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HULA Animal Rescue are a registered charity which receives no government funding so every penny we receive makes a difference to the animals we take in. A vital source of income to HULA is through legacies.

Do I really need a Will?

Unless you have discovered the secret of perpetual life, the answer is certainly "YES”

What would happen if you were to die suddenly and unexpectedly without making a Will?
Death (even when anticipated) is inevitably a difficult and emotional time. One has a duty to ensure that additional stress and worry is not added to the natural grief and sorrow of one's loved ones. An efficiently drawn up Will can go a long way to avoiding this.

Photo of will and testament document In making a Will:-
There are many points to consider in drawing up a Will, including - the distribution of your assets – the choice of suitable Executors - what to do to avoid paying too much tax - guardians for the children - what to do in the event of members of your family (or friends) "dying in the wrong order" - how to be just and fair to your dependents.

'Making a Will really does bring you peace of mind in the knowledge that the right thing has been done for your family.'

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