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Here at HULA Animal Rescue we are dedicated to bespoke, individual care for all of the animals we are looking after. This includes time out of the kennels for some of our dogs in the HULA office. The office is the hub of much of the activity at HULA and spending the day in there means the dogs get to meet lots of people and have extra mental stimulation. Sometimes it is our longer stay residents, sometimes a dog may have a specific health or behavioural need and sometimes it is just because they are irresistible and the office staff want to spend time with them!

22nd January 2015

Kia's got the right idea... In this weather, keep youself close to a heater. And if you can be near a heater AND a fridge... well, you've got it made.

Sadly though, we think Kia deserves a bit more than this. She deserves a rug in front of the fire place, or a dog bed in front of the telly, or perhaps even a garden to run around in that she can call her own!

If you would like more info about Kia please have a look at her bio on our kennel page or email us for more details.

Photo of Kia the office dog

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11th July 2014

Today the reception has been under new management.... Esther took over and what a fantastic job she did.

We all now have to work under her rules and we like it a lot!!! But hopefully she doesn't work everyone to the bone... boom boom!!

She has been checking out all applications for the animals reserved at HULA, waiting to go home. She was so pleased for them but we could see that also she was a little sad as she has not had much attention from potential families...

Maybe tomorrow will be her day!!

Photo of Esther the office dog

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22nd April 2014

Bazil hopes everyone had a lovely Easter Weekend however he doesn't think much to this rainy weather...

He's claiming a duvet day!!

Photo of Bazil the office dog

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18th April 2014

Nothing is too much trouble for the Animal Welfare Team in providing as much comfort as possible for the Office Dogs.....

Bazil decided that Animal Welfare Assistant, Sarah Tester would provide him with his personal throne whilst on duty!

Photo of Bazil the office dog

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6th April 2014

So while helping out in the office today I was having a scroll through Facebook just to check they were doing it correctly and hey look.....IT'S ME on there!

Well toes crossed that someone will see me and come to HULA...No one came today

Erin xxx AKA PA to HULA

Photo of Erin the office dog

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16th February 2014

It's a very exciting day today for Robin...he's leaving HULA for his forever home!

Here he is finishing up the final bits of paperwork for his adoption.

Photo of Robin the office dog

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24th January 2014

Eadie is helping in the office today, she has done some filing and a few emails. But she really would like to be making up her own paperwork for her new family....but we are still waiting.

Photo of Eadie the office dog

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1st January 2014

Here we have the lovely Max who has been spending some time in the office today.

Although he wasn't so good at the office duties, he perfected his sleeping position rather well!

Photo of Max the office dog

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7th December 2013

Photo of Robin the office dog
Please say hello to this morning's office dog, Toby, who very kindly lent a paw to help with the office duties.

Whilst in reception, Toby used his natural instincts to try and sniff out his new home. Unfortunately he didn't find his forever home this morning so decided to chill out on his bed with his toy.

Photo of Robin the office dog

Our office assistant this afternoon was the gorgeous Max. Although he was a fantastic companion, he did lack the skills to work in the office and spent most of the afternoon day dreaming about finding his forever home.

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3rd December 2013

Photo of Robin the office dog
Please say hello to this morning's office dog, Sandy.

Here is Sandy sitting patiently waiting for his next office duty.

Photo of Robin the office dog
Our next office assistant this morning was the gorgeous cuddle monster, Robin.

Robin worked extremely hard this morning, so hard in fact that he needed a lie down and a snooze to recover!

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14th November 2013

Photo of Robin the office dog
Please say hello to our 2 fabulous office assistants, Rudi and Robin, who took it in turns to help us in the office today.

As you can see Robin was extremely eager and was very attentive when listening to our phone calls - he was hoping that one of the calls was from someone offering him his forever home.

Photo of Rudi the office dog
Rudi on the other hand worked so hard that he soon ventured to his comfy bed, exhausted from all his efforts.

Both Robin and Rudi are looking for their forever homes and more details about them can be found on our kennel page.

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9th November 2013

Photo of Hendrix the office dog
Please meet this morning's office dog, Hendrix.

As you can see Hendrix sat very patiently waiting for the phone to ring, hoping it was someone enquiring about him and offering him his forever home.

If you would like any further information about Hendrix please visit our kennel page.

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3rd November 2013

Photo of Cara the office dog
Cara is dressed and ready for Sunday at HULA, she has some typing and a few emails before a spot of lunch then meeting the public.

She is hoping her new family come today.............

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16th October 2013

Photo of Paddy the office dog
Paddy helped us in the office this morning.

His favourite job was the filing and I'm sure you'll agree that he did a pretty good job.

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14th October 2013

Photo of Bruno the office dog
Bruno helped out in the office this afternoon.

He sorted most of the emails and a few calls for us, thanks Bruno :)

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2nd October 2013

Photo of Red the office dog


One that would like to be paid for his work with Pedigree Dentastix's, love and cuddles?

If you have a vacancy then look no further as we have the ideal candidate.

Photo of Red the office dog
Please say hello to Red.

Red is a 4 year old Staffie who is currently a guest here at HULA and is looking for his forever home.

Red was my Office Assistant and was the ideal work colleague.

To repay Red for all his help as HULA's Office Assistant, we paid him in the best way we knew how......

Lots of fuss and cuddles from our Animal Welfare Assistant Laura

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19th September 2013

The gorgeous Rudi has decided to apply for the role of office dog.

Here he is, sitting patiently waiting for the phone to ring!

Photo of Rudi the office dog

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15th June 2013

Photo of the office dog

Here is little Gus. Keeping a close eye on things and making sure everyone is hard at work!

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17th March 2013

Photo of Kellah the office dog
Kellah enjoyed being by the office heater this morning. The phrase "raining cats and dogs" was very you can see from the towels on the floor we had a bit of a leak from the garage next door. However Kellah kept her feet nice and dry.

She did have a slightly naughty moment when attempting to eat Kat's lunch but it was saved just in time!

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6th March 2013

Well it has been a time of change for the HULA office dogs as Reece the german shepherd left our care after 7 months with us. He has gone on to his new home with canine brother Huggy and is settling in really well.

Photo of Kellah the office dog
We now have a couple of new faces frequenting reception. Kellah the staffie cross is spending a lot of time with us as she finds kennels quite stressful and is a real people person. She is very well behaved and quiet in the office although you do have to watch your lunch as it can get snaffled if left unattended!

Photo of Danny the office dog

We also welcome Danny in the afternoon and you genuinely would not know he is here. He will get himself comfy on the bed next to the heater and settle himself down with a Nylabone to chew on. He is usually spark out within about 5 minutes and snoring away.

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24th February 2013

Photo of Jett the office dog
Jett has been spending some time in the office.

He would kindly ask you to avert your gaze from the white fluff near his feet. No, he is sure he doesn't know what happened to the tiger toy he was playing with earlier and politely suggests you look elsewhere.

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15th February 2013

Photo of Danny the office dog
Danny is having some time out of his kennel in our office today.

He has made a beeline for the heater snd settled himself straight down!

Photo of Kellah the office dog

Kellah also enjoyed a few hours in the office - she knows how to show her new Kong Wubba who's boss!

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14th February 2013

On behalf of all the Office Dogs Reece would like to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to all of our admirers.

Woofs and slobbery kisses x
Photo of Reece the office dog

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27th January 2013

Photo of Reece the office dog
Hello all,

It was non-stop in the office today - so many visitors and phone calls.

I impressed one of the volunteers in the morning with my special skills at hunting down toys. Someone had left a cupboard open and I found a secret stash of great toys. I didn't think they'd miss one little rubber chicken! Pluto the teddy kept me company for a while too.

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20th January 2013

Photo of Reece the office dog
Hello blog fans, apologies for the slight delay in my posts to you. There have been some things going on at this place that have left my nose sorely out of joint.

Little Snowy the westie has been spending time in my office and keeping my friends company as she was finding kennels stressful. Well, I can safely say I was one person glad to wave her off to her new foster home. Oh heck, that does sound a little unkind I know but I am smug and happy to have my feet firmly back under the reception desk.

It has been a pleasure to welcome one of my close friends Bridget Davey down to HULA for a special photo shoot this week. Bridget had worked hard in advance to make special valentines gifts for us all but those pics are under wraps for the time being. As you can see she also made sure that I was given an official office type air with my smart tie. I am just waiting for my name badge and I will be all set to man this place on my own!

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17th January 2013

Photo of Reece the office dog

"Paw lickin' good"

A picture of Reece the german shepherd making the most of his office duties with a tasty cows ear kindly donated by Tanya and Wendy at Brittanya for Mucky Pups groomers.

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4th December 2012

Photo of Reece the office dog


It’s a bit chilly now that we have hit December so Heather had the bright idea of seeing if a canine woolly hat would be the way forward to keep my head toasty warm over in the office.

As you can see I entertained her for a minute or so before removing the offending article with one swipe of one of my enormous paws!

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16th November 2012

Photo of Snowie the office dog
We had a bit of a change of size and pace in the office today as Snowie the Westie spent a little time out in the morning before Reece came over.

Snowie is new to HULA and is very stressed at the moment and nervous. A few hours out in the office helped her to feel more relaxed so that she could greet people less nervously by the end. She is a sweet little girl who will be looking for her new home once she completes her initial assessment period.

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15th November 2012

I have made myself extremely useful in the office today, I am ‘helping’ Heather complete some microchip paperwork. Now when I say helping I am assured it is a great help to put my head on the desk and stare at Heather because my ball is being deliberately rolled under her desk where I can not reach it and she needs to fish it out. I can tell she loves this game. I plant the ball under the desk, walk round the other side until I am facing her, place my head on her desk and stare at her politely but firmly until she retrieves my ball and gives it to me or throws it. I am sure she loves to play this game for hours, I can tell by the look in her eyes!

I have had my very first visitor today who had read my blog. I was very pleased to greet her but a little disappointed that she did not want my autograph.

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11th November 2012

Photo of Reece the office dog
It has been an unusually busy day today as it was the Winter Warmer Open Day so there were lots of comings and goings in reception and more activity than usual.

Heather and Sue my office buddies were a little less attentive than usual and at one point a lovely looking cheese and apple chutney roll (homemade from the HULA café) was left out on the table. I was the gentleman I always strive to be and decided that Heather was clearly more hungry than I and decided not to eat it despite ample opportunity. I got extra brownie points and cuddles for being such a good boy.

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9th November 2012

Photo of Reece the office dog
Well, hello everybody, I am honoured to be the first HULA office dog to post in the new Office Dog Official Blog (honoured but not surprised, after all I am a special kind of guy). My name is Reece and I am a 7 year old German Shepherd who has been living at HULA for a few months now.

Today I got to spend time in my favourite place with my favourite thing. That would be in the outside runs here at HULA where I can run about off the lead with my favourite Boomer Ball. For the un-educated a Boomer Ball is a huge, tough, chomp-able, chase-able lump of plastic loveliness (well, that’s what I think anyway). My friend Yvette who is one of the dog walkers here at HULA took one look at me when I was finished chasing around and said she could not take me back to the office looking so muddy and bedraggled. It was bath time!

Here I am after my bath with my hair even curlier than usual. Heather had the heaters on ready for me in the office and I had a nice snooze while I dried off.

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