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Meet some of our dogs looking for new homes.

Photos and a brief description of each dog are shown below. The website is updated daily however kennel records may be a few days behind a dog becoming available for adoption. You may find more up to date information on our Facebook page. If you plan to make a long journey to see a specific dog it is advisable to call to make sure the dog is still with us and available.

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Photo of Bella the dog
 Breed  Sex  Age
 Collie cross Akita  Female  11 months
 History and Recommendations
Please meet Bella,

Bella is a sweet girl, but is too clever for her own good. She likes to get her own way, and if she doesn’t she get upset and sulks. Bella is nervous of new people when first meeting, so will need a few intros before going to her new home. Once she has got to know you she is your friend for life.

Bella will need to go to training classes, and this will need to be booked before she goes home. The training will help with learning new manners and teaching her she can’t always get her own way. It will also help with meeting new people, and socializing with other dogs. Bella also finds the outside world very scary, and anything new she comes across she freaks out. So is looking for someone who will help her become happier being walked, and feel training will help her bond with her new owner and feel happier being in new situations.

Bella is looking for an experienced owner, who has dealt with difficult dogs and training problems before.

Bella is a young girl, who loves going on walks and keeping her mind active. She is looking for an active family, who will give her plenty of mental and physical exercise.

Bella has been mixed with male and female dogs, and has no manners at all. She will go straight to play, and will use her though play. Bella is to be the only dog in the household, as she needs work on playing and socialising with dogs. However after training and time she may in the future have better manners and can live with another dog.

If you would like to know more about Bella, please ask one of the HULA Team XxxX

Photo of Bella the dog

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Photo of dog
Are you thinking of adopting a rescue dog? If so please give consideration to the bullbreeds.

There are many good reasons for allowing one of these wonderful dogs into your life.

Click here to read just a few of them.

Pedigree logo
Our friends at Pedigree will be feeding all of the dogs in our care for 12 months. It’s part of their Feeding Brighter Futures campaign, which will see them pledge to feed 1 million meals to rescue dogs up and down the country.

The initiative will see the dogs here at HULA provided with the right nutrition they need to get them on the road to their new home – from wet and dry food for balanced daily meals, to care and treat items used as tools for behaviour training and improving issues such as poor oral hygiene.

To find out more about the campaign and learn about the difference good nutrition can make to rescue dogs like the ones here at HULA, visit or

More information on our special partnership with Pedigree

Could you spare a few hours a month? Do you have experience with dogs? Why not consider becoming a volunteer dog walker?

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Could you help by sponsoring one of our animal beds?

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HULA provides rescue shelter for dogs given up for adoption

For information about the intake of dogs to HULA please read our page Relinquishing a pet.


All incoming dogs are assessed by our staff, using nationally recognised standards. This, coupled with what we know of the dog’s history, means that the dogs can be graded, these gradings are used by our staff and volunteers to help them know how to handle each dog safely:


Once the dogs have been assessed and graded, a careplan is put into operation. Some dogs need calming sessions and affection rather than long, energetic exercise sessions. Others need a disciplined approach to issues such as jumping, pulling or mouthing.

These requirements are displayed on their kennels, and the volunteer walkers put them into action. They record, on the daily sheets, the progress the dogs are making. Based on these reports the dogs’ level grading can be adjusted as appropriate. These sheets are displayed when the kennels are open for viewing, and visitors are encouraged to read them alongside the laminated pen-portraits of the dogs.

Some of our dogs are also featured on The Dog Rescue Pages

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