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(formerly Kaiser!)

Autumn 2012

Hello everybody, its Oscar Boy here again.

On 5th November I celebrated a second anniversary in my new home and I have to say I am having a great time. I love my mom to bits and hate to let her out of my sight even for a second. I still go to school every week. My manners are improving all the time and I am a lot more relaxed around people I have never met before. I went to agility again in the summer and learned flyball which I love, and I also went on another charity walk. This time I persuaded the humans to walk a bit further and we took cousin Charlie with us. He got very tired as he has only got very short legs.

Photo of Oscar the dog
I still go for lots of walks with my mom. We always take a ball on a rope with us for her to throw, and I run and run until I am exhausted. We keep losing our balls though. There is a pond near our house, and when I get hot I just wander into it to cool off. I have to drop the ball to have a drink and splash the muddy water over myself but sometimes I can’t find my ball again and my mom just won’t come into the water to help me look for it even when she has her wellingtons on. We also had to leave my ball once when we were chased out of a field by a young horse. I wasn’t afraid and wanted to run back and fetch it but my mom wouldn’t let me in case the horse kicked me.

I go to HULA sometimes to see my best friend Karina and get so excited when I see her again. I have made a lot of new friends amongst the new staff, and a couple of months ago I went to the presentation of a cheque from ‘Pets at Home’. I am so pleased that all the new residents will have lovely new runs to play in. I am so the proud to be a HULA dog!

One thing I must tell you, I have become a bit of a canine celebrity! My photo now appears on the ‘Pets at Home’ charity leaflet, and I am ‘Mr April’ in the new HULA calendar. I have even gone transatlantic and appeared on the front cover of a large circulation US dog magazine. My mom is being very careful to ensure I don’t get too big headed and makes sure I keep my feet on the ground at all times.

Photo of Oscar the dog
Talking of keeping my feet on the ground, I still steal things when I think I can get away with it. I went to stay with my auntie a couple of months ago and she left her tea on the kitchen counter when she went to answer the door. There was this large piece of cheese sitting in the centre of the plate. – I mean what’s a dog to do in the face of such temptation? So I helped myself. I almost got away with it. She took her plate and went back to the dining table and then all of a sudden I heard Oscaaaaarr! My mom occasionally leaves the kitchen bin on the floor when she goes out and I just love to get the contents out on the floor and see what’s to eat. I can’t understand why she gets so angry when she comes home though, but I stay out of her way until she forgives me.

Well I think that is all my news for now. I am looking forward to Christmas when my cousins Charlie and Jed come to stay and we have special treats and get to go for a walk with my best friend Karina and her new friend Saemus.

Lots of love to you all.
Oscar (Mr ‘O’)

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Summer 2011

Hello Everyone,

Photo of Oscar the dog
There has been so much going on since I last wrote I don’t know where to start. You may see from my latest photos that I am a new slender Oscar. Anne has been feeding me Burns dog food and I love it. I now have a slim waist and my coat is like silk. I’m also so much calmer these days. My best friend Jed, who had a little bit of middle aged spread, was a bit jealous of my figure so he too has eaten Burns and now he has a lovely waist as well. I would love you to see a photo of the two of us but Jed is very camera shy...unlike me!

I have to report that I have been naughty again. Since I last wrote I have stolen and eaten a whole tub of Flora, a piece of raw fish, a very hot fishcake just out of the oven and a whole bag of yoghurt powder, which I got all over my paws and the kitchen floor. I got into a lot of trouble! I am trying to be good but what can a dog do when temptation is there and there’s no one around? I am so quick I only have to be left alone a few seconds and I seize my moment and whoof down the food as fast as I can.

Photo of Oscar the dog

I’m still going to my training classes and doing very well. Sometimes my very special friend Karina takes me when Anne can’t make it and I show her the ropes so she knows what to do. As you can see from the photo I also do an agility class. I love it and I did quite well for a beginner. Anne was a bit slow some times which held me up!

On the last day of agility classes Karina came to see how I was doing. I was so excited to see her that I ran the entire length of the field to say hello, with Anne chasing after me. Yes you guessed it I was in trouble again!
Photo of Oscar the dog

In May I did a 10 mile charity walk for Myton Hospice in Leamington Spa. I walked with lots of people and other dogs and I wasn’t worried by them at all. I had a job to do and I got on with it. I forgot to get my doggy sponsor form, but I will be after you all for sponsorship next year.

In June I had a holiday and stayed with Karina for a week while Anne went to Scotland. We had a lovely time. I was invited to all sorts of lovely places and I was able to catch up with all my old HULA friends. I love that I still get to see all the people who took care of me for so long.

I love the summer because it means lots & lots of extra long walks and ball chasing in the field. I am a very lucky boy indeed.

I will be at the Hula End of Summer Fete on 18th September so look out for me and do say hello.

Lots of love,

Oscar x

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Spring 2011

Hello Everyone.

As we’re well into the New Year I thought it was time I let you know what I’ve been up to.

Photo of Oscar the dog
You remember in my last message I said I had stolen my friend Jed’s Bonios? Well I’m sorry to say I have done it again but this time I stole some much nicer treats. Not only that I have also stolen two salmon fillets and some cheese biscuits Anne had spent all morning baking. She was not very happy with me and I think my thieving days are coming to an end!

I am learning loads at my new school and my manners are much improved when I go for walks. I don’t pull so much when I see other dogs and I can now be let off my lead in a quiet field to play with my ball which I really enjoy chasing. I am also learning to make friends when people visit as long as they give me a little piece of sausage.

Photo of Oscar the dog
I’ve been back to Hula a couple of times for a visit and it’s great to see all my old friends. I get very excited as soon as we turn into the drive. I’m also going on holiday for a week in June with Karina while Anne goes away. We are going to Hunstanton and I am very excited because I get to go to the seaside and to spend time with my special friend.

I hope you like my latest photos. I am going for lots of walks and they are both taken after I have got back. In one I am exhausted and fast asleep and in the other I am having my feet cleaned because they get very muddy in the fields after all the rain.

Will write again soon.

Lots of love, Oscar xx

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My New Life!

Hello everybody. Sorry I haven’t written for a while but since November I’ve been very busy settling into my new home. Although I miss all my friends at HULA, and especially Karina who has been so kind to me, I love my new life with Anne. We go for a long walk every day and sometimes I go shopping and wait in the car while Anne gets my food. I even have a new name, OSCAR, which I like very much. Sometimes I am called Mr O, and that makes me feel very important.

Photo of Oscar the dog
It has been hard work learning a new routine after all my days at HULA and I am very glad I have my new friend Jed to show me the ropes. He lives with us Monday to Friday while his Mommy is at work and we are very good friends. Jed says I have helped him be more confident when he goes out. Sometimes Charlie comes to stay as well and we all play in Anne’s big garden. I love it when they chase me round and round. I have to keep my wits about me though, dodging and weaving so they can’t catch me.

I still have lots to learn. Anne says I am a bit of a character. I think she means I’m mischievous! Like when I ran upstairs from the garden and left big muddy footprints all over her bedroom carpet, or when I stole the cheese so she couldn’t put it on her soufflés on Christmas Eve, or when I stole all of Jed’s Bonios and only left him the bag. Sometimes Anne says ‘O s c a a a r’ very quietly and slowly and then I know I’m in big trouble so I quickly go on my bed and look very angelic and she soon forgives me.

In the New Year Anne is taking me back to school so I can brush up on a few manners when I’m out for a walk and see other dogs. Also, very exciting, I’m going back to agility hurraaaaaaaaaay!

Well must go now as it’s turkey for lunch! Will write again soon.

Lots of love Oscar xx

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Time to say goodbye!

Well is Kaiser boy here – Im sorry of been a bit quiet recently. It’s just that so much has been happening.

After my success in the silver I have been having some well deserved fun, honing my agility skills and also going for lots of lovely country walks mainly in my all time favourite place – Stockgrove Country Park.

Photo of Kaiser the dog
I have also been going home to stay with Karina at weekends and enjoy relaxing with her with my paws up on a Saturday night.

However, this will be my last blog to you all as I am very pleased to say that I am leaving HULA on Friday November 5th. I am going to live with a very lovely lady called Anne – we have spent a lot of time getting to know one another and going for walks with Karina.

I have even been to visit my new home and it's absolutely lovely more than I could ever of dreamed off. I have met Anne’s sister and her dog Jed and we get on so well together – I am terribly excited about the life that lies ahead for me. Anne has taken so much time and patience and really made such a wonderful effort to understand me – so it will be lovely to jump into the back of her car on Friday and go home !!!

My friends at HULA are all coming along to say good bye and we will have some cakes in reception so I can say a fond farewell.

Most of you know my story having arrived at HULA in April 2007 - I have had an eventful time during my stay. When I look back I was a bit of handful but I have changed so much. I put this down to training and socialising and the fact the Hula never gave up on me.

When I first arrived at HULA I was scared of everything and had simply landed in Milton Keynes after being a stray pup on the streets of South Wales. Somehow after straying I ended up in the dog pound and was due to be put to sleep when HOPE rescue stepped in and secured me a place at HULA.

My blog is usually about me and what I have been up to but if you don’t mind I would like to use this final blog to say good bye and thank you to some special people.

Angela Wilkins – for letting me join her training school when I was at my worse and for helping Karina to work with my issues and catapult me to Kennel Club Silver & Bronze. Its was brave of Angela to let a rather unruly rescue dog into her class and incredibly kind.

Hope Rescue & their wonderful volunteers – for saving me and many other dogs like me and then transporting me all the way from South Wales to Milton Keynes so that I did not end up as another nameless statistic put to sleep in the dog pound.

HULA – for offering me a space and then not writing me off and for persevering with me.

The staff at HULA, Steve, Debbie, Caroline, Jenny, Alina & Linda – for looking after me, feeding me and taking care of me during my 940 days at HULA.

The Volunteers at HULA – for spending time getting to know me and taking me for wonderful walks.

All the members of the public, visitor & supporters of HULA that have asked about me and checked on my progress.

Three counties radio for coming along to see me and featuring me on their shows.

I hope to keep in touch with all at HULA and will ask them to let you all know how I am getting along.

So I wish you all a fond farewell and thank all of you that have taken the trouble to read my blog.

All for now,

love Kaiser boy xxxxx

A message from Karina

Photo of Karina and Kaiser the dog
On behalf of HULA I would like to say a little personal thank you to Kaiser or Kais or the handsome lad - he has so many nicknames it's untrue…

I've had many ups and downs with Kaiser and he has been a huge and irreplaceable part of my life for nearly four years. I have been quite single minded in my belief and thoughts about Kaiser but only out of my care for this wonderful boy. If I upset anyone along the way it wasn't intentional.

He had a rough start in life and missed out on the terribly important things like socialisation and basic training. At HULA Kaiser and I had the opportunity to embark on a journey together and with the help of others to reverse this and help to make him into the wonderful and amusing dog he is today. He may well always very nervous of new people, but in Anne his new owner he has found a wonderful lady who is so very understanding of him. I wish them both well and I know they have a lovely life ahead of them.

Thanks to Kaiser boy for some wonderful memories & tears of laughter. Thanks also for your wonderful zest for life and the joy, fun, companionship & love you brought into to my life.

Will miss ya big lad and I would not swap all the money in the world for the wonderful times with you and the privilege of knowing you.

Karina xxxxx

Messages from two special friends

Well Kaiser boy you are off to pastures new, how wonderful. I must admit there were times (when you were at your worst) that I didn't think this day would come.

I will miss our cuddles and sloppy kisses and Macy will miss not having you around to boss about, she did send you one of her boneos the other day but you weren't terrible impressed as it wasn't a sausage.

We will miss you but have a wonderful life.

love Chris, Macy and Rocky

Hearing of Kaiser's new home has brought on many different emotions and however much it is indeed as fabulous as anything and makes me as happy as anything to know he has a home. I can't help but feel sad.

Kaiser is SUCH a special, unique dog, he's like no other I will or have ever met. Yes he may have had his issues but underneath it all lays pretty much the best dog you'd wish to meet. He LOVES life, he loves you, he loves walks, he loves cuddles, he loves sleeping, he loves dogs...He's just such an utterly happy boy and brings on such a big smile to your face - it will definitley be sad to not see his face in the kennels anymore.

But I just know that it now means Ann is gaining a fabulous dog that will love her for life and let her know it too. HULA won't be the same without Kaiser but I'd like to think he'd never forget this part of his life or the people and dogs he's met along the way - he's a very wise dog; so I doubt he will forget. I know he is so very appreciative of the time, attention and love that HULA have given him - but moreover what Karina's given him - I really don't think he'd have been able to come this far without their love for each other let alone all the time, attention, trust and training that's gone in at the same time from her.

I really do wish him all the best in his life and sincerely hope he comes back for visits and doesn't forget any of us because I really don't think anyone who has ever met him will be able to forget him.

Love you Kaiser Kai and I wish you all the best you handsome boy.


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20 JUNE 2010

Hi, my name is Amber and I'm one of Kaiser's new freinds from his classes.

I just wanted to say that Kaiser is such a fabulous dog and working with him is such a pleasure and I love it!!!

Photo of Kaiser the dog with Amber
I first met Kaiser at agility training where we quickly became friends and now we get on like a house on fire, I started running Kaiser at agility straight away which was really fun and I think everyone was shocked about how well he worked with me especially because I'm only 14 and he can sometimes can take longer to get used to children and teenagers and now I run him every week.

I was so happy to see that he passed Kennel Club Silver Good Citizenship Award and he would have never accomplished it if he hadn’t had the time and effort spent working with him. Well there is not much more I can say really apart from who ever gets to take this wonderful boy home will have a friend for life.

He’s a special boy and deserves a loving home were people can spend time working with him and carry on the training.

Love Amber xxxx

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JUNE 2010

Hello everyone!

Lots to tell you all and I’m not to sure where to start.

Anyway here goes.. I am so very proud and pleased to tell you all that I passed my Kennel Club SILVER Good Citizen Award on Sunday.

Photo of Kaiser the dog
It was a really early start as my exam was at 9am. Karina came up and gave me a light breakfast and we met Jenny & my new mate Monty the German Shepherd. We had a lovely play in the runs together for about an hour, so I arrived at the paddock lively, relaxed and in a very positive mood … until Karina told me it was exam day and gave me a little pep talk outside.

We started the exam and we ran through the following exercises :-
  • Exercise 1 - Play with the Dog
  • Exercise 2 - Road Walk
  • Exercise 3 - Rejoin handler
  • Exercise 4 - Stay in One Place for Two Minutes
  • Exercise 5 - Vehicle Control
  • Exercise 6 - Come away from Distractions
  • Exercise 8 - Food Manners
  • Exercise 9 - Examination of the Dog
  • Exercise 10 - Responsibility and Care
I completed each one and in between exercises I laid with Karina in the Sun. It was a really hot day so I had a paddle in the swimming pool as well to keep myself nice and cool and focussed on the exam.

Photo of Kaiser the dog
At the end the examiner said that I had passed, he also mentioned what lovely condition I was in and how well I did. I was presented with my certificate and as you might notice from my photograph I was absolutely exhausted but also very proud ! I think my friend Karina had a little tear in her eye so I gave her a quick kiss. I have a lovely certificate on my wall in my new room.

Its only right that I should say a huge Kaiser boy thank you to some very special people, who have helped me in my journey from an unruly lad from South Wales to a HULA Silver Good Citizen
  • Angela Wilkins from Dog In Training who gave me a wonderful opportunity to join her classes and has never ever given up on me
  • All my classmates and their owners – we work together so well and were all rooting for one another during the exam
  • Steve, Debbie, Caroline, Jenny & Alina who all work at HULA and look after me so brilliantly
  • Our HULA volunteers who take me out on walks and have taken the time to be introduced to me and get to know me
  • HULA Animal Rescue for being a very unique and wonderful charity and giving me this chance to be trained and helped and not to of become another nameless statistic put to sleep in the stray dog pound

I know that I am a very lucky lad. I will update you all again soon as I have now joined an agility class and made even more new friends

All for now, thank you for reading my page.

Kaiser Boy

p.s. even more fame! I'm now featured on the Kennel Club website.
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Hello everyone!

Its Kaiser boy here - my thanks to Leanne and Katrina for the lovely pieces they wrote about me (see archive). It's lovely to have such good friends and people around me.

As usual HULA have been keeping me busy !!!

A weekend by the sea

Photo of Kaiser the dog

After my success in the bronze exam – my friend Karina and I went away for a weekend by the seaside. We headed East for Hunstanton and we spent a lovely weekend by the seaside discovering the Norfolk Beaches. I had not been to the seaside before and it was wonderful – I had a paddle in the sea and the best thing was rolling around in the sand. Karina and I went for lovely walks along the coast and my favourite bit was when we climbed to the top of a sand dune and I laid out in the sun watching the world go by with the sound of the sea in my ear...bliss.

Photo of Kaiser the dog
We stayed in a bed and breakfast and I have to say the landlady made us so welcome – we had a lovely room and I made myself at home. We had a fish and chip supper by the seafront and when I returned to the room I fell asleep. Karina awoke me the next morning for a 6am stroll by the sea – I had my long lead on so I could run around and paddle to my heart's content! Next came the highlight of a cooked breakfast provided by our wonderful landlady. Karina explained to her that I can be a bit of a nervous boy but we got along very well and I’m sure I heard her say to Karina that I was the best behaved dog she had ever had to stay there and we were more than welcome to come here’s hoping!

I know that Karina wants me to say a big Kaiser thank you to Steve the Sanctuary Manager for allowing us to go at such short notice – we both really appreciated it.

Photo of Kaiser the dog
h3>New friends My circle of friends is always widening and I would like to say a special thank you to some of my new friends. As you all know it takes some careful introduction and time for me to trust strangers but some very special people have taken the time out to do this:-

Paulune, Emily, Heather, Jenny, Pam & Dave Twyford, & Jo

Because of their patience I now have new friends and this help me no end. Also I get more walks and people willing to throw those tennis balls.

Of course I don’t want to leave out my existing friends and all the staff at HULA that look after me so wonderfully well.

Photo of Kaiser the dog

Training classes

I have been working really hard and practising for my silver good citizen award. Angela my trainer says I am doing rather well but of course there are some things I find hard.

There are some very special people and dogs who train along side me and have made Karina and I so welcome in class – we all work together as a team and it’s just wonderful.

Class is hard work but as many of your know the off lead play with all the other dogs at the end is my highlight.

So that I can ensure I get to take part in this I work hard in class. I can be recalled away from distraction, I walk beautifully past other dogs and people, I can do a two minute wait and stay and lots of other things. Sometimes I get to polish my agility technique if the equipment is out. In fact my trainer has asked me to join the agility club – I was very proud to be asked considering when I first turned up to class I was not allowed in as I was a bit of a noisy and untamed lad. That’s all in the past as they say.

Any a big Kaiser thank you goes to Rosie, Ruben, Loki, Bramble, Wilf & Bonnie – I don’t think anyone thought I would be off lead playing with lots of other dogs but it just goes to show… training works !

Photo of Kaiser the dog

All change at HULA

As you know I have been at HULA for quite a while (I arrived in April 2007). I have improved immensely but I do still fear some things and we all understand that I do need a very special home.

I have two friends at HULA much like me – Karl & Luke. We are special guys and HULA have worked so hard to make us happy and take such wonderful care of us. Kennel life can be tough; new dogs are arriving and others go off to their new homes. Sometimes the noise level can be high and whilst kennels may be appropriate for the short term they are not the ideal solution for long term guys like my self Luke & Karl.

HULA have recognised this and we have been rebranded – we are now SPECIAL DOGs (I rather like that term!!).

Photo of Kaiser the dog
We now have our own rooms and we are not on view to the public at weekends. My new room is just great! I have a comfy sofa with a fleecy throw and I have a radio where I alternate between Radio4, Classic FM & Radio 2 (no, I haven't learned to change it myself - Karina does that for me!). I have a window that overlooks the recreation yard and I have visitors who can come and chill out with me.

Everyone has noticed a difference in me and I’m just so happy and content. Karina comes up when we are open to the public and walks me around so anyone who is interested in me can see me but most importantly they can talk to the HULA staff about their own circumstances and experience, one day there may be someone willing to put in a lot of time and effort to get to know me.

I now have a CV which gives lots of information about me and the three of us are featured in HULA reception which leads me on to my next news...

Photo of Kaiser the dog

In the media

As some of you will remember I am no stranger to the media. Debbie kindly did a media interview with me some time ago and recently the local newspaper, the Milton Keynes Citizen, took an interest in me and I am pleased to say that my handsome face was on the front page and there was an interesting article about me on page 29.

Photo of Kaiser the dog
As you can see I have been a busy lad, my friend Karina enjoys my company so much so that she lets me come home with her at weekends sometimes. We have a lovely time together and I am rather fond of her sofa and television. We go for lots of lovely walks together and also visit her Mum and friends which all helps with my socialisation and continued improvement.

So I have a lovely life due to the perseverance and care of HULA Animal Rescue.

All for now luv,

Kaiser xxx

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