At HULA the staff rely on volunteers to help with many aspects of the daily animal care.

Volunteering with the dogs

Photo of dog with lead At HULA we rehome a wide variety of types of dogs of varying sizes, ages and breeds. Following a training session volunteers can gain experience of caring for them all.

Please note there will be no further induction sessions for volunteer dog walking until March 2018.

Volunteering with the cats

Photo of cat feeding

Volunteering with the small animals

Photo of rabbit and carrot We have a variety of small animals: rabbits; guinea pigs; hamsters; gerbils; rats and occasionally others!
Photo of dog on a sofa bed


We are currently adding to our database of home checkers and would love to hear from you if you could help us out.

Before leaving our care all potential adopters for cats and dogs are visited at home. This allows us to assess the location and environment and be sure that it will be suitable for the animal in question. It also allows the potential adopters the chance to chat to an independent third party about the responsibilities of taking on a new pet.

You would need to be a pet owner or have experience of handling or working with animals. You may have home checked before for other rescues or had a home check yourself and understand the process from the other side. Don’t worry if you are only a dog person and not a big fan of cats or vice versa, we have some home checkers who do both and others who specialise in their favourite species. Time commitment is usually low, around an hour or two a month maximum. You would need access to a telephone or email that you check regularly so that the office can get in touch with you. You will give us the area you are able to cover and travel to and we will contact you when potential checks come up in your area. You will then contact the potential adopters yourself and arrange a time to visit them that suit both you and the adopter. You will then let the office know when you will be going to do the check and the end result afterwards. All training and paperwork will be provided by HULA.

If you would like to help us out with home checking please drop an e-mail to us for the attention of Heather. We would love to hear from you and look forward to your help in the adoption process.


Photo of hamster with coins scattered around We have a dedicated group of fundraisers at HULA however we always need more! The fundraising group meet once a month and meetings are very informal. Please don't worry if you have no previous experience.

Open Days

As a charity HULA relies on the money raised at our Open Days. Here are just some of the ways you can help HULA make our Open Days a success:-
However little time you can spare we are VERY grateful for any help you can provide.  It can be hard work but it is so rewarding knowing that you are directly helping to support the animals in our care.

Please just contact our Reception Team at HULA if you are interested in getting involved.


Photo of dog with blueprints At HULA, we have many jobs to keep our maintenance person very busy. Volunteers, if they have the appropriate training and qualification, assist staff with daily checks and repairs around the site. These jobs include:- Are you a keen gardener?  We would love some help with the following:

HULA Charity Shop

Photo of rabbit in box Under the supervision of the shop manager volunteers in the Woburn Sands charity shop can assist with:-
All volunteers who work at HULA either at the centre or at the shop have a desire to help the charity and ultimately help the animals that we care for until they find their new homes. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please print off the relevant application form below, complete it in full and return it to the volunteer co-ordinator at HULA. Alternatively visit HULA between 1-3 Tuesday to Sunday and pick up a form from staff. Applications can take a little while to process so please be patient and you will be contacted for your induction if your application is successful. All applicants must be over 16 years of age.




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