Relinquishing your pet

If you are having to consider relinquishing your pet to a rescue centre this information will fill you in on the expected process with HULA Animal Rescue and may also potentially offer other avenues for you to consider.

There are many reasons that animals are surrendered in to our care by their owners. The most common reasons that we find are a change of circumstances such as working hours, lack of rental properties that will allow pets, a new baby on the way or just a general mis-match of the pet you took on and your family circumstances. Whatever the reason you are looking to relinquish care of a pet we will always try to handle your contact with us with respect and understanding.

Many people contact us here at HULA every single day on the telephone and via email wanting us to take in their pet. Often people anticipate that we will be able to help immediately and have space right away. However, we are under intense demand for our help and you must bear this in mind before getting in touch.

At HULA we have so many animals in need of our help that we now work from a waiting list system for all of our animal houses.

The cattery, kennels and small animal houses are full and we need to successfully rehome one of our HULA animals before we are able to take a new one in to our care.

If you need our help the first step would be to complete a short questionnaire over the telephone with a member of staff. This allows us to find out more about your pet, whether they have any issues we need to be aware of, whether they are friendly and easy to handle, if they have experience of other animals or children etc. During the questionnaire there may be times when your circumstances or your animal’s needs are not able to be met by HULA. For example we are not able to care for some dogs who may have shown aggression and we cannot care for exotic animals. In these cases we will offer advice and other options where viable.

If the intake questionnaire over the telephone highlights your case as something we may be able to help with in future we will then place your animal on one of our waiting lists. People always ask how long the list is and want an estimate of how long it will be. However, it is very difficult for us to say. The lists cannot always run in a linear fashion with animals coming in to our care according to the date they were registered. We need to consider the situation the animal is living in and how urgently they need our care. We also need to try to keep a mix of breeds, ages, genders etc. in the hope of ensuring successful rehoming by having available a mix of animals seeking new homes.

Cats and small animals – Once we have a space coming up in our cattery or small animal house you will be contacted and a date booked for you to bring your pet in to us. We ask that you bring anything with them that could help them to settle in such as favourite toys or bedding. When you arrive at HULA we will settle your pet in and ask you to complete a full intake questionnaire to give us all your pet's history, their likes, dislikes, diet etc.

Dogs – once your details have been placed on our waiting list you will be contacted and invited along for a pre-intake assessment. This involves bringing your canine companion along to see us and they will spend some time with a senior, experienced member of staff. We will spend some time getting to know and handling them and ensuring that HULA and the environment here will be suitable as a temporary base to find them a new home. Not all dogs are suitable for rehoming by ourselves, they may be too nervous and stressed by a kennel environment or they could show signs of being uncomfortable when handled by the staff. If this is the case we will discuss this with you and why we feel rehoming by ourselves will not be the best option.

If all goes well with the pre-intake assessment we would ask you to complete a full intake questionnaire, this may take place on the day or you will be given it to take home and complete at your leisure. We would then book a date for you to bring your dog in to us for rehoming.

Farm animals – At HULA we do have a number of farm animals in our care and we are often contacted and asked to take in more. Our farm animals are all resident and will be with us for the rest of their lives. We have to consider whether we are able to meet the needs of any other large animals without affecting the care and space given to current residents. All our animals need enclosures that are large enough and allow them to perform their natural behaviours and we cannot risk overcrowding.

Anyone relinquishing an animal in to our care will be asked if they are able to contribute towards the cost of their care with an intake donation. Whilst we will not refuse to take an animal if an owner could not afford to make a donation they really do assist us. We are a registered charity and receive no government funding.

Other resources for you to consider when looking to rehome your pet

Breed Rescues
If your dog or cat are a full breed there may be a breed specific rescue that is able to help you out. Many breed specific rescues have a waiting list of potential homes who are experienced with the breed and waiting for a rescue animal.
The Kennel Club Find-a-rescue-dog website.
The Dog Pages breed rescue
The Cat Chat breed rescue index

Other rescues in the area:
At HULA we do not like to give out contact details for other rescue centres as we cannot guarantee they will have the space or time to deal with your enquiry. However, there are lists of rescue centres on other websites which can be useful when looking in the area.
The Cat Chat rescue shelter index
The Dog Pages Rescue centre index
Rabbit Welfare Association.

Other resources that could help you with the care of your pet so that you may not need to relinquish them:
The Cinnamon Trust assists elderly and terminally ill people with the care of their pets
The Dogs Trust have lots of fantastic fact sheets that can be downloaded from their website which can help with basic training issues for dogs
International Cat Care (formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau) have an extensive advice section on their website that can help cat owners work through issues they may be having with their pet

Pet friendly lettings information:
The Dogs Trust Lets With Pets Scheme
Pet Lets Milton Keynes
a Pet Friendly letting agent

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