my new owner would be like?

I had heard that a friend called Auntie Bridget was coming to Hula today. She takes photos of all my friends here to help us look our best so people will full in love with us by just looking at our photos. So Auntie Laura and Auntie Karina decided to cheer me up by taking some extra photos of me to help me find my new owner. I was also allowed to take some photos with my best buddy Taz. It was good because I had Taz with me so that I wasn't so camera shy and tried looking my best. It was great fun, as I could play with my toy, have photos taken of me and hang around with my friend too.

After getting completely muddy they called it a rap and took us to be towel dried. I said goodbye to Taz and headed back to my kennel. However it wasn’t long before I was taken back to Anutie Laura's house to spend the dinner break with her. I was given a chew to eat while she had her dinner, it was yummy.

Then me and Taz had a good sniff around in the back garden and dinner break was over. I was put back in my kennel so I could have a good sleep. When I woke up it was home time so we went and picked up Taz then headed to the field for a play.

See you soon,

Barney x

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May 2012

Photo of Barney the dog

Wow exciting times, so sorry I haven't been able to "paw" anything for my blog for a week or so. Life has been really really busy with all my HULA friends especially of course spending time with my Auntie Laura and best buddy Taz. And have you heard? I have a new family! I've been so busy meeting them and trying to be on my best behaviour so that they will like me.

Sunday 13th May

Today was very exciting. I knew that something was different because Auntie Laura was so busy with her HULA friends. There was something going on with lots of people arriving. Auntie Laura took me for a walk on the field but it was really different today. Usually there are just one or two people and a few of my other kennel friends but today there were LOTS of people and dogs of all different shapes and sizes. Apparently it's something called a fete where they raise lots of money which goes towards keeping us all happy with yummy food and warm beds.

Quite a few people recognised me from reading my blog and it was really nice to meet them all.

Wednesday 16th May

Photo of Barney the dog

Well today is a really big day for me. I'm a little bit nervous but happy and excited all at the same time because today is the day I'm going to go live with my new amazing forever family.

I want to say a big woof of thanks to all my blog fans, my volunteer walkers and the wonderful HULA staff who have looked after me SO well.

Most of all I want to say thank you to my very own Auntie Laura for giving up so much of her own time to teach me and play with me and even letting me jump on her bed now and again (sorry!). Being able to stay with you and little Taz (and Sarah and Gareth) made my time at HULA even more special. After all having a home with people to give you cuddles and attention is what we all really want and dream of.

Licks & love to everyone,

Barney xxx

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Barney's Happy Ending Update

Photo of Barney the dog
Well, what a month I’ve had! I really love to jump into peoples cars at any opportunity, so I didn’t worry about getting into Kate’s car when she came to HULA that day in May. Little did I know I was going to my new forever home (Laura had told me but I didn’t believe her).

As soon as I had looked around I went for a run around with Millie and Bessie. It was lots of fun and I love chasing balls and Frisbees, its my favourite thing!

Millie has made it clear that she is top dog around here , but I don’t mind at all, I think she quite likes me!

Photo of Barney the dog
My new mum and dad like me too apparently! They make lots of fuss of me , I was a bit shy at first, but I trust them now so I love nothing more than to jump on them and stick my nose in any available ear! If they don’t pay enough attention to me I just stand and bark at them, that usually works!

Mum and dad have been trying hard to carry on where HULA left off with my training, especially with the car chasing thing (you might have heard about that). The thing is I just love cars, I can’t help it, but I am learning to control myself better, and I always come back when I am called.

Photo of Barney the dog
There are some small people living here, apparently they are called children, but they’ve got some other names too. They are FUN!!! Especially the boy, he plays chase with me, but he usually gets exhausted and gives up.

When I first got here I thought the chickens were for chasing too! Ooops. Anyway I am over that now and just ignore them now, but they don’t trust me yet, never mind they will sooner or later.

Photo of Barney the dog

Sometimes I go to the office with dad, I don’t do much work there, just snooze mainly, but I love the company, everyone fusses me. We live near some fields which I love cos I can hide in the crops, and mum and dad can’t see me LOL! There is so much more I could say, but I am a little busy having fun.

I can’t end my latest blog without thanking everyone at HULA for looking after me and helping me so much, for such a long time. I do miss you, especially Laura who was so devoted to me. I will be keeping in touch and maybe blogging more as well.

Lots of Love,

Barney xx

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