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How you can help

Make an on-line donation - safe and securely

Making your donation on-line is a very efficient way to support HULA as it saves us time and money.
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A huge thank you to everyone who has kindly bought something for our dogs, cats and rabbits from our Amazon Wish List.

It is a great way to treat one of our animals to a special gift. The list allows us to tailor what we need at any given time.

If you do make an order please send your contact details along with it as a note so that we can be sure to thank you. We love reading the personal messages people have been adding to their orders.

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Donate by mobile

If you would like to make a donation to HULA you can now do this via your mobile phone. The donation amount will be charged to your phone bill as usual or deducted from your pay as you go credit.

Other ways to help

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HELP HULA WHILST YOU SHOP! is the link to follow, just register with the website and choose HULA as the charity you would like to benefit. It is completely free of charge to register and all your online shopping is done in the same way as usual.

Make sure whenever you shop online, you check out the links on first, if you buy through one of these links – the company concerned will make a donation to HULA of anything up to 15% of the cost of the item you buy – at no extra cost to you!

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Why not hold your own sponsored event?

Are you considering taking up a challenge in the near future?    Perhaps sky-diving or a marathon...or if that's a bit too scary then something more sedate.

HULA have now teamed up with Justgiving, so whatever the challenge, if you are thinking about a sponsored event why not create your own on-line Justgiving sponsorship page and raise much needed funds for the HULA animals.

You can also make a once off donation securely and safely using the Justgiving website. Simply click on the logo below.
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Financial Donations and Legacies ensure the continued running of HULA. Every penny donated is another penny that we can put towards the care of our animals. A legacy is the most final and thoughtful of good deeds.

Making a Will gives you the reassurance of knowing where your property will go, who will benefit from your legacy, and what arrangements will be made after your death. It allows you to provide for your loved ones, and also means that if you want to leave some money for a special purpose – such as helping HULA – you can do so with ease.

If you do choose to remember us in your Will, please write a letter explaining to your family and relatives why you left a legacy to HULA. You can then be sure they will understand your wishes. You may like to store this letter with your Will. Also, please let us know if you have included us in your Will as knowing about your support will help us to plan for the future.

All monies left to charity are tax-free.


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