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Milo's Story

Since this article was written back in the Summer we are delighted to advise that Milo is now settled in his new forever home.

Pets at Home the national pet supplies retailer have recently launched a support adoption initiative which actively promotes the re-homing of animals through National Animal Welfare Organisations and local charities.

Photo of Milo
HULA are delighted to have been asked to partner with Pets at Home in Milton Keynes. Charlie Churchill from Pets at Home visited us and told us about the initiative and Pets at Home have supported HULA with donations of animal foods and also allowed us to have a space in their foyer where we can place information about upcoming events & animals available for adoption.

Companion Care the vet’s practice within Pets at Home recently contacted us and asked if we could help. They had been treating a young male cross breed by the name of Milo for a skin condition. Milos’s owners had taken the difficult decision that they could no longer afford to pay for his treatment and asked Companion Care to step in. Fortunately HULA were able to offer Milo a place in our isolation unit as we were not sure if Milo’s condition was contagious.

Companion care initially looked after Milo and HULA then collected him and brought him back to the sanctuary. Milo was a little frightened at first and was very itchy however, he soon settled and had the radio to keep him company in the isolation unit. Companion care with the assistance of the RSPCA kindly took some tests and it was revealed that Milo’s condition was not contagious, so Milo was moved into the main kennel block where he has settled well and has become a firm favourite with the dog walking volunteers. Milo is being treated with injections & a special shampoo; sadly he has a lot of hair loss although his eyes are now a lot less swollen. We are working with the vets to decide upon the long term treatment for Milo.

Our thanks go to the staff at Companion Care who really felt for Milo and did everything possible to secure a rescue space for him. Whilst Milo was being collected a number of the Pets at Home staff saw him and were extremely touched by his plight, the very next day they started an in-store fund raising appeal for Milo to help with his future care. Pets at Home staff & customers have been extremely kind and HULA were recently presented with over £338.00 which had been raised by the staff & customers.

A number of the Pets at Home staff came along to the sanctuary on Saturday 14th June 2008 to visit Milo, take him for a walk & spend some time from him. They also took the opportunity to present Steve Price, Sanctuary Manager, with the money that had been raised and Milo was the lucky recipient of a huge box full of presents. Milo is now happy and settled at HULA and sports a brand new bright red lead & collar together with a wonderful new comfy bed and abundance of toys to keep him occupied, all courtesy of the wonderful staff at Pets at Home!

Without the care and compassion of the Companion Care & Pets at Home staff the future would have been bleak for Milo.

Photo of Milo dog with staff from Pets at Home
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