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Photo of Kaiser the dog
  Debbie & Karina from HULA decided to take Kaiser along to Dogs in Training’s Junior Obedience Class at Browns Wood. Kaiser started his course on Saturday 26th January

My Training Diary - by Kaiser

Week one : Saturday January 26th 2008

Wow what a day, Debbie & Karina collected me from my kennel at 9am and took me for a lovely walk before we drove to my class. I really like the car and enjoy looking out of the window as I am quite nosey !

When we arrived at the class there were lots of other dogs and their owners and to be honest I was not sure what to do. I started to bark but the trainers soon gave me lots of things to think about so I started to forget about the other dogs quite quickly ! Angela from dogs in training did not put to much pressure on me as it was my first ever training class. So she gave Debbie and Karina some lessons on how to teach me to walk without pulling, every time I pulled they kept changing direction – which was a bit annoying as there was so much I wanted to see. Still I soon got the message & I have to remember if I pull they will change direction and I wont get to go where I want to !

Chris from Dogs in Training also spent a lot of time with me teaching me how to walk and feel comfortable around new people. I was exhausted at the end of the class but I met some of the other dogs owners – they all agreed that I was a very handsome boy.
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Week two : Saturday 2nd February 2008

Photo of Kaiser the dog "Watching the competition!"

We had an early start as Angela my trainer had asked me to report for class early so that she could spend some time with me (I think she likes me!) - she even let me run off lead around her paddock I was really good and kept a close eye on Debbie and Karina and even came back when they called me (well they did have chicken!).

At the end of my first class I was fitted with a new head collar this really helps me to walk nicely and not pull so we practised walking & getting me used to it. I also practised the leave command which is really hard but I did really well. I ignored the other dogs in the group and met more new people. I also tested the agility tunnel which was great and my reward for being such a great student ! I saw some horses & they didn’t faze me and as I was training lots of trains went past – but I didn’t let anything distract me from learning.

I'm really looking forward to week three when I get to train along side the other dogs !

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Week three : Saturday February 9th 2008

Photo of Kaiser the dog
"I'm getting good at this sit command"

What a great morning – the sun was shining when Debbie and Karina collected me from my kennel. I was really excited about class but I soon settled down once we were in the car and on our way. We arrived just before 10am and some of my classmates were already there. Angela & Chris said good morning and I reported for duty. I had a look at my classmates and decided that they looked a nice lot so there was no barking and woofing from me ! Debbie & Karina continued with my lead work I am starting to really enjoy walking to heel, We also practised my recall which I did really well at (they had ham this week to tempt me). I also walked round the other dogs and ignored them – over the past few weeks I have learnt that its good to be calm and take things in my stride - life is so much more fun!

We also practised walking through doors – I'm usually always in such a rush that I can be a bit boisterous sometimes - I don’t mean any harm its just I'm a nosey boy & nobody has helped me with my manners until now. Karina & Debbie think I am becoming a real gentleman lately !

As I was such a good boy I was allowed to play in the agility arena I really impressed everyone with my agility prowess - its just such fun… I also had a paddle & drink in the swimming pool – I love water. Karina took me to a country park once and I loved sitting by the lake there. At the end of class I said goodbye to my classmates and bid the horses farewell to, I returned to my kennel a happy, relaxed and tired boy !

I'm counting down the days to my next class, I think I will be learning to leave things and polishing my recall.. Not easy when Debbie & Karina tempt me with Chicken & Ham ……. But I'm determined to do well and not let anyone down.

I'm hoping that now I have learnt all these new things that there might be lots of lovely walks and trips in store for me….. You never know !!

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Photo of Kaiser the dog "Relaxing after class!!"


March 2008

I am going to resume my training lessons in a couple of weeks but in the meantime Chris from Dogs in Training has been popping up to HULA to see me. She has even taken me and Karina out for a walk with her dog Macey.

Macey is great I simply follow her lead although; as I am so nosey sometimes she has to wait for me to catch up. We went to a local park & saw lots of sheep I was curious to know more about them they looked nice and warm in their woolly jackets.

I have also been to the local woods its really great up there, I get to really explore and meet lots of other dogs. I also regularly meet the horses but sometimes hide behind Karina as they make such a noise as they thunder along.

Chris and I have become really great friends she always bring me fresh chicken and has recently treated me to some new toys. We also recently went to the training paddock and I had the opportunity to play with a huge red football this was great and Chris and Karina kicked it for me. I had such a great time and feel a career in football in beckoning!! I returned to my kennel absolutely exhausted!
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w/c 1st April 2008

I have been given new duties! Karina and I now look after the car park when HULA is open on Saturday and Sunday, by this I mean that instead of staying in my kennels I get to stay out and say hello to the visitors that arrive at HULA. Chris has also come up to HULA and helped me meet and greet the visitors - its great as she always has fresh chicken and she and I have become such good friends.

Photo of Kaiser the dog "Patrolling the car park..."

Although we are taking things slowly at the moment as I have been in kennels for over a year now and some new situations scare me. I have met some lovely people who have sat and chatted to Karina and really helped to make me feel much more confident. So that it is not to overwhelming for me I go into the runs every now and again to run around off lead and of course practice my agility skills!!

I had a great Saturday night; I got to spend the night with Peter in the HULA caravan. Peter and I sat and watched television and I nodded off by his side and he took me for a lovely walk in the morning. Peter said I was the perfect companion and didn’t put a paw wrong.
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Thursday 10th April 2008

Today was the anniversary of my arrival at HULA!

I was actually a very busy boy today… Anglia news came along to film me and my friend Debbie; I met a very nice reporter and have been featured on the breakfast and afternoon bulletins. Fame at last!

Kaiser on itvlocal.com

Debbie let that audience know what a lovely guy I am and I am hoping that my potential new owners may have been watching you never know!!! Debbie let the reporter know that it would be ideal if I could find owners who would be keen to continue with my training regime. I don’t mind that at all as life is so much more fun now I am beginning to understand how to behave and handle things.
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Saturday 12th April 2008

Another busy day… when will I ever get a lie in!

Karina picked me up and I went so a lovely country park where we have been before it’s about a twenty minute car drive and it was great gazing out of the window and listening to the radio. When we got there we had a great walk around the lake and then we climbed up into the hills and walked through the trees. There were lots of other dogs around and I just ignored them and enjoyed the views. As an extra special treat we stopped at the café and Karina brought me a sausage sandwich it was lovely (I hope we go back soon!).

In the afternoon I stayed out and said hello to the HULA visitors and sat in my favourite spot the bench just outside reception. If I sit here I can see everything that is going on at HULA.

Photo of Kaiser the dog "My favourite spot..."
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Sunday 13h April 2008

It was an Open Day at the Sanctuary today… in the morning I played in the runs with Karina we did agility and played catch with my favourite tennis ball. I am getting really good at fetching the ball and dropping it – so that it can then be thrown for me again (you have got to keep these volunteer dog walkers busy). When we do this I get to really run around and stretch my muscles; all the girls say I am a bit of a show off but who can blame me I am a very handsome lad.. Don’t you think?

Afterwards as the sun was out Karina & I so went for a stroll around the HULA fields.

Photo of Kaiser the dog
At Lunchtime a reporter from our local newspaper came along to take picture of me. Debbie very kindly introduced me to him and there will be a story about me in this week’s paper... I shall have to make sure I get a copy and just hope that someone reading will think about coming along to visit me or ask Steve or Debbie for more information about me.

I attended the open day with Karina and met lots of people (they say I am being socialised) I enjoy this, but it can be a little nerve wracking. I am happier when people talk to me nicely and take their time getting to know me. I had a lovely slice of home made cake so I am now looking forward to the next open day – I might try the Victoria sandwich.

I am a great favourite with the dog walkers a HULA and its great to go out with them – they are all so impressed with how well I walk on my lead and how I have calmed down. I am so grateful for Chris & Angela from Dogs In Training and of course Debbie at HULA for giving up their time to help me. Debbie and I had such an exhausting week with all of our media activities! But I am really grateful to them all for not giving up on me !

May 2008

Its been a busy few weeks and the weather has started to get lot sunnier too so I have been out and about and have plenty to tell you all about...

Before I start I just wanted to let you know that I have been given official duties, it’s actually really great. I get to accompany Debbie when she is on lock up, she comes and picks me up from my kennel and we go and check and make sure that the farm gates are locked. We also have to check then nobody has abandoned any animals there (really…. That does happen!).

Photo of Kaiser the dog I really look forward to the evening’s that I am on duty, I feel so important but what’s really great is getting to spend more time with my friend Debbie and practice what we have learnt at training. I must remind her that I need to be paid in treats... smachos preferably.

Sunday 11th May

Today was HULA’s big doggie day; there was a dog show with lots of entrants and also a greyhound and lurcher show. A major fete or event is held twice a year and one of the features is a parade of the HULA dogs that are available for adoption.

I felt a bit sad on the actual morning as I appeared in both parades with Karina last year and today was to be my third. Lots of dogs have been in and subsequently adopted so I felt a little sad because as much as I love my special friends and the staff at HULA who look after me so well I would love to have a home of my own !!

On the Saturday Karina & I went for walk around the HULA fields, Karina now has an extra special long lead for me so I can run about as I please, though I am really good and keep really close to who ever is walking me. After a long walk and a good half hour play with my tennis ball & a quick shower under the hose (blimey it was hot!) Karina & I took up our usual coffee break place on the bench outside reception! I got myself nice and comfy, and then out came shampoo & a hair brush. Karina usually grooms me but I don’t recall seeing the shampoo stuff before, still it smelt lovely and it’s was great when it was all massaged into my back. After about an hour of grooming I have to say I looked quite a catch!!

I was a really good boy during the parade and Angela my trainer was the compere so she was able to tell the visiting public a lot about me. I even got to show off my agility skills; I sped through the tunnel and everyone laughed. Lots of people commented upon my lovely shiny coat and commented on what a handsome boy I was… I couldn’t disagree with them.

I stayed out for the whole afternoon and attended the event with Karina. We met lots of people and as I had my bandana on they could see that I am looking for a home and asked Karina lots of questions about me. I met a number of dogs who were once at HULA, I met one of Karina’s favourite dogs Phod.. Phod was there with her dad and I said hello to her and showed her just how much my doggy manners have improved. As a special treat Karina bought me an ice cream which I really enjoyed. David, who used to walk me at HULA, came along with Polly who is a 1 year old beautiful American bulldog and we had a fantastic time playing off lead in the runs together. We ran round and round and then played hide and seek in the agility tunnel. I’m hoping that I get to play with Polly again soon, its exhausting but such fun!

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 May

Lovely weather again, Karina arrived about 09:30 and we decided to go to Stockgrove Country Park of all the places I have been this is my favourite. It might have something to do with the fact that I always get a sausage sandwich if I have been a good boy.

I love being in the car and Karina & I drove along with the CD on and the windows down. We went off for a lovely walk through the trees and then around the lake which was lovely and cool. When we arrived at the Park Café I saw my dear friend Polly the American Bulldog in the distance it was great, we got to play together whilst David & his wife Vicky were chatting to Karina. David even mentioned how well I was doing and another person nearby even said that I was the best behaved dog there... I was so proud I really have come a long way.

I arrived back at HULA quite tired but instead of returning to my kennel I stayed out and said hello to the public who were visiting HULA. Lots of people ask about me but still no one has asked to adopt me. Karina says I’m handsome (I know that), walk beautifully on the lead and am an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She would love to adopt me I think, but she works full time.

On Sunday Karina & I returned to Stockgrove again, I’m becoming quite a regular, I got the chance to say hello to Polly again and also lots of other dogs and people. Of course as I was so good I had a sausage sandwich before we returned to the car!

On the way back Karina & I noticed that the farmers market was on at Woburn so Karina parked up and we decided to attend. Karina was a bit worried as I have been at HULA for well over a year now & I have not been used to traffic and crowds. So we took a stroll up and down Woburn High Street first and then we went to the market. It was really interesting Karina couldn't believe how well I handled it all, there were lots of dogs and I simply ignored them. There were lots of thing to look at, though, I was a bit disappointed that Karina didn’t buy me one of the fresh burgers that were being cooked. Everyone thought that I was Karina’s dog and couldn’t believe that I had been in kennels for so long. They all commented on what a wonderful job HULA were doing by looking after me so well.

As one lady said the right home will come along for me... sometimes you just have to be patient and that’s what I am being. HULA is my home for the moment and I have to say that the staff and volunteers all look after me fantastically well.

 Thank you...
  • I would just like to say a special thank you to my dear friend Karina Collins who helps me write my blog.
Kaiser x


June 2008

For once I’m not sure where to start… as I have had such a busy few weeks.

So I’ve decided that I would like to start by saying thank you! There are some really special people in my life who have become like a family to me. We have lovely dog walking volunteers at HULA who come along and give up their time to walk me and my kennel mates. So I would like to thank them all as it’s really lovely to go for a stroll around the grounds at HULA and they all know how much I love to catch the tennis balls! They have also made lots of really kind comments about me on my kennel record card so I am feeling quite proud.

Also, Steve, Debbie & Caroline who all work very hard at HULA, they look after me so fantastically well. They always make sure I have lots of comfy bedding & are always there for me. Even though they are tired after a long day at work they always play with me when they are on lock up & I really appreciate all of their hard work and commitment to me and my kennel mates. They are always really busy but always stop and make a fuss of me and I am always so happy to see them. Oh I nearly forgot ,I still help Debbie out on lock up by accompanying her down to the gate, this is my favourite part of the day and I think that Debbie likes me joining her as I make her laugh!

Out and about

Well I have been to quite a few places recently…

Days out …

Karina has been able to take some holiday from work so the other Thursday she collected me about 09.30 and when went out for the day. Firstly we went to her friend David’s house and picked up Polly one of my best doggie friends. We walked for miles all around Bletchley and Fenny Stratford, Polly and I played together whilst Karina and David sat talking. We had such fun, we played chase and paddled in the canal together it was a really hot day so we were both exhausted! In the afternoon we went to the pub! It was my first time at a Pub and I have to say I enjoyed myself. I sat out in the gardens and relaxed and watched the world go by. Lots of people commented on what a well behaved boy I was. After we had been at the pub for a few hours it was nearly time to return to HULA. So, after we dropped off David, Karina and I went for a stroll around Caldecotte Lake. My goodness I was worn out and slept like a log that night!

The following Wednesday Karina and I went to Willen Lake, we had a picnic by the lake, sausage and chicken followed by a bowl of fresh water for me! After this we walked around both lakes, we met lots of people and other dogs and it was great to say hello. Karina always asks people to give me space as I do find meeting new people a bit daunting but once I get to know them, they get to know the real me. After our walk we sat under a big tree in the shade (to be honest both Karina and I dozed off) and we were nearly late back to HULA.

I’ve also been to my favourite country Park Stockgrove again; I particularly love the car journey there – as long as Karina keeps the radio on!

Once a year there is a big event in Milton Keynes called the ‘Big Doggie Do’ there are lots of dogs and competitions. Angela and Chris from Dogs in Training have a stall there and they very kindly teach people agility and then kindly donate all of the proceeds to HULA. Karina and I decided to pay them a surprise visit and I think they were all really pleased to see me. Chris and Angela have really helped me and were both pleased to see how calm and relaxed I looked. I had a great time and Chris took me off to say hello to some friends of her. A number of people said what a very handsome and well turned out boy I was!

I have made a number of new friends one of which is Ricky, Ricky takes me for lovely walks and I love to sit beside him on the bench outside the hula reception. Ricky and Karina spent nearly two hours grooming and shampooing me the other weekend, I loved it I simply laid out on the bench and let them brush and pamper. Gosh I looked so handsome when they had finished and I was so relaxed that I fell asleep on Ricky’s Lap.

Photo of Kaiser the dog
As I enjoyed my first visit to the pub Debbie and Karina decided to take me out for a pint the other night! Firstly, we went for a lovely walk across the golf course, where as usual I was a very good boy and said hello to the others dogs. We then arrived in Woburn Sands and went to two pubs where they made me very welcome. It was great to sit out in the gardens and watch the world go by while Debbie & Karina chatted. Again lots of people asked about me and the lovely bar staff brought me out a delicious bowl of ice cold water (im cheap to take out!!) The other pub even invited me in and I sat watching the football on the television and really enjoying myself. Im hoping we go back really soon! We walked back through the golf course and had another drink in Aspley Guise at the pub around the corner from HULA… Debbie and Karina told me I was great company and incredibly well behaved. So I am hoping they take me out again!!

On Sunday it was a HULA open day, we hold these once a month and lots of people come along and support HULA. I attended with Karina, in the morning we had a lovely walk and were joined by a lady named Katrina.. Katrina is a very clever lady and actually designed the HULA website. We have been getting to know one another over the last few weeks and on Sunday she joined Karina and I and we played in the runs together. It’s great to have a new lady in my life as you may have noticed I am very fond of the ladies and this one loves to throw the tennis ball for me so what more could I ask for !

Once a month HULA hold an adopters evening which is hosted by Angela from Dogs in Training, all the dogs that have been adopted that month are invited back with their owners. Angela then offers them advice and tips, although I haven’t been adopted Karina usually comes up on those evening and the staff very kindly let her come and spend some time with me (she likes this as I think she misses me during the week). At the end Angela did a lead work lesson in the HULA car park, so Karina and I joined in. Angela was very pleased with my progress and all the other adopters thought I was a lovely boy. It was good to see some of my old kennel mates again; some of them had shiny new leads and collars. Karina says one day I will be at an adopters evening with my new owners… hey you never know!!!

Oh I nearly forget as I did so well at my first training class, I am going back to training school as Angela & Chris from Dogs in Training think that I am ready to train for my bronze good citizen award. I start on Wednesday 18th June @ 7pm & am really looking forward to it. Karina, Debbie and Caroline are going to be taking me, you never know we may stop at the pub on the way home if its really good.

Of course, I will keep you all updated on my progress……

All for now
Luv Kaiser xxxxx


July 2008

Kaiser was adopted to a new home in July but sadly it didn't work out and HULA welcomed him back a few months later.

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