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How you can help

HULA Membership

Membership of our Charity is available for individuals and families alike. Membership is the backbone of most small Charities such as ourselves. Our annual Membership prices are as follows.


Make an on-line donation - safe and securely

Making your donation on-line is a very efficient way to support HULA as it saves us time and money.
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Sponsor a Resident Animal or Sponsor a Bed

You can sponsor one of our resident animals from as little as £4 per month.

More information

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Appeal - Securing our Future

Please help by setting up a regular standing order or making a donation today. As little as £2 per month can really make a difference and help keep HULA open.

Standing Order Donation Form

Other ways to help

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Time to clear out your cupboards!

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Sell your unwanted items on eBay and donate the money to HULA or drop them into the Shop so we can sell them for you

HELP HULA WHILST YOU SHOP! is the link to follow, just register with the website and choose HULA as the charity you would like to benefit. It is completely free of charge to register and all your online shopping is done in the same way as usual.

Make sure whenever you shop online, you check out the links on first, if you buy through one of these links – the company concerned will make a donation to HULA of anything up to 15% of the cost of the item you buy – at no extra cost to you!

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Why not hold your own sponsored event?

Are you considering taking up a challenge in the near future?    Perhaps sky-diving or a marathon...or if that's a bit too scary then something more sedate.

HULA have now teamed up with Justgiving, so whatever the challenge, if you are thinking about a sponsored event why not create your own on-line Justgiving sponsorship page and raise much needed funds for the HULA animals.

You can also make a once off donation securely and safely using the Justgiving website. Simply click on the logo below.
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HEALTH ISSUES ? (For people and animals!)

. Arthritis or joint problems ?
. IBS or any other stomach complaints ?
. Eczema or other skin problems ?
. Need a boost to your immune system ?
. Aloe vera has been shown to help with all of the above conditions, and lots more !
. Party plans, displays, presentations and talks also available.
We can also provide FREE sample boxes of products, including our new luxury skin care range!
Full 60 day money back guarantee, all profits will be donated to HULA !
Please contact Garry or Sue on 01908 236567 or go to - Health Defence Website

Everyone’s a Winner with the Weather Lottery

We are always very grateful for help with the cost of running our charity so we are delighted to introduce a great way to raise funds for HULA Animal Rescue which gives you the chance to have some fun and win cash prizes as well. The Weather Lottery gives you much better odds of winning than other lotteries but, more importantly, gives you the power to decide which cause you wish to support.
The lottery games are based on the Fahrenheit temperatures recorded in six locations as published in the Daily Telegraph. The winning numbers are also published online at so you can check daily to see if you have won. But you don’t need to – every player’s numbers are scanned daily and winners are notified automatically.

Where else can you have all the fun of a flutter with the chance of winning up to £200,000, without the worry of where you’ve put your ticket, or checking your numbers or, even worse, wondering just where the proceeds are going? And how else can HULA get a no risk, no administration source of regular income? More than 1000 societies nationwide are already benefiting from this unique fundraising initiative.
Thank you and good luck!


Financial Donations and Legacies ensure the continued running of HULA. Every penny donated is another penny that we can put towards the care of our animals. A legacy is the most final and thoughtful of good deeds.

Making a Will gives you the reassurance of knowing where your property will go, who will benefit from your legacy, and what arrangements will be made after your death. It allows you to provide for your loved ones, and also means that if you want to leave some money for a special purpose – such as helping HULA – you can do so with ease.

If you do choose to remember us in your Will, please write a letter explaining to your family and relatives why you left a legacy to HULA. You can then be sure they will understand your wishes. You may like to store this letter with your Will. Also, please let us know if you have included us in your Will as knowing about your support will help us to plan for the future.

All monies left to charity are tax-free.

Please see our Legacy page for if you need any assistance.


Perhaps as your first purchase through Amazon and you might like to consider a new book, Jake - Adventures of a Greyhound, the proceeds of which are being shared between HULA and Greyhound Rescue, West of England. Alternatively you can also order this fantastic book by sending a cheque made payable to J. Goldsmith for £6.98 to include post and packing to:-

9 Adams Close
Beds. MK45 2UB


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