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Event poster for Onsite shop opening February 2018

Event poster for February 2018

National Animal Welfare Trust and HULA Animal Rescue

On Monday 27th November, HULA Animal Rescue based in Aspley Guise became a subsidiary of the rescue and rehoming charity National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT). This means that after many years of dedicated service, the HULA Trustees handed over to the NAWT Trustees, so NAWT is now responsible for all aspects of HULA’s work and operations.

Collage of animal photos and words HULA and NAWT

For some time the HULA Trustees had been considering how they could best secure the long-term future of HULA Animal Rescue to ensure the charity continues to provide such important services to the local community. HULA has had a long-standing and supportive friendship with NAWT and both organisations share the same values with regard to animal welfare and rehoming pets, as well as the welfare of their employees and volunteers.

The HULA Trustees concluded that NAWT could provide the support and expertise of a rescue and rehoming organisation along with the knowledge and resources to help HULA develop, whilst allowing HULA to retain its unique character and remain part of the local community.

NAWT now has six rehoming centres across the south of England and has grown mainly by merging with existing charities. Prior to HULA, their most recent merger was with Clacton Animal Aid in 2011.

In a joint statement, the outgoing HULA Chair of Trustees Robin How and Laura Magee, Chair of Trustees of National Animal Welfare Trust said: ‘This is very exciting news for both organisations, and we want to thank all the HULA employees, volunteers and supporters for their continued commitment and support. We look forward to the future as NAWT continues the great work of HULA.’

Can you help us with our outside events?

Photo of HULA stall at outside event
As part of fundraising and raising the profile of HULA, we attend local dog shows and carnivals with our stall during summer weekends. At some events we even organise and run the dog show!

We need help with loading the van and then setting up and dismantling our gazebo and running the stall at a number of events this summer.

If you can help us please email Hularescueoffice@gmail.com for the attention of Rosemary.

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Want to receive the latest news?

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A huge thank you to everyone who has kindly bought something for our dogs, cats and rabbits from our Amazon Wish List.

It is a great way to treat one of our animals to a special gift. The list allows us to tailor what we need at any given time.

If you do make an order please send your contact details along with it as a note so that we can be sure to thank you. We love reading the personal messages people have been adding to their orders.

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Please shop through easyfundraising to raise more funds for HULA, all your favourite High Street shops plus many more are available via easyfundraising.

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