HULA often has a number of dogs in our care who benefit from additional training. They may have been in kennels for a bit longer or have arrived here with some special needs. We believe that they benefit greatly from additional training or help with socialisation as we know that it is a huge commitment for someone to take on a rescue dog especially one who requires training.

Our training is reward based and concentrates on general obedience and socialisation. We will also deal with any specific issues that our dogs may need help with.

It is hoped that the classes provide stimulation for our dogs and also enable our volunteers to learn new training skills to help future dogs.

Photo of dogs at training class on-site Photo of dogs at training class on-site

Some of the dogs recently enjoyed a special agility session at Crossroads Dog Training

Photo of dogs at Crossroads Agility

Dogs are taken off site to remind them about life outside of HULA, this gives members of staff an opportunity to assess the dogs reactions to everyday things such as cars, bicyles and pushchairs.

Photo of dogs off site socialisation

The following dogs all attended training and were successfully rehomed. Click on a photo to read their training diaries:-

Photo of Luke the dog Photo of Kaiser the dog Photo of Molly the dog Photo of Nuggets the dog Photo of Sam the dog Photo of Tye the dog Photo of Holly the dog Photo of Jake the dog

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